Libra Birthday Horoscope

Libras are naturally social people, which means the more the merrier is usually the philosophy for a party of the scales. To make the most of your day, camp out at a local biergarten and invite people to stop by throughout the afternoon. It's an easy way to mingle and celebrate with your crew. Generally comfortable in large social settings, the bustling of large groups is music to a Libra's ears. Bonus—many biergartens are known for having an excellent selection of board games, for which you can happily be the referee when you need a break from chatting.

Alternatively, you could camp out at an outdoor concert or play. Libra's love culture, and gathering your friends for a little artistic stimulation is a wonderful way to spend a day.

To continue the celebration into the evening, find a place to dance the night away, whether it's a warehouse party, dance club, or friendly backyard. Libra's are full of loving energy that always goes well on the dance floor. They're also known for being open minded, and your birthday is a great opportunity to take a chance on unfamiliar tunes or a new dance spot.

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