Libra Birthday Horoscope

You're all about that balance, Libra—for you, a great escape is a place where you indulge in both relaxation and a bit of adventure. Consider a long weekend in Napa Valley where you can unwind with wine tasting and bucolic vineyards. Add to that fine dining, tony accommodations and stunning views for you to hone your high-end sensibilities.

When you're not tasting or learning about California's finest reds and whites, a hot air balloon ride will speak to your ruling element Air. From Mt. St. Helena to the Bay Area, you can see everything from Napa.

Since you thrive in groups, consider traveling with your significant other or a small group of friends. But here's a warning Libra—since it's your natural inclination to make everyone happy, don't forget it's your day.

If you have the time, spend an extra day or two in San Francisco to balance out your pastoral adventure with some city energy. Libras are natural poets, so be sure to check out the stacks at the world famous City Lights Books, home of beat poetry and Avant garde literature. Spend some quality time in the easygoing Hayes Valley neighborhood, where there are plenty of spots to enjoy an outdoor drink and quality time with your travel mates.

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