Libra Birthday Horoscope

Your ruling planet Venus is all about love and beauty and today is the perfect opportunity to get glowing. If getting to the spa isn't an option, it's easy to make your own DIY scrub using sugar, coconut oil and your favorite essential oils like geranium or lavender. If you have time to make a little extra, fill up mini mason jars and give them as party favors to your guests for a later celebration. Libras are people pleasers, after all!

Gift yourself and your inner Venus a makeover, manicure or subscription to your favorite fashion magazine to keep the glamour going all year.

To get dive into that inner harmony Libras know so well, consider a restorative yoga or meditation class, both of which speak to your need for balance. Hatha yoga is great for getting deep and perfecting your poses. Reflect on a mantra for your next year and go into the future feeling strong and balanced. It's in your nature, after all.

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