Capricorn Birthday Horoscope

Capricorns are natural planners. Driven, hardworking and dedicated to their careers, a Capricorn is going to appreciate a party that doesn't distract too much from their routine. Capricorns typically mix business with pleasure, so take some time out of your day to celebrate with your coworkers (if you're a workaholic, you probably know them almost as well as you know your family). A no nonsense Capricorn doesn't need a fuss, but it is important to connect with those closest to you, as you often form deep bonds with your friends, family, and office mates.

While sometimes considered a stoic, paternalistic sign (you are ruled by Saturn, the "father" of the Zodiac), Capricorns aren't necessarily stuffy or buttoned up, meaning don't be surprise if that happy hour turns into late night karaoke session.

Capricorns are also a family-oriented sign. A celebratory brunch with your clan on or near your birthday will restore you and make you feel cherished. It can be difficult for you to always find the balance between work and play and this occasion will make sure you're feeling the love at home as well as on the job.

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