Capricorn Birthday Horoscope

Organizing Baskets. Capricorns love structure and organization, so help make their home life a reflection of their inner need for compartmentalization.

Vintage Clock. The sea goat is ruled by Saturn, the planet we often refer to as Father Time! This option also features a thermometer and kitchen timer, ideal for multitasking Capricorn.

Apothecary Candle. It's not easy being the boss. Help them unwind with this spicy sweet candle.

Planner. Nothing helps you achieve those career goals and keep it all together like a chic weekly and monthly planner. The watercolor design is also a soothing option for when all that scheduling gets overwhelming.

Laptop Protector. Studious Capricorns love to put their best work forward, so they'll appreciate keeping their most prized possessions safe.

Business Card Holder. Capricorns excel at networking, so help them put their best foot forward with a chic and sturdy business card holder.

Ruby Earrings. Ruby is protective stone, believed to bring stability, vitality, and happiness. The understated design is the perfect complement to sophisticated Capricorn style.

Trivia Pursuit Classic. Hardworking Capricorns need a chance to unwind, and the best way to do it is with a classic game night with the fam.

Apple Watch. With apps to keep them on track from everything to fitness to current events, your hard charging Capricorn is about to get even more efficient. Plus, they'll never miss an email again.

Leather Purse. With spots for everything you need on the go, this stylish satchel will keep your favorite Capricorn looking good in the boardroom or after hours.

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