Capricorn Birthday Horoscope

Capricorns aren't exactly spur of the moment people, nor do they tend to take an extended time off of work. The right trip for you? One that is easy to get to and leaves you feeling engaged and enriched. The never ending energy of New York City definitely feels like home to Capricorns, with busy people setting goals and making power moves all around them. The city thinks big and moves fast, with little patience for fooling around, just like you. From shopping to museums, there are plenty of things to keep you interested. Plus, planning ahead to score sought after Broadway show tickets or reservations to a hot restaurant (Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare and Momofuku Ko are still top of the list) will give you that sense of satisfaction and prestige that contributes to your birthday glow.

With your birthday falling in the winter, you can take in all the holiday magic New York is known for. Your steely resolve doesn't mind the cold, so hit the pavement and take it all in. From ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza to hot cocoa in Central Park, the city feels even more alive during your birthday season.

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