Your Weekly Horoscope for November 26 to December 3: Don't Panic Butttttttt Mercury's About to go Retrograde


On November 26, 2017

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Your Weekly Horoscope for November 26 to December 3: Don't Panic Butttttttt Mercury's About to go Retrograde

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Admit it: The week before the holidays was a bit of a wash, right? But now, the planets have collaborated so you can get down to business, with chatty Mercury linking to sobering Saturn. It’s an ideal conjunction for rolling up your sleeves, getting to work, and finishing up the year. And the more you can get done at the beginning of the week, the better—Mercury’s about to go retrograde on Saturday, and we all know how that plays out. (Here, read how to survive Mercury Retrograde) Expansive Jupiter aligns with ethereal Neptune at the end of the week, igniting your idealistic side, and there’s a full moon next Sunday. Phew. With all that planetary action, it’s key to stay the course, be honest with yourself, and, yes, arm yourself with intel for how to handle what the stars throw at you this week. Here, your daily horoscope for November 26 to December 3. 

Aries Weekly Horoscope 
Deadlines are not negotiable this week, and procrastinating will only bite you in the you know where. While everyone else is in the throws of a holiday hangover on Monday, aim to get everything on your to-do list done. The planets say it’s a great time to get ahead, and you’ll have enough wiggle room when Mercury goes retrograde and messes everything up on Saturday. But don’t fret too much. Venus enters Sagittarius towards the end of the week, making it a great time to find (or lock down) love. Again, another reason to get work-related stuff taken care of before the weekend. A full moon on Sunday enhances feelings, but they may not be reciprocated by others. Act on facts, not assumptions. 

Taurus Weekly Horoscope  
Letting go is a lot of work, Bulls, but it’s a noble and worthy cause. You may feel stuck in the muck at the beginning of the week, ruminating on the shoulda-woulda-coulda decisions that could have changed your personal script. Let those memories and thoughts play out, but then let them go (this letting go ritual is great!) It’s okay to overthink, but make a plan of action. Toward the end of the week, the planets will shift—just like everything does, because nothing lasts forever—and make it that much easier to let go. Over the weekend, money is on your mind with Venus, your guide planet, in your financial zone. Double check your bank account before doing your holiday shopping. 

Gemini Weekly Horoscope    
You may have a weirdly prickly encounter with someone close to you at the beginning of the week. Don’t take it too personally, and definitely don’t dwell. Toward the end of the week, when Venus enters your sector of relating, all will become clear, and you’ll have a much easier time getting to the heart of whatever is bothering them. Chatty Mercury, your guide planet, goes retrograde on Saturday, a move that will affect your sign more than most. Make sure you have your things in order, and make a plan for how to handle the planetary shift—even just making sure to double check your calendar will help out a lot. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope
You thrive under pressure, and that’s awesome, because the pressure is on. Knowing that it’s temporary can help you get through it. Toward the end of the week, effervescent Jupiter joins with dreamy Neptune. This can signify romance, but it can also lead to confusion, mixed messages, and general frustration and disappoinment. Go with the flow and if things seem overly complicated, just pick up the phone and call. Text can seriously mess you up, especially as you move even deeper into the weekend, when Mercury goes retrograde. And you’ve been a little all over the place recently; Sunday’s full moon encourages you to step back and take time for self care. 

Leo Weekly Horoscope
This week may start with a disappointment, when your vision may not line up to others. But don’t be too critical—and don’t lash out. You may be more thin-skinned than you think at the beginning of the week. As the week progresses, Venus shifts toward your leisure sector. Yes, there was a holiday last week. But yes, you need a break. Get out there and make plans. For you, socializing is relaxing, so make sure your calendar’s full. The full moon intensifies feelings. Let them out by speaking to people directly. If you hide your feelings or engage in passive-aggressive sniping, you’ll only feel more drained. 

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 
You’ve set a super high standard for yourself, and living up to it would be tough for anyone. Be gentle on yourself and give yourself a bit of a pass at the beginning of the week. At the same time, if you can’t follow through on obligations, much better to give a heads up to other people. They’ll understand and be much more sympathetic than if you simply didn’t do the work needed to get done. With Venus in your home sector, your vision expands to include and consider how you want to spend the holidays. For you, it’s all about the people. Make sure to lock down your plans now. It’s not too much effort if it makes you feel happy and engaged. 

Libra Weekly Horoscope 
Work is intense this week. Thankfully, Venus shifts into your communication sector toward the end of the week, and you’ll see how charm can grease the wheels and help you get what you want with minimal effort. Relationships shift this week, and if you’re partnered, you may find yourself having a serious conversation. It’s important to figure out who you’re with now, just as it’s important for your partner to realize you’ve grown and changed from the person you were when you both met. This isn’t a bad thing! The weekend gets social, but Mercury may make you melancholy, and the full moon enhances your feelings. Remember: All you’re feeling is both valid and temporary. Decide whether or not you want to involve others in your ennui. It may be valid, but may make you feel worse in the long run. 

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 
You’re concentrating on money, and may be focused more on what you lack than what you have. The more you can shift your viewpoint into one of abundance, focusing on all you have, including nontangibles, the more flush you’ll feel. As Venus enters your luxury zone at the end of the week, keep a big picture perspective on your cash flow. It may be better to forego presents or pricy purchases right now, and double check on sale prices. It’s all about the balance. This weekend is all about love, as Jupiter and Neptune interact. Don’t overthink the weekend and give plenty of time to laze around in bed (either solo or with a partner!) Single? Don’t underestimate the power of one good fantasy. 

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 
You’re putting pressure on yourself, but the added stress may be holding you back. Get things done, but don’t overthink. Progress, not perfection. It’s a social month, and lovely Venus ups the ante this weekend. There are plenty of parties (maybe even yours!) and you should have no problem hitting them all. You gain energy surrounded by friends, and you’re in your element this weekend. It’s also not a waste. Even though it may seem like you’re “just” socializing, the stars suggest you could be laying the groundwork for professinal networking. And communication may go haywire over the weekend as Mercury turns retrograde, so make sure any contracts or agreements are handled early in the week. 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 
The constellations have been settled in a private sector of your chart, and you may be ruminating at the beginning of the week. Let trusted people into what you’re feeling. You’re not alone, and the more you remind yourself of your support network, the more comfortable you’ll feel. And remember that it’s all right to hibernate a bit. After all, the days leading up to the solstice are slow, quiet, and all about powering down, resting, and getting ready for the new year ahead. But that doesn’t mean do nothing. Be deliberate and weigh invitations. You may not be up for a big party over the weekend (especially with Mercury going retrograde causing some weird communication blips) but hanging out at your house with a few friends and a glass of wine may be perfect. 

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 
The week kicks off with a confusing social situation, which may require a confrontation you weren’t anticipating. As always, be direct, be honest, be fair, but be ready to move on if it’s clear that you and the person in question are just way too far to ever reach a compromise or see eye to eye. As feisty Mars opposes restless Uranus at the end of the week, you’re ready to strike out on your own. Always independent, you may find yourself playing lone wolf—and liking it—this week. It’s okay to be independent. And, of course, don’t forget Mercury retrograde. The planet turns retrograde on Saturday, so try to make sure you finish any important tasks before then.   

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 
Get things done early this week, Pisces, because this weekend is going to be tough to focus. Expansive Jupiter aligns with ethereal Neptune over the weekend, which lends all encounters a dreamy, slightly surreal quality. Enjoy the moments, but also know they may be temporary. This coming weekend is a great one to have a grand love affair with someone who was a near stranger, only to have your lives naturally separate (for example, maybe they live in a different country) You’re likely to meet a lot of strangers this week—pay attention to everyone; everyone has a lesson. And be interested. Look up from your phone, there’s a huge, messy, beautiful real world waiting for you. 

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