Your Weekly Horoscope for December 10 to December 17: Get Ready to Start Over


On December 10, 2017

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Your Weekly Horoscope for December 10 to December 17: Get Ready to Start Over

With Mars in Scorpio, the beginning of the week may get off to a rocky start, with conflicts in communication as all signs try to make their voices heard. Remember, Mercury is still in retrograde, so wires are likely to get crossed. Mercury links with Venus, which means all signs are ready to socialize, but some drama may ensure. In short, take it slow! On December 17, a new moon in Sagittarius encourages all signs to start over. A new year is coming up—what steps are you taking now to make sure your 2018 is the best it can be? Here, what all signs can expect for the week of December 10 to December 17.  

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Aries Weekly Horoscope 
As charming Mercury conjoins the sun, you may find offers appearing, especially as relates to your career. Flattery is the name of the game, and you may find yourself caught up in offers and promises without looking carefully at the fine print. Take things slow, Aries, and don’t believe anything you hear. The new moon on December 17 shakes up your social life, and if you’re single, this may be the time when you’re finally ready to meet someone. You’ve been holding yourself back more than you think. How will this time be different? 

Taurus Weekly Horoscope  
When Mercury ties to the sun on Tuesday, you may experience what you see as a betrayal. But look big picture. Could this situation somehow be spun into an opportunity? You drive your own ship. But this week is a tough one, Taurus, as you may feel like your core values and beliefs are shaken. Keep the faith. You’re doing important internal work right now. Your social life is on your mind—you’re always saying “yes” to the same old invites, but when are you going to branch out and try something new? 

Gemini Weekly Horoscope    
As energizing Mercury conjoins with Gemini at the beginning of the week, you may find yourself pulled into a seductive situation that may seem to spiral out of control. You say yes to one date, find yourself spending 24/7 together, but aren’t sure how you truly feel. You find yourself agreeing to a contract without fully thinking it through. Whatever it is, this week is all about using your brakes. Think beyond the day to day, and you may have to put duty over pleasure to effectively navigate the week. A new moon gives you the chance to turn over a new leaf at the end of the week—get ready for it. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope
Feisty Mars turns your attention to relationships, and after weeks of false starts, you’re finally feeling confident in establishing an effective work/life balance. Good for you! But while you’re enjoying your social life—as you should—it’s important to also make sure that everything is under control at work. Midweek, an issue may come up that you can’t sidestep. Jupiter is in your leisure sector and travel may be on your mind—where do you want to go? While it’s smart to be cautious in making travel plans while Mercury is in retrograde, you can’t put off action forever. Make vacay plans! 

Leo Weekly Horoscope
This week is a prime week for dating opportunities. Play the field and remember that signing up for Bumble doesn’t indicate commitment. One date doesn’t equal a wedding. Baby steps. And even if the dates you go on don’t turn into a grand love affair, these dates will buoy your confidence. Appearance is also on your mind, and it may be a great week to make a big change. Again, remember: A haircut isn’t permanent. Embracing change is essential for winning the week. The new moon makes you feel extra-creative at the end of the week. Put your work out there!

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 
Your home sector takes all your attention, and serious discussions are likely to come up in the week ahead. It’s not a bad thing. With charming Venus in your sign, you can be a voice of reason and may be counted on to be the diplomat in family situations. A reunion may also be in the cards this week, as someone from your past wants to connect with you. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to connect with them. The ball is in your court! While this week may be extra stressful (think: holiday party prep) the work will be so worth the reward. Also, can we talk about the fact it looks likely your sign will be showered with unexpected gifts this week? Enjoy! 

Libra Weekly Horoscope 
Be sure to give yourself plenty of time if you have deadlines to meet. The reason is that it’s best not to leave everything until the last minute as long as talkative Mercury is still retrograde. There’s good news on Friday, though, as Mercury conjoins Venus, which could see you connecting with a person who reminds you of someone from your past. Because of this, you may get on exceptionally well. Sunday’s new moon could coincide with a golden opportunity. Will you grab it?

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 
The focus on your personal financial zone continues. The sun here combines with chatty retrograde Mercury and encourages you to take stock of your situation and see what you can do to improve it. Mercury continues to spin backward until December 22, so go easy when purchasing big-ticket items. If you have no option but to buy them, keep receipts and paperwork. The good news is that with upbeat Jupiter continuing in your sign, some spectacular opportunities could come your way.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 
You want to go full speed ahead, but with Mercury in retrograde, it’s important to go slow. Miscommunications will come up, especially as it relates to your romantic life. It’s very important to make sure you’re on the same page with your romantic partner (or newish date) and let go of the need to be “right.” Mercury in retrograde may pull back an idea or plan you pursued in the past, and now may be the right time to follow through. Diplomatic Venus and dynamic Mercury can make the plans happen, but you can’t go it alone. Invite others into the plans to ensure they happen. 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 
Issues from the past year are popping up and frustrating you. Now’s the time to truly deal with them. Take a look at your to-do list. Do you have things that have been on there for weeks? Either get them done or cross them off — no in between. The more you commit to finishing projects and letting go of “shoulds”, the better you’ll be. You’re doing a lot of internal work and may feel especially emotional this week. Totally normal. As you’re gearing up for a birthday, you’re turning inward and hibernating. But you don’t need to do it alone. Confiding in others is important. 

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 
Your social life is in full focus, and Mercury retrograde may bring friends from the past back into the fold. Proceed with caution. While this may be a great reunion on the surface, remember that there’s a reason why these people are no longer in your life. Use the wisdom you’ve gleaned to make the best decisions for you. Expansive Jupiter and dynamic Mars connect in your career zone; expect some major shifts. And Saturday’s new moon may push you in a different direction than you intended. Bottom line: Life is good, but in order to make it great, it’s important to take initiative. 

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 
Your goal sector is on fire! But with Mercury in retrograde, there are limits to how much can actually get done. Check your frustrations, and if something simply isn’t working, it may be smart to give it a rest for a little bit. The weekend’s new moon inspires you to commit to a personal goal. On that note, while you’ve been pushing full speed ahead and on paper, your life looks great, what do you truly want? Even though you may not be able to take substantive action right now, it’s still a great opportunity to begin to visualize and move in the direction of a life you love. 

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