Your Weekend Lovescope for April 20 to April 22: Open the Window and Let Light In!

By Virginia Mason

On April 20, 2018

In Find love, Love, Sex

Your Weekend Lovescope for April 20 to April 22: Open the Window and Let Light In!
When I was a kid, even when the dirt was wet with rain, I’d play outside and make mud pies. That right there — that nostalgic, earthy, domestic goodness — is what this weekend is all about.
A Cancer moon complements the Taurus sun. The energy is cozy and sweet and nurturing. Spend the daylight hours enjoying the sun. Crack open a window. Let yourself get dirty, and then come evening, surround yourself with delicious food and your soul family.
And remember that ultimately, that’s who you want your lover to be. It’s not enough that they’re sexy and smart and exciting. You want the person who feels like home. The person who can sit at that table with you and your closest friends.
But there’s no need to force anything right now. They’re out there. You can just let it all unfold. Let yourself rest. Be who you are and where you are. Garden, bake, go for a walk, and eat some pasta. Don’t worry about Monday or the scale. You measure up just perfectly right now.
You are enough. This is enough. Love and joy and delicious food and dirty feet are enough.

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Aries Weekend Love Horoscope

This weekend’s magic: The Taurus sun slows you down and helps you soak up the good stuff. Let yourself enjoy time with people you love and put the to-do list aside.

This weekend’s mystery: Mercury squares Saturn, and this makes your to-do list seem really freaking important! And hard to accomplish! And if it’s hard you have to work even harder, right? Wrong. The still space feeds your long term goals whether you see that now or not. See above.

This weekend’s mantra: I have time.

Passion Prediction:  
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope

This weekend’s magic: The sun and Venus are in Taurus, trining Mars and Saturn. Life progresses with ease and grace. Love feels easy. You don’t have to fight to receive the attention you desire. This love comes naturally.
This weekend’s mystery: With so many planets in earth signs, it can be easy to get bogged down in practical matters and forget your spiritual side, but Jupiter in Scorpio means that embracing your spiritual side is  how you’ll receive your abundance, so don’t forget to look up.
This weekend’s mantra: I receive love easily.

Passion Prediction:                                
Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope

This weekend’s magic: Mercury conjuncts Klio! Now is your time to make a mark and shine! Invest your time/money/energy in the thing that sparks your curiosity and makes you lose track of time.
This weekend’s mystery: The Cancer moon has you craving alone time to invest in yourself, so love may not be front and center this weekend. Instead of swiping right and booking dates, take that energy and do something nice for yourself.
This weekend’s mantra: I attract love by doing what I love.

Passion Prediction:                            
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope

This weekend’s magic: The moon’s in Cancer, and it brings all sorts of healing vibes. If anything’s been making you stressed or antsy, you can put that aside and just relax, and that relaxation is enjoyed even more with your person by your side.
This weekend’s mystery: The moon squares Uranus. This makes love feel great, but things can also get a bit codependent. Don’t lose touch with yourself.
This weekend’s mantra: Love doesn’t complete me; it complements me.

Passion Prediction:             
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope

This weekend’s magic: The sun trines Saturn. Any roadblocks are swept away, and you’re ready to take off – professionally and personally. Love may not be your primary focus, but if it’s what you want, you might as well ask for it because abundance is flowing your way.
This weekend’s mystery: The sun’s in Taurus, and you are busy with work and money, and Earth to you is all about money, but don’t forget that the material is just an extension of the spiritual. Choose from love.
This weekend’s mantra: I am made of stardust.

Passion Prediction:                     
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope

This weekend’s magic: Mars trines Venus, and for you, love comes through travel! Romance is blossoming and taking you to new, unfamiliar places. Stay open to however this develops.
This weekend’s mystery: Mercury squares Saturn. Communication is easily thwarted. Double check to make sure all messages were actually received (and heard and understood, etc.) before getting upset.
This weekend’s mantra:  Different lovers show me different parts of myself.

Passion Prediction:    
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope

This weekend’s magic: For you, Venus in Taurus amplifies love through sex and magic. If you’re partnered, it’s a great time to explore tantric traditions, and if you’re on your own, I highly recommend exploring some sex magic!
This weekend’s mystery: Pluto goes direct in Capricorn, conjuncting Mars and Lilith. The universe implores you to transform your roots and grounding. What aspects of your environment and your personal story inhibit you from feeling wild and free? Acknowledge these now so they may heal.
This weekend’s mantra: It’s safe to be wild.

Passion Prediction:      
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope

This weekend’s magic: Let your freak flag fly! Your ruler Mars conjuncts your other ruler Pluto and Lilith. It’s time to embrace your wild, divine feminine energy. Don’t repress your shadow and the parts of you that you think aren’t loveable. It’s all loveable. It’s all fierce and wild. It’s all you.
This weekend’s mystery: The sun in Taurus ignites your house of marriage. Relationships take a substantial amount of your energy, and in many ways, when you’re in them, they come to define you. This makes you crave them, but it also means you need to make sure you choose your partners wisely.
This weekend’s mantra: I channel unbridled passion constructively.

Passion Prediction:                 
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope

This weekend’s magic: The Cancer moon shines on your sex life. There’s a huge breadth of sexual experiences to be had in this life, but this weekend, it’s all about making love. If you’re partnered, sex will bring you closer together.
This weekend’s mystery: Mars and Pluto in Capricorn bring the potential for big changes at work. This may affect your financial situation – likely for the better. But it could also show up as simply affecting your sense of worth. How does the love you experience this weekend change how you feel about yourself and what you want in your life?
This weekend’s mantra: Love is the point.

Passion Prediction:         
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 

This weekend’s magic: Pluto goes direct while conjuncting Mars and Lilith in Capricorn! Big changes are likely to come your way this weekend. Make bold choices and you will be rewarded!
This weekend’s mystery: Mars conjuncts Lilith! This boosts your sex life and you free and wild expression, but it can also lead to increased irritability and anger. Let yourself be free, but catch yourself before you jump to anger yet again.
This weekend’s mantra: Just for today, I will not be angry.

Passion Prediction:    
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 

This weekend’s magic: Venus in Taurus draws your attention back to your roots. Reflect on your parents’ relationship and other romantic relationships you observed as a child. How have those dynamics shaped your expectations today?
This weekend’s mystery: Uranus squares Mars. Your need for independence can get in the way of accomplishing your goals and experiencing sexual intimacy. Be vulnerable. We never accomplish everything completely on our own. Let other people in to help.
This weekend’s mantra: I make my own rules.

Passion Prediction:           
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 

This weekend’s magic: Neptune trines the Cancer moon! Your intuition is heightened, and romance takes it even further. Let love be playful and light. Let yourself be adored.
This weekend’s mystery: Taurus activates your throat chakra. What have you been holding back? It’s safe to express yourself now. Just stay grounded, speak clearly, and stay true.
This weekend’s mantra: My voice deserves to be heard.

Passion Prediction:

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