Your May Lovescope: Love Is On Fire This Month!

By Virginia Mason

On May 1, 2018

In Sex

Your May Lovescope: Love Is On Fire This Month!

May brings challenges, new lessons, and healing for love.

Mars squares Mercury and Uranus almost all month. This makes life feel almost like Mercury is still retrograde. You may be thinking clearly, but it’s hard to manifest your ideas and communicate. Anger and volatility are commonplace. Lust and sexual frustration come and go. Thankfully, the Taurus sun keeps you connected to the earth to help you learn your lessons and make supportive changes.

All of these harder emotions are being exposed in order to help you integrate your shadow side. That’s the side of you that you aren’t thrilled about. It includes all of the thoughts, desires, and parts of your body that you try to hide. You try to hide them because you’re scared of what will happen if other people see them. You’re scared that these parts aren’t loveable and that you’ll be rejected for them. But that’s just not true, and by fully integrating these so-called less-than aspects, you will learn to love all that you are. And this means that you won’t accept anything less than this unconditional love from others.

The Taurus new moon on May 15 sends stabilizing, healing energy toward Mars. Set the intention to act in accordance with your full, authentic self. This new moon marks one of the biggest transit of the year. Uranus moves into Taurus after seven years in Aries! It’ll pop back over to Aries for the fall and winter, but otherwise, it’ll be in Taurus until July of 2025. And Taurus is one of the most challenging signs for Uranus. It is weakened here, and as a result, it’ll be harder for us all to to connect with our inner rebel and remember our own authority. Thankfully, on May 16, Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, helping us continue to embrace our inner rebel — at least for now.

Venus moves from Gemini to Cancer on May 19, emphasizing the need for commitment and security in love and forcing us to heal by facing our delusions. Venus is challenged by Chiron and Saturn, but Neptune is your way through this and Uranus in Taurus actually provides some relief. Remember that you are more than your life, your body, and your current desires and needs. You are a part of everything. You’re a part of something bigger.

On May 20, the sun moves into Gemini and Mercury follows suit on May 29 – the same day as the Sagittarius full moon. Gemini and Sagittarius help you expand and explore. They help you break free from your comfort zone, making the end of the month a great time to travel. All of this will fuel Mars and your sex life, but with Venus in Cancer, it’ll continue to make love feel a little less secure and uncomfortable.

So hold on as we continue to push through spring. Big changes are in the works, and as always, there is more to learn.

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Aries Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: 
The pressure’s off! All of the planets leave your sign, including Uranus, which has been there for almost a decade. Life becomes less intense. You’re able to slow down and tune in and work with the asteroid Chiron, to heal old wounds that maybe you haven’t truly had the time or energy to address.

This Month’s Mystery: In the days leading to the Taurus new moon on May 15, you’ll be processing some intense news. Mercury conjuncts Uranus and an Aries moon! You’ll be pushed to express your true self – your rebel self – but this likely won’t align with the way you think things should be. Don’t be afraid to show up as you truly are and do things differently.

This Month’s Mantra: Everything will work out. 

Passion Prediction:                                   
Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: A Taurus new moon allows you to carve a new path for yourself. Now is the time to remake your life. So get really honest about what you want to do and who you want to be with. Then set the intention to make it all happen.

This Month’s Mystery: The last ten days of the month bring great change. You’re likely to feel destabilized, but also ready to embark on these exciting times. Remember, this is how you make big moves.

This Month’s Mantra: I am courageous and strong.

Passion Prediction:                            
Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Gemini season is coming! The end of the month brings big things and supportive energy for all you want to do. Make sure to set an intention around the May 29 full moon to release what no longer serves you, and maybe hit the road for an adventure!

This Month’s Mystery: You’re biggest issue in love is that you want lots of excitement and change. This can make commitment hard, but this Gemini season, Venus is Cancer helps you remember how you truly do long for security along with excitement. How can you honor this? Maybe you can find a partner from a foreign land or someone who’s also your favorite travel buddy?!

This Month’s Mantra: There’s someone out there for me. 

Passion Prediction:                       
Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: 
Venus in Cancer means that most people will respect your need for strong boundaries and security. And any partner will at least be tempted by commitment. You’re likely to get your way, at least in this regard.

This Month’s Mystery: But you’re also likely to be shown things about your relationship that you’ve been avoiding. Neptune shines its light on the truth, and it doesn’t feel good. It’ll feel like you can’t really get what you want. There’s a major lesson and healing here, thanks to Chiron and Saturn.

This Month’s Mantra: I accept the truth with an open heart. 

Passion Prediction:    
Leo Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: 
You’re still moving full force ahead in your life’s work for most of the month, but when the sun moves into Gemini, your attention turns toward community and your tribe. Your relationships are essential. How can you make changes in your life (and your work), to nourish these?

This Month’s Mystery: Notice how I didn’t mention romance above? Well, Venus in Cancer makes love super domestic and increases the need for security, but truthfully, you’re not totally focused on it. Even if there are major moves happening in a relationship (like becoming more committed), you’re attention is prioritized elsewhere. Don’t forget to give your relationship lots of TLC. Big changes means it’ll need this.

This Month’s Mantra:I give love freely and easily.

Passion Prediction:                 
Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: 
The Sagittarius full moon on May 29 brings great things to work and home, but you’ll likely be letting go of something in order to make these great things happen. Your mind quickens as Mercury moves into Gemini. You feel less sluggish and ready to tackle your dreams!

This Month’s Mystery: Venus in Gemini keeps love feeling pretty easy, but when Venus moves into Cancer on May 19, love gets trickier. How can you keep a semblance of stability here even while you’re moving quickly in other areas? You’ll need this if you want romance to flourish.

This Month’s Mantra: All of life is an adventure. Love is a commitment. 

Passion Prediction:
Libra Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Your ruler Venus sends you love and money! You’re likely to be meeting new people, and you’re certainly exploring new things! This exploration brings great rewards, and at the end of the month, as Venus moves through Cancer, you’ll receive increased security. New relationships (possibly romantic!) are likely to solidify, and money will provide the comfort you seek.

This Month’s Mystery: As you experience increased security and comfort, you realize the ways in which you’ve been allowing yourself to become destabilized in the past. Neptune makes you see the truth behind old relationships and choices, and you’ll need to learn to forgive yourself, accept the past, and continue to make different choices moving forward.

This Month’s Mantra: I am ready to receive true love and commitment.

Passion Prediction:  

Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: 
The sun trines Mars and Pluto. Your sense of self is secure, and you accept the transformation you’re experiencing. Heck, you’re probably the one who initiated it. You are the master of death and rebirth. Whatever you just released (a.k.a. killed), you are now ready to rise from. Like the phoenix baby, every time.

This Month’s Mystery: But Mercury isn’t going to make this easy. Your mind creates doubt and fear in the face of change. Silly mind, always making trouble. Imagine huge amounts of space around your thoughts. Don’t get sucked in. Trust yourself.

This Month’s Mantra: Fear, I see you. But I’m doing it anyway. 

Passion Prediction:  
Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: 
Jupiter trines Venus! Your love life – and any committed relationship – continues to flourish. By the end of the month, you may even make a decision to take things to the next level of commitment. This is especially likely to happen with the Sagittarius full moon on May 29!

This Month’s Mystery: And this full moon brings you the most excitement all month! You can expect some major adventure and change and probably a little bit of internal turmoil as you let go of something major.

This Month’s Mantra: I’m ready for what’s next.  

Passion Prediction:      
Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope 
This Month’s Magic: 
The sun trines Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. You’re likely undergoing big changes. You may be struggling to fully comprehend them, but they feel good. They feed your ego in the best possible way as you let yourself achieve the powerful position your desire.

This month’s mystery: Venus opposes Saturn. There’s a learning curve in love. You may face a new obstacle in your relationship or internally that forces you to open your heart wider and get truly comfortable with the commitment you seek.

This Month’s Mantra:  I accept the good with the bad. 

Passion Prediction:
Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope 
This Month’s Magic:
Your ruler Uranus moves into Taurus! This brings you some stability, but creativity becomes hard to grasp. The good news is that love actually does very well here, as long as you don’t forget to prioritize your needs.

This Month’s Mystery: Mars moves into Aquarius! This gives your sex life a major boost and for the next month, it’ll help you accomplish your goals, but whatever moves you make now are likely to change course! Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius at the end of June. You’ll be working with Mars energy all summer long, through the eclipses, and through the start of fall! Major changes are headed your way!!!

This Month’s Mantra: I’m ready. I’ve got this! 

Passion Prediction:         
Pisces  Monthly Love Horoscope 
This Month’s Magic: 
Neptune trines Venus in Cancer! The end of the month brings security to love by revealing it for what it is and by connecting you to something great. You are learning now how romantic love is an expression of universal love.

This Month’s Mystery: Venus in Gemini squares Neptune! Before you can learn the lesson above, you fall under a bit of a spell, and you forget your place in things. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by to-dos or paralyzed by options. Trust.

This Month’s Mantra: I love myself as I love everyone.

Passion Prediction: 

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