Star Crossed Love: Why You Should Never Cast a Spell on an Ex

By Shereen Campbell

On February 2, 2018

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Star Crossed Love: Why You Should Never Cast a Spell on an Ex

 Ever feel like you need magic to find the one? We hear you. Luckily, magic is all around, and you can find it to help lead you to lasting, soulmate style love. In our latest column, Star Crossed Love, Shereen Campbell, an astrologer, intuitive, crystal expert and woman who manifested her own relationship (read her inspiring story here!) will share spells, crystal rituals, and astrology tips to help you find—and keep—the one. After all, love is magic. Use magic to attact it in your life! — editors

Want to know if love is in your future in 2018? Here’s how to find out!

Some exes really, really, really suck. It’s incredibly easy to momentarily lose yourself and wish for them to end up in a really not so nice place after this life.  Especially the cheaters, liars and the obvious jerks. And definitely not excluding the ghosts and ‘the it’s not you, I just like your best friend better’ losers.  After a fresh breakup in between the ice cream, fried chicken and bottle of wine nights and yoga, journaling and meditating other nights, if you are like most (or just me) you start to ponder how it wouldn’t be so bad if he could just feel half as bad as you do just for a day or so. Then down dark the hole you go, even if just for a moment, on ways for him to share your pain. Well, you are wayyyy too magical for that, love, and we won’t let you do it. If you feel yourself slipping down into shadow world, just remember these three very important reasons not to cast a spell on your ex.

Your Energy is Better Spent On YOU! 
Why give him the energy? So he hurt your feelings. You feel like crap and wish he felt the same. Guess what, feeling this way is okay…for a while. But after some time, you know what happens? You start spending more energy on him and inadvertently less on you. Spells are just energy, very focused and attuned energy. So while he’s out in the world continuing on blissfully unaware that the universe is all about balance and whatever deeds he’s done will boomerang back to him when he least expects, you are still sending him your energy. Whatchu worrying about love? You could be giving yourself all the energy, love and focus you need to heal other than draining your own energy trying to figure out how to throw him bad vibes. He sounds like he sucked anyway (in my head), and isn’t worth a moment more of your focus. Plus, what happens if you use a spell to get him back, it takes so long to work and then you get him back when you’ve found someone better? A waste, right?

No Bad Juju = Good Juju!
What you put out there is what you get back especially in magic. You put positive, soul evolving energy out there taking into account the higher purpose of all those involved and that’s exactly what the universe will bring your way. By casting a spell on your ex you can start interfering with not only his free will and soul lessons but also your own. If you wish harm or malice on another, do not be surprised if a string of bad luck comes your way. Send him off with some good vibes; work on forgiveness, figure out the lessons and cut any soul ties you have with him.  Trust the process. Now you are one person closer to the love of your life.

Don’t Block the Good Vibes 
Pretty please don’t block the blessings coming your way by sending someone else troubles. It’s like that red car theory. If someone tells you when you leave your place today to focus on how many red cars there are on the street, then more than likely when you walk outside you will start seeing nothing but red cars everywhere.  We see what we focus on. So if you are over there focusing on the loss of an ex, all you will see are reminders of his loss. True story, I smelled the cologne an ex wore everywhere for weeks after he ghosted on me. Once I started focusing on me and my healing, the scent that haunted my life mysteriously disappeared and I started to notice see more..umm…opportunities.  Just remember you might miss the cutie in the elevator or the hottie in the corner dying to buy you a drink because you decided to spend your energy mixing potions or carving candles for someone who doesn’t deserve the effort.

So step away from the beads, cards, or candle, unless of course it’s to bring you some healing so you can be on to the next bae!

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Want to know if love is in your future in 2018? Here’s how to find out!

Shereen Campbell is an astrologer, ecommerce manager, and the founder of My Little Magic Shop. She loves sailing, southern Italian food, and all things magical.

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