5 Types of Witches

By Stephanie N. Campos

On July 23, 2022

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5 Types of Witches

Did you know that not all witches are the same? Gasp!

While the term “witch” throughout history has become synonymous with those who many deem different, strange or even isolated from societal expectations, it’s important to note that not all witches practice the same type of magick. There are many different types of witches out there in the world–from those who work with the stars to those who find magick in nature and many others in between.

Here’s a look at five different types of witches and their unique brand of magick and spellcasting. 

Witch Types

Green Witch

A green witch uses natural elements from the earth to cultivate their spells and manifestations. From working with herbs, flowers, dirt, fire, air and water, a green witch is always in tune with the natural world around them.

A green witch might have their own herb garden that they use to grow herbs with specific energetic properties to use in their spellcasting. Green witches also tend to work with the natural ebbs and flows of nature and can express some of their magick through gardening and growing plants, food, and herbs.

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Kitchen Witch

A kitchen witch is exactly what it sounds like–someone who loves to spend time cooking and in the kitchen! Spells often involve infusing their foods and recipes with intentions.

Some kitchen witches will incorporate herbs with specific properties into their recipes to call in a certain type of energy. The process of consuming the food is part of the ritual and where kitchen witches combine the energy of their intention and manifestation with their body and the Universe.

Hedge Witch

A hedge witch focuses on honing their own unique craft and style of magick. Hedge witches blend various disciplines and magical practices but tend to perform their magick solo and incorporate magick into the mundane.

They craft routines and rituals and incorporate them into their daily life. The term hedge witch is a nod to the healers, witches, and seers who lived solitary beyond the hedge. Hedge witches generally have a deep understanding of plants and the natural world and incorporate the elements into their work.

Celestial Witch

A celestial witch is someone who works with the stars, planets and lunar cycle. From calling in new beginnings and setting intentions under the new moon to releasing and shedding what no longer serves them on the full moon, celestial witches pay attention to the sky at all times.

They touch base with the current astrology of the moment and where the planets are at any given time to recognize windows of opportunity for calling in magick, manifesting, releasing, purging, letting go, and so much more.

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Eclectic Witch

Maybe you’re drawn to a few various varieties of magick—there’s nothing wrong with that—you’re probably an eclectic witch! Eclectic witches blend magical practices and form their own unique type of spellcasting and magick.

There’s no one standard path for an eclectic witch. These witches might combine the wisdom of astrology with their green magick and use the lunar cycles to find the most fertile time to plant and tend to new seeds. Some will draw on their own heritage and cultural background and incorporate some of those magical practices into their workings, as well. This type of witch follows their intuition and knows that the sky’s the limit. 

Types of Witchcraft


Wicca is a type of modern paganism that is considered to be part of the occult world. It combines ancient pagan practices with rituals. In the practice, it is considered its own form of religion and there is the worship of two deities, typically a God and Goddess. It gained popularity in the UK in the 1940s, and Wiccans base their practices on pre-Christian cultures and beliefs. Many Wiccans practice solitary and develop their own style and type of magick.


While Wicca’s origins might be rooted in paganism, not all Wiccans are pagans, and not all pagans are Wiccans.

“Pagan” was originally used to describe people who lived in the country or outskirts, who continued to practice their own religion vs. adopting Christianity. Pagan tends to be used as a larger term that encompasses many different spiritual beliefs and practices.

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How to Start

Getting started is easy and simple.

Ask yourself what type of magick you feel drawn toward. Are you curious about astrology? Have you always loved cooking? Do you have a green thumb? Are there stories that have been passed down in your family about a particular type of magick or psychic abilities?

Lean into what your first intuitive hit is and follow that. You can also do a guided meditation and ask for your spirit guides to send you signs or messages of what type of magick would be best for you to get started with.


Does witchcraft work?

Witchcraft is all about intention. If you believe, channel energy into your spell or manifestation, and then take a step toward your dream, it will signal to the Universe that you are serious. Witchcraft does work for many, but it is a way of life and requires dedication, commitment and practice. 

Are there good witches?

There are lots of good witches. The majority of witches are good! Witches are just people who are in tune with the natural world, cycles, and energy around them. They use this knowledge and information to help create the life of their dreams and to help others do the same, too.

Can anyone do witchcraft?

Yes, anyone can do witchcraft—which is why you should be careful if you’re just messing around with a Ouija board! Energy and spirits are very real. Whether or not you believe in a spell, if you decide to recite and perform one, and don’t do so with the proper protection or ritual, you could notice some wonky effects. Always be respectful of this ancient art and practice.

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