What Body Part Does Taurus Rule?

By Katie Robinson

On December 20, 2022

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What Body Part Does Taurus Rule?

According to medical astrology, every zodiac sign rules a part (or many parts) of the body. The reason for this is to determine what parts of the body are most sensitive to the person with this zodiac sign energy. It can be used for insight on where someone’s natural strengths lie, where they like to be touched under the covers, or where they’re most prone to injury.

Taurus, being the strong, determined, stubborn Bull naturally has to have a body part that reflects this.

Taurus: Neck, Throat, Shoulders, Thyroid

Think of a Bull: This animal has short legs with an extra sturdy torso. Its shoulders, forefront, and chest practically come up his entire neck. For this reason, zodiac sign Taurus rules the neck and shoulders. 

Additionally, you might find that people with a fair amount of Taurus energy also have shorter legs, a shorter torso, and broad shoulders and a prominent or long neck. Often, the neck is a standout feature for a Taurus. 


Taurus is associated with not only willpower, but physical strength as well. And when we think of strength, we often think of the upper body and its power to move things. Because of this, Taureans do well in wrestling, weightlifting, rugby, or football based on these conclusions. 

Natural Strength

This sign will have naturally strong shoulders! This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will have extreme muscles (although they can), but it generally signifies that this person will have broad shoulders and a natural strength that comes with it! They can easily pick things up, and can come in great handy during a move.


Let’s be real: Taurus and sex go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

Now, the best way to charge up a Taurus is to start with their associated body parts. Give this sign a neck and shoulder massage. Start from the neck (right under the ears), and work your way down through their muscular shoulders. Spend a fair amount of time within the section that connects the neck and shoulders, as this is a very sensitive area.


Taureans may encounter injuries of the shoulder, neck, collarbone, or upper shoulder—for example neck strains or tonsil issues. Because Taurus rules the neck, this also means the inner throat is involved as well. So, Taureans are naturally prone to coughs, strep throat, and swollen glands.

Another issue that has a tangential connection to the throat and the thyroid is eating. Taureans love their food, which can at times bring about overindulgence. 

If you’re wondering what body parts you should be looking out for, check out your sun, moon, and rising signs in your birth chart (as well as which House they are in). Whatever energy is most present, will determine the body parts that are important for you.   

Zodiac Signs and Body Parts


Which zodiac sign has the best body?

Your zodiac sign does not determine your body type. However, your birth chart can determine how active you are on a day-to-day basis. 

What House does Cancer rule?

Cancer rules the 4th House of home, family, and domestic spaces.

Are Taurus and Taurus compatible?

Bringing Taureans together may cause some issues because both will likely be very stubborn, intense, and hardworking. While this may work in some respects, they are likely to encounter various fights when the other refuses to budge from their opinion.

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