The 5 Best Sex Positions for Taurus

By Maressa Brown

On May 2, 2020

In Astrology

The 5 Best Sex Positions for Taurus

Hot, heavy, sensual, and carnal. It's no wonder why Taurus is one of the best zodiac signs in bed. Taurus' compatible signs are usually those who can match this sign's need for pleasure—thanks to its planetary ruler, sensual Venus. As the second sign of the zodiac, earth sign Taurus (born between April 20 and May 20) is known for being a homebody and a lover of creature comforts.

This slow, sweet, grounded approach often translates to languorous, soulful sessions between the sheets for the Bull. Taurus owes much of its romantic, sensual between-the-sheets style to their key planet Venus (which rules beauty and love).

As a fixed sign, the Bull has a tendency to get stuck in a rut, opting for the same positions or scenarios time and again. They’re drawn to whatever is comfortable and bolster feelings of security and stability with their partner.

Here are five sex positions that can elevate a Taurus' lovemaking routine.


How you do it: Just like the name suggests, spooning is a natural extension of the cuddling position, in which both partners lie on their sides and partner #1 (the one who is penetrating) enters partner #2 from behind. Taureans have a rep for being lazy—or simply just taking their time to get going—so they’ll love the chill vibe of this position, perfect for sexy, slow-paced Sunday mornings. Plus, it allows for the partner doing the penetration to caress any and every one of their lover’s erogenous zone.

The Rocking Horse

How you do it: A more intimate version of traditional Cowgirl/Cowboy, Partner #1 begins by sitting with his legs extended. Partner #2 then lowers herself on top of him, wrapping her legs around his torso. Both partners can place their hands behind their back for extra support, and then partner #2 can control the tempo, which is matched by partner #1. A Bull will most definitely love this equus-themed position, which gives lovers the ability to not only make eye contact but enjoy all kinds of sensual touch—from caressing one another’s hair to face to neck (Taurus’ ruling anatomy!) and chests.

The Zen Pause

How you do it: Taureans abhor being rushed and love making something extremely pleasurable last for as long as possible, so this “break” position is a perfect choice for the earthy sign. The gist: Partners get onto their sides and face one another with legs intertwined and chests pressed together, as the penetrating lover remains inside his partner the whole time. After having the opportunity to cool things down, sensual touch and kissing is sure to bring the moment back to a major boiling point.

The Glowing Juniper

How you do it: The Glowing Juniper takes the cowgirl position and makes it far more relaxing and languorous for the partner being penetrated. Partner #2 lies on her back with her legs outstretched, and partner #1 (doing the penetration) faces her with her legs stretched out. She can lean back into a pillow or against a wall for more support. She then lifts partner #2’s hips to penetrate her. This deeply sensual position gives partner #1 the ability to kiss, caress, and thoroughly love on partner #2.  

The Tight End

How you do it: Doggy style gets a subtle but powerful tweak in this position, which simply requires that the partner being penetrated (partner #2) presses his legs tightly together between partner #1’s knees. This makes for an even more intensely intimate experience—something a Taurus will never turn his nose up at—and partner #1 has the ability to let his hands roam all over partner #2’s body.

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