Weekly Horoscope: June 17–23, 2024

Weekly Horoscope: June 17–23, 2024

Summer’s on the way, and there are some bright cosmic pairings to help get you ready for the hot days and nights ahead.

However, your thoughts briefly drift backward when Mercury (the insightful planet) enters sentimental Cancer on Monday. It’s nice to look back and remember the good times you’ve had. But this gentle transit isn’t all about back then. Memories can connect you to current situations and help you make decisions based on the important lessons you should have learned.

On Thursday, Cancer season officially starts, as the sun (representing our sense of self) partners with the Crab and welcomes the summer solstice. On this happy first day of a magical new season, you can’t wait to get started with beach trips, vacays, barbecues, and other fun stuff. Just remember to keep your cool, both literally and figuratively. As the days heat up, so does your mood, which can leave you feeling hot and bothered over the littlest and most insignificant things.

And to elevate the celebratory vibe of the season to come, a full moon (our cosmic emotional gauge) in ambitious Capricorn on Friday puts your accomplishments in the spotlight and rewards you for all the hard work you’ve done lately. Think no one noticed? Think again! It’s so nice to be appreciated. Keep this positive vibe going over the summer, and some amazing things will be headed your way.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


Are you ready to have an active summer, Aries? If we know you, you’ve got all kinds of fun stuff lined up and a ton to look forward to. You might be a little more emotional than usual this week—but in a good way. Both laughing and crying are good for the soul.

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Your communication zone is buzzing this week, Taurus, so don’t hold back. Expressing how you feel is extremely freeing, but watch out for scatterbrained thoughts. Getting off on a tangent and then never getting back around to your original point happens often during this unfocused transit.

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With a lot of energy in your financial zone this week, Gemini, you might be thinking a lot about how you’re going to pay for all your big summer plans. If you’ve got some money saved up, this is a good time to invest in a boat or a cruise. If you need a side hustle, try lifeguarding at your local pool or become a cabana attendant at a swanky hotel. Can you sense the watery Cancer vibes?

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You’re in the spotlight this week, Cancer, so make sure you’re ready for all the attention. This is a great time to buy a new swimsuit, some cool designer sunnies, a colorful tote and get a spray tan to make sure you’re beach ready. RSVP to any invites you get now to make sure you have fun events to attend all summer long. People love to be around you now that Cancer season is about to be in full swing.

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There’s a lot of old issues you need to let go of to have a fun summer, Leo. Did last year’s summer romance end in heartache? Did vacation plans not work out? Forget about then and focus on now. You have three great months ahead of you to look forward to!

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With the warm Cancer sun hitting your social house this week, it’s time to let loose and have some fun. What’s on your summer bucket list, Virgo? Make some plans with family or friends. It’s time to get out of your boring routine and do something unusual!

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Where is your life going, Libra? Although you’re looking forward to having fun this summer, there are also some things that you’d like to accomplish. If your life isn’t headed in the direction you’d like it to, set some goals and make some plans. Good times can wait until after you’re feeling a little more stable.

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This is your summer to experience new things, Scorpio. With the sun in your exciting ninth house now, life becomes about meeting interesting people, doing unique things and being open to changing your opinions and beliefs. Let go of your inhibitions and explore the world!  

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Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you’re ready for a complete transformational experience this week. Forget about your old hangups and what was working for you before. Right now, it’s time to dig deep and become who you were truly meant to be, Sagittarius.  

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You have a whole lot more compassion for people this week, Capricorn, so it’s more about others and less about yourself. Focusing on your relationships takes time and effort, but they’re well worth the investment. Leave work a little early and spend time with your kids or bestie. You won’t regret it.

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You have a lot of fun stuff to look forward to this summer, but this week is more about work than play, Aquarius. Taking care of your responsibilities now helps ensure that you’re free to party and have a good time when you have the chance. Start with a small project and work your way up to bigger ones so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

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Forget about being an introvert this week, Pisces. There’s just too much good dramatic energy around you not to take advantage of! Have a party, go out with friends or find another fun way to celebrate the start of summer. Take a chance and be daring. Lose your inhibitions and gain a whole new perspective on what life can be like when you come out of your shell and live a little. 

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