Weekly Horoscope: July 3–9, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: July 3–9, 2023

Just as summer is officially starting and holiday parties are about to get underway, we get hit with a responsibility-promoting full Capricorn moon (our emotional guide) on Monday! So much for carefree living, right? While this lunation doesn’t have to put a total damper on your fun, it does remind you to put some goals in place so that you can accomplish something in the coming months.

Mentally alert Mercury (the cosmic conveyor of information) is paired with inspirational Cancer all week. As it trines innovative Uranus (the progressive planet) on Tuesday and imaginative Neptune (the planet of dreamy visions) on Sunday, you have some wildly creative thoughts. You’re able to see problems from a unique perspective, allowing you to solve them in an unconventional yet effective way. And approaching issues and projects with an artistic viewpoint can make some real magic happen!

Sunday also produces a Pallas-Virgo partnership that will have you focusing on your health and well-being for the next few weeks. If you’ve been putting off a doctor’s visit or haven’t been eating well or working out like you know you should, this transit can help you stop procrastinating. Connecting with the right medical and fitness professionals is life-changing. 

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You’re pretty good at making changes mid-plan, Aries, but you don’t always want to. Luckily for you, this week’s full moon lands square in your career zone, promising big rewards for all your hard work. Other signs might struggle under the pressure, but for you, it just takes a simple mental adjustment to reprioritize things. Fun is still on the menu, but now it’s either an appetizer or dessert instead of the main course. 

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The full moon energy is in your ninth house of learning this week, Taurus, which means you’ll be focused on delving into the philosophical side of life. Where do your beliefs and morals come into play in your daily life? Deep contemplation during this logical lunation leads you down some interesting paths and can teach you a lot about yourself. 

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Although the full moon in your eighth house of debts happens early in the week, its energy lingers. You’ll be dealing with all kinds of financial issues, including money you owe to other people and money owed to you. Credit cards, loans, and all forms of outstanding balances need your full attention now, Gemini. Whether you’re looking to get or give financial support, paying attention to details is a must during this intense lunar energy.

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While the new moon cycle was all about you, the full moon this week is a sign to focus on your relationships with others. Friends, lovers, business partners, and coworkers are all a big part of your life, and how you interact with them makes a big difference in your mood. This is a time to compromise and negotiate, Cancer, not to hold your ground and be stubborn.

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Your everyday routines are the focus of this week’s full moon in your helpful sixth house, Leo. You can use this big surge of lunar energy to make positive changes to your stale habits now that can make a huge difference in your life. Doing for others is also important during this lunation, so acts like bringing a lonely neighbor some flowers from your garden or surprising a hardworking coworker with lunch make you feel good and useful.

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This week’s determined full moon falls in your hobbies and entertainment zone, encouraging you to set some goals in these areas of your life. This might seem like an oxymoron — do fun and goals really mix?! But yes, during this lunation, they do. Why not be the best (fill in the blank with your favorite hobby here) that you can be? Whatever your passion is, pursue it with intensity! 

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Your personal life is in the spotlight when the moon turns full in your fourth house early this week, Libra. As this lunar energy shifts your focus from work onto family and home life, it’s important to find balance in all that you do. It’s easy to overextend yourself, especially for a people-pleaser like you, so prioritizing your responsibilities is the key to success during this ambitious lunation.  

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Scorpio, a full moon in your third house this week means things are starting to catch up with you. If you’ve felt restless these last couple of weeks, this lunation is reminding you to slow down and take care of important details that have fallen off your radar. Catching up on communications like texts, DMs, voice messages, and emails should take top priority.

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Intimate issues are the focus this week as the full moon in your second house brings private topics like money and pleasure to the forefront. Sharing is a theme of this lunation, so be sure to return what you receive. Your own needs matter, of course, but selfishness isn’t really acceptable now. Giving as good as you get will ensure you don’t get a rep as a user/taker, Sag.

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Your attention is fully focused on you for a change during this week’s full moon period in your first house, and why not, Capricorn? You’ve worked hard enough to deserve this little bit of “me time.” Be respectful of other people and their time, but don’t hesitate to take whatever you need whenever you need it. During this lunation, your needs matter most.

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As a social butterfly, you love to be out and about. However, there are times, like during this week’s full moon in your intuitive zone, when you’re more introverted and contemplative than usual. Spending some time alone with your thoughts can be both scary and insightful now, Aquarius. Issues that come to light now originate from deep within. Getting in touch with whatever’s brewing under the surface can be a life-changing experience, so don’t avoid those introspective moments.

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You’ll probably be spending more time around other people than you’d like as the full moon energy hits your eleventh house of socialization, Pisces, but this is actually the perfect time to use your role in other people’s lives to do something nice for someone who really needs it. Situations like having a friend in crisis who needs your help or a neighbor who could use some advice or company are well worth leaving the comfort of your introverted world for. 

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