Weekly Horoscope: January 22–28, 2024

By Mary Bergner

On January 21, 2024

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Weekly Horoscope: January 22–28, 2024

In this week’s celestial weather report, you’ll be asked to expertly navigate the various planetary shifts as they bring both sunshine and clouds to our individual ecosystems. And that won’t always be an easy task, especially as Venus (our cosmic charmer) loses some of her shine as she moves into earthy Capricorn on Tuesday. This uneven partnership can cause some sticky situations, and you’ll be on shaky ground until you figure out how to get unstuck.

The full Leo moon (the celestial body of inspiration) brings brightness back into your life on Thursday, however, as it boosts your ego and reminds you what a true star you are. Hopefully, you’re ready for your time in the spotlight because you’re about to get your 15 minutes of fame! If you shy away from bright lights and adoring fans, be sure to carry some sunnies with you wherever you go. Although fooling your admirers and the paparazzi won’t be quite that easy during this flashy lunation).

On Friday, quirky Uranus (the planet of rebellion) goes direct in traditional Taurus, hitting us hard with the ongoing uneven and unpredictable cosmic climate. What do you do when you aren’t sure if the general vibe is going to be warm and sunny or cold and overcast? Changes aren’t easy to deal with, but they are necessary for growth and development. Our advice for surviving the fallout from the potential spontaneous storms this transit might bring? Dress in proverbial layers and be ready for anything!

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


Your week is filled with self-celebration and appreciation, Aries! Your accomplishments are pretty amazing, and you want to share them with the world. Is there anything wrong with organizing your own party to celebrate a job well done? We don’t think so! 

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Your house of foundations/roots is energized this week, Taurus, which provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past, forgive yourself and your relatives for any wrongdoings, and release negative emotions associated with grudges and family feuds. Paving the way for growth and healing within your tribe is powerful.

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Your words are powerful, Gemini, and there’s no reason to hold them back this week. Express yourself boldly, share your ideas with confidence, and inspire others with your contagious enthusiasm. If you have presentations to give, public speaking to do, or social media posts to make, be sure your unique voice and perspective shine through.

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There are heightened emotions swirling around you this week, bringing out buried insecurities or financial anxieties that you’ve been doing your best to hide. We know it’s scary, Cancer, but this is your chance to eliminate any emotional baggage weighing you down. There’s nothing wrong with having a good, cathartic cry sesh.

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This week brings out your natural rizz and draws people to you. Your leadership skills are on point; you turn heads and command attention wherever you go. Embrace the extra recognition and use it to boost your already significant confidence level. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Use your status as a popular influencer to lift others up, not drag them down.

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No matter how many invites you get this week, Virgo, try to ignore the allure of a busy social life. You’re better off spending quiet time reflecting on the past and reassessing the future. Lowkey, introspective activities like listening to calming music, meditating, or reading a good self-help book are more beneficial than partying right now. Reconnecting with your intuition is extremely revealing.

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This week is a good time to evaluate your social life, Libra. Are your relationships filled with mutual respect, shared values, and genuine affection? Or are there obvious imbalances and outdated dynamics that are holding you back? Letting go of friendships isn’t easy, but once you leave the negativity behind, you have more space to welcome people into your life who nurture your soul and support who you are at your very core.

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Whether you like it or not, your turn in the spotlight is coming, Scorpio. Instead of shrinking away from the attention, why not own it? You’re a private, mysterious person, so it should be easy to see why other people want to know more about who you are. By telling your story on your own terms, you get to control the narrative. Be honest but vague. Just because they’re curious doesn’t mean you have to tell them everything!

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You’re a true student of the world this week, Sagittarius! You’re ready for a full-on adventure, and you can’t wait to expand your constantly growing knowledge base. Anything having to do with travel, education, and the quest for the truth — you’re in! The journeys you’re about to go on promise exciting revelations and maybe even the chance to be the first person to discover something new.

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Being in control is your safe place, Capricorn. You might have to loosen your grip a little bit this week. Releasing your insistence on directing outcomes for both your own and other people’s activities is scary AF, but surrendering to the inevitable messiness of life doesn’t make you weak. Once you start trusting the universe to take care of things, you’re able to step back and be a lot more flexible.

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There’s nothing subtle about this week’s outgoing, attention-grabbing energy, Aquarius. Are you ready to be a standout in your chosen area of expertise? Creative pursuits get a mind-blowing burst of cosmic electricity. When you start collaborating on an ambitious, cutting-edge project, your ideas become increasingly outrageous in the best way possible. It’s time to remind the world what you have to offer!

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Although your compassionate nature thrives this week, Pisces, you should also try to set healthy boundaries. You tend to attract people who drain you of your energy, which results in you neglecting your own wants and needs. There’s a fine line between selflessness and being a martyr. Once you learn to say no and prioritize your own well-being, you’ll be much happier. Just remember, you can’t help anyone else if you don’t help yourself first.

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