Weekly Horoscope February 6–12, 2023

By Mary Bergner

On February 5, 2023

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Weekly Horoscope February 6–12, 2023

Are you ready to conquer the competition? Because asteroid Vesta is coming in hot and renewing its partnership with sizzling Aries on Tuesday, giving you the confidence to pursue your passions. Hang on tight, because this blazing cosmic combo of lust, adrenaline and intensity will take you on one wild ride!                            

Later in the week you’re hit with some pretty heavy doses of brainy Mercury (our thought influencer) energy, fueling you with the ability to use reasoning instead of pure gut reactions. On Friday Mercury spends one last day in serious Capricorn as it forms a conjunction to deep-thinker Pluto (the cosmic questioner), so this is the day to work on solving any outstanding problems that are getting in the way of your success.

Saturday mentally agile Mercury moves into humanitarian air sign Aquarius, so over the weekend you’ll be zeroed in on making the world a better place. There really is no idea or concept that’s too “out there” to indulge during this thought-provoking, eccentric transit. You live for shattering other people’s expectations and stretching the limits of what they think is “acceptable” behavior. Good things come from being a rebel and pushing boundaries. 

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You’ve got the world at your feet early this week, Aries, so what are you gonna do with all that power?! Try to focus your energy on something constructive before you’re tempted to use your newfound powers for evil. When Mercury matches with Aquarius in your networking zone over the weekend, you can make some very real connections that can help you climb further up the ladder of success. Don’t F it up by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.

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Use this week’s Mercurial energy to push your own boundaries, Taurus. You normally like to lay pretty low and not make any waves, but some of the week’s planetary movements challenge you to stand up for what you want (and be loud about it if necessary). Sometimes the ends really do justify the means. There’s nothing wrong with helping yourself before you help someone else.

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With your home planet Mercury dominating a lot of the planetary news headlines this week, your confidence is at an all-time high. You know the power of your thoughts and ideas, and now it’s time to share them with the world. Everyone you meet won’t agree with you or even admire your impressive IQ. But luckily, Gemini, you’re a natural at finding the people you vibe with the most. Your time is best spent with like-minded people instead of trying to convince your haters to like you.

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Feeling the power rise up in you can be scary and electrifying at the same time. The Universe is reminding you what you’re capable of this week, Cancer — will you listen? Even though you don’t always like to call attention to yourself, you can draw a lot of success into your orbit by showcasing your natural skills and talents. Even the people closest to you have no idea what you’re truly capable of. It’s time to let them in on your little secret.

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You’ve got the world hanging on your every word this week, Leo, which is exactly what you want! Not only are you ready to assert your dominance but you’re ready to do it in a charming way that will leave people wondering what in the heck just happened?! If you aren’t wearing your crown and sitting on the throne after conquering the kingdom of your choice by week’s end, it will be a shocker.

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Your ruling planet Mercury is getting a lot of good planetary press this week, Virgo, so you can be the star of your own story. Your words are a lot more meaningful than your actions for the better part of the week, especially toward the end, so keep that in mind as you try to accomplish your goals. If you have a presentation, job interview, or important meeting coming up, your chance of failure is slim. You’ve got this.

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What are your biggest hopes and dreams, Libra? Because guess what? Instead of being the person who always helps other people get what they want, the universe gives you permission to go after your own desires early this week. Imagine that. We’re not saying you’ll get everything on your wish list, but putting yourself first is a gift on its own. You’re worth it.

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There’s always something smoldering under your calm exterior, Scorpio, but early in the week, you get the chance to show off some of that internal fire. If you want to. The choice is yours, which only adds to that infamously strong sense of self-confidence. If you have any enemies/opponents out there who have been trying to one-up you, this isn’t their week. Your battle cry? Better luck next time, losers!

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Soak up the red-hot energy early in the week and use it to fuel your already fiery personality, Sag. There’s no dare you won’t take, no invitation you won’t accept, or adventure you’ll say no to. You’re always seeking that great adrenaline rush, so you’re super pumped that this week offers you a lot of chances to get your next fix. Over the weekend, your racing thoughts might lead you down some risky paths, but defying the odds is what you’re all about.

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If you have your route mapped out and your final destination in mind, there’s no reason to navigate the bumpy back roads this week, Capricorn. Taking the most direct way possible allows you to get where you want to go in record time, far ahead of your competitors. You can sightsee another time. For now, keep your eyes on the road and your foot on the gas. This is your race to win. 

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You don’t ever shy away from expressing yourself, but there’s something about the feeling you get when Mercury plants itself in your powerful first house late this week that makes you feel invincible. And your superpower is not giving a f*uck what anyone else thinks! Are you acting a little weird? Are you going to get more stares than usual? Probably. But, Aquarius, there is something so freeing about just not caring.

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This week your dreams might actually turn into reality, Pisces. Does this scare you or excite you? Or is it maybe a combination of both emotions? Getting the chance to manifest your desires gives you very mixed vibes but if the Universe thinks you’re ready to accept a bigger role in your happiness, why look the other way? This week’s planetary actions are giving you the tools you need to build a better life, so isn’t it about time you learn how to use them?

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