Weekly Horoscope: August 14–20, 2023

By Mary Bergner

On August 13, 2023

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Weekly Horoscope: August 14–20, 2023

Leos are having a moment! The friendly, warm Leo sun (repping ego) is overhead all week, giving big rizz vibes to everyone! No matter who you are — yes, even the most introverted, shy signs like Cancer and Pisces — this is your week to truly shine!

On Tuesday, commitment-focused asteroid Juno joins the Leo-inspired festivities, bringing the drama to your closest relationships — both romantic and platonic. If you truly do want to avoid all of the theatrics that normally come with this cosmic partnership, swallow your pride, step aside and let someone else be the center of attention

Wednesday’s new moon (our cosmic comforter) phase is also in Leo’s creative, entertaining sign, which encourages you to find new ways to have a good time. Totally different doors start to open for you during this fun-loving lunation linked to new beginnings, so don’t be afraid to take the first step over that threshold. Not having any idea about what might be on the other side makes your heart skip a beat and adds to the excitement for the whole rest of your week!

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You’re totally vibing and at home under the fiery energy of Leo’s planetary takeover this week. For once, Aries, you don’t have that running commentary in your head telling you to be anyone different than you are or do things any differently than you would normally do them. And this kind of cosmic acceptance is refreshing AF, honestly!

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You’ll be feeling on edge for a lot of the week — but in a good way. Is that even possible? Yes, it is, if you change your outlook, Taurus. Would you prefer to have a game plan before going in? Yes. But could that little knot in your stomach that’s making you nervous actually be a good thing in disguise? Sometimes excitement masks itself as anxiety. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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This week’s extra Leo energy lands in your third house of communication, Gemini, so get ready to get loud! You’re already somewhat of an extrovert but these Lion vibes take you to a whole other level. Your ideas are fun and creative, so it seems natural to share them with everyone you meet. Use your charm to get a “yes” out of someone who would probably say “no” to you literally any other time.

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You’re one of the signs who are literally out of their element this week, Cancer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the outgoing Lion’s energy to your advantage. Once you dare to come out of your shell for a little peek at what’s going on, you’re probably going to want to stay a while. And even though you might not be closing down the club, you’ll still be glad you did your thang out on that dance floor.

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What can we say, Leo — it’s literally all about you this week and you’re loving it. Your presence and energy are everywhere. And for once, you don’t feel the need to apologize for any of it. You’re the life of the party. The best dancer. The influencer with the most followers. The best. Period. Enjoy your epic turn in the spotlight!

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We’d be lying if we said that this will be your best week ever, Virgo, but it also won’t suck as badly as you might be thinking it will. As a sign who doesn’t go out of their way to grab attention, you might be dreading extra drama this week, but honestly, it is what you make it. There are others out there like you who happily wait on the sidelines, so there’s no need to feel weird about it or apologize. Have fun but don’t commit to doing anything you don’t want to do. 

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Libra, with Leo as one of your zodiac besties, you’re totally in tune with what the Lion is giving this week. While you’re happy to shine as your dazzling self in the spotlight, you’re also content to be part of the sparkling star’s entourage. Your easygoing attitude helps you fit in no matter where the party takes you or whatever role you play in the debauchery!

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You tend to shy away from the spotlight, so this week might be a little more difficult for you to navigate than it is for some other signs. That being said, you’re probably used to having people stare at and pay attention to you, Scorpio, so you can tap into that to deal with this all-eyes-on-you energy. Just be extra diligent at work, as your tenth career house is really in the spotlight now.

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Sagittarius, you’re so ready to soak up all of this week’s sweet, sweet fiery vibes! You’re totally at home in the Lion’s den, and you thrive in the exciting, daring and charismatic energy that this week’s cosmic connections are giving. Your adventurous spirit is overflowing with anticipation with this energy in your expansive ninth house, so forget about the rules and go for it!

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Your main worry this week is can you have as much fun as you want to have and still get all of your work done?! That’s so you, Capricorn — always the responsible one! If there was ever a time to try to relax and kick back without a care in the world, this is it. Do your best to put your cares aside and live in the moment for a change. You don’t always have to be the poster child for doing things the right way!

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Your house of partnerships gets hit with the mega dose of Leo energy this week, Aquarius, so your closest relationships will be the stars of the show. If you haven’t been giving them enough attention, it’s time to set aside other distractions and see what’s up. Really good things happen when you start to focus on making the emotional connections in your life a little stronger.

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Just because you’ll probably naturally shy away from the big dramatic Leo energy of the week doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it at all. You have creativity in common with the gentle Lion, and its influence can help boost your imagination this week. Take from it what you want and discard the rest. Maybe it can be all about you without everyone else getting all up in your business after all. 

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