The Tinder Pick Up Line You're Probably Using, Based on Your Sign

By Maressa Brown

On July 15, 2021

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The Tinder Pick Up Line You're Probably Using, Based on Your Sign

Whether you’re looking to grab coffee and rave about current events, binge shows and enjoy a sweet bang sesh, or fall in love and make cute babies, you’re probably using a dating app to find your perfect match (maybe even a dating app that fits with your sign). From OKCupid to Bumble, JSwipe to Tinder, swiping for a real connection can be as exciting and fun as it can be exhausting and, yeah, even sometimes deflating.

Given the speed and built-in superficiality of photo-centric apps, it can be tempting to present a (literally—and figuratively) filtered version of yourself to potential dates. Yet, leading with your most genuine self is undoubtedly the best way to meet someone with whom you’ll be truly compatible. That said, chances are your sun sign, which reflects self-image, comes into play when you put yourself out there in that first chat with a match on Tinder (or any other dating app really). Here’s how to tell which sign you’ve matched with just from their pickup line.


Aries guy: “What’s your number?”

Basically men born under the cardinal fire sign Aries have no chill, so when they see someone they’re interested in they will lean hard into phrases that signal wanting to cut. to. the. chase.

Aries woman: “Hot profile. Except my home team totally wiped the floor with yours.”

Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, Aries are classically competitive and athletic. Connecting on sports—or anything else in which someone is deemed the “winner”—is one of the steamiest types of foreplay for the fire sign.

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Taurus guy: *excitedly comments on all the things you have in common*

Given that Taurus is the fixed sign of the earth bunch, he knows what he likes and sticks to it. If he finds someone else who’s on the same page, he’ll be psyched. After all, he’s not planning on trading his Starbucks obsession for Dunkin’ or retiring his Last Week Tonight obsession anytime soon.  

Taurus woman: “So, what’s your favorite restaurant?”

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, and is the ruler of the second house of income, so Taurean women want to know a first date will be a.) old-school romantic and b.) worth their time. By getting a read on what a guy considers fine dining (Buffalo Wild Wings or a trendy sushi spot?), she’ll know whether to continue the convo or unmatch.

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Gemini guy: “Talk dirty to me … Just kidding!”

Dualistic Gemini, ruler of the third house of communication, is as loquacious as they come. They’re master wordsmiths and flirts. But given their mercurial mood shifts and two different sides to their personality, they can also leave you feeling a bit whiplashed.  

Gemini woman: “If I follow you, will you follow me back?”

Ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, Geminis are master multitaskers and social media mavens without even trying. It’s quite possible a woman born under the mutable air sign is quite the ~influencer~ and will appreciate being treated like one by a potential date, thankyouverymuch.  


Cancer guy: “I’m so obsessed with tacos/sushi/Korean BBQ too! Have you tried that new spot in town? It has the best pics on Yelp!”

The sensual cardinal water sign Cancer is often quite the foodie. They’re likely to lead with passionate banter about their favorite eats. After all, if they know a match can similarly find pleasure in a sumptuous meal, they’ll feel good about their maybe bae’s potential for enjoying more intimate pleasures, as well.

Cancer woman: “Omg, I love that pic of you with your niece!”

Ruler of the fourth house of home life and ruled by the maternal, emotional moon, Cancers are typically family-oriented and will definitely have a soft spot for a match who appears to be, as well (even if the baby in the profile they’re most enamored by is a fur one).

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Leo guy: “I’ve been planning a trip to St. Lucia. Wanna come?”

Men born under the fixed fire sign Leo, ruler of the fifth house of romance and fun, are all about over-the-top, dramatic, grandiose displays. Trips to St. Lucia, tickets to the trendiest Broadway show, reservations at a Michelin star restaurant… As far as they’re concerned, when it comes to showing a potential soulmate how much they care, the fancier, the better.

Leo woman: *sends a sexy selfie*

Ruled by the confident sun, Leo women adore being in the spotlight and exude self-assuredness. They also want to be romanced, so they’re likely to throw the ball back in a potential beau’s court—and, while they’re at it, lay the groundwork for a compliment (which they can’t get enough of).


Virgo guy: “I love that bookstore! Have you tried Ideas Books down the road? I love getting the matcha there.”

Men born under the detail-oriented mutable earth sign tend to be highly observant and adept communicators. He’d be the one to identify which bookstore you’re in based on the blurred shelf behind you in your portrait mode pic. Virgo rules the sixth house of health and daily routine, and one of their key traits is being service-oriented, so their peacocking move is to provide a match with plenty of helpful and interesting information.

Virgo woman: “What’s the best book you’ve read recently?”

Ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, analytical, literary Virgoan women cannot do without a mental stimulation and want to find their intellectual equal, someone with whom they can have deep, thought-provoking conversations “in the weeds” conversations. If she connects with a match on literature—or even other forms of culture or politics—she’ll be intrigued.

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Libra guy: “What’s your dream date?”

Libra, the cardinal air sign and ruler of the seventh house of partnership, is a true romantic and wants to charm and please a potential bae. So, don’t put it past him to plan that dream date down to a T.   

Libra woman: *insert GIF of Ariana Grande/Selena Gomez/another pretty diva winking and waving*

Women born under the Venusian-ruled sign are subtly, but expertly flirtatious, social butterflies who naturally attract plenty of attention without having to go out of their way. Preferring to be swept off their feet versus doing the sweeping, they’ll lead with a friendly but coy tone.


Scorpio guy: “There’s a horror movie marathon this weekend. Wanna go?”

Fixed water sign Scorpios are big fans of the darker, mysterious side of life, given that they’re co-ruled by go-getter Mars and transformative Pluto. No doubt a Scorp dude would love a first date that involves seeing a slasher flick.

Scorpio woman: “Who do you think you were in a past life, and why?”

Being that Scorpio is the ruler of the eighth house, which oversees sexual intimacy, rebirth, and transformation, women born under the mysterious sign might very well be particularly comfortable with spells, crystals, rituals, and mantras. Leave it to her to get into the deep, “other side” terrain right from the start.  


Sag guy: “Gahhhh, you’re freaking gorgeous!”

Ruled by the expansive, buoyant planet of luck Jupiter, Sagittarians are known for their #nofilter, boisterous manner. Don’t expect a Sag guy to hold back in any way; they tell it exactly like it is, for better or worse.

Sag woman: “Passport?”

Ruler of the ninth house of adventure, the mutable fire sign is known to gravitate to globetrotting. A Sag woman wants a man who will be ready, able, and pumped to bond over eye-opening jet-setting experiences.

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Capricorn guy: “I’m looking for something serious. Are you?”

As the ruler of the tenth house of career, cardinal earth sign Capricorn prides himself on his strong work ethic and drive. He knows what he wants and isn’t one for messing around.

Capricorn woman: “Hey, I’m at work right now, but I’d love to chat about what you do if you’re around later!”

Ruled by taskmaster planet Saturn, Capricorn women are goal-oriented and pragmatic. Their focus is often primarily their professional path, but they’ll make room for a relationship with someone who has potential to be the other half of their dream power duo.


Aquarius guy: “I’m hanging with some friends at the bar downtown. You should join us!”

Ruler of the eleventh house of networking and friendships, Aquarius is a platonic creature who can get along with just about everyone and has probably been hanging with the same group of besties for years. His crew is a part of who he is, so inviting you out to hang wouldn’t be unsurprising—and it’s actually quite the compliment.

Aquarius woman: *insert eyebrow-raising esoteric GIF*

Always the eccentric nonconformist, thanks to her ruling planet Uranus, a woman born under Aquarius loves to strike out on her own and make a statement that’s uniquely hers. Something that serves as a quirky conversation-starter is likely her go-to.


Pisces guy: “Going to Trader Joe’s, want me to pick up anything?”

Like fellow Pisces Aziz Ansari who used this pickup line in Master of None, Piscean men can be hopeless romantics who wanna get cozy real fast. Okay, maybe not this fast, but the familiarity factor reflects the fact that they often wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Pisces woman: “What’s your sign?”

Spiritual-minded and often in her feelings, a woman born under the mutable water sign has no shame about her love of the metaphysical. She’ll want to get a potential match’s astrological info right off the bat.

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