21 Cancer Memes That Totally Get the Zodiac's Most Sensitive Sign

By Stephanie N. Campos

On May 14, 2019

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21 Cancer Memes That Totally Get the Zodiac's Most Sensitive Sign

They make excellent cheese boards and host epic dinner parties. They probably cancel plans last minute to stay home. They love their moms. They have a stubborn streak. They’re big on home and family, and wouldn’t miss a gathering or holiday for anything or anyone. They love to tell old stories and probably still aren’t over their ex. Welcome the gentle, tough-as-nails, sweet and sensitive souls of the zodiac: Cancers.

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Typical Cancer Traits We All Know and Love

Cancers are notoriously stereotyped as being sensitive, but let’s be real for a second… there is some truth to that. Why are Cancers so emotional? Well, with the moon as Cancer’s ruling planet, a planet that controls our emotions and changes signs every 2 to 2 ½ days, it’s no wonder why Cancers have a tendency to be particularly moody. They can’t help it!

While they are sensitive creatures, it’s also important to remember they have a hard, nearly indestructible shell. Due to their naturally intuitive sixth sense, they expect you to be able to read their minds (like they can read yours)—and for that reason may have difficulty communicating their feelings. This can also lead to passive-aggressive behavior if their needs aren’t met. Unfortunately, convincing a Cancer to be direct with you about their feelings can feel like pulling teeth.

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They can also be incredibly shy in new social situations, which only fuels their homebody reputation. If you’re looking for a wingman or wingwoman—your Cancer friend isn’t it. After one drink, they’re the friend that will Irish goodbye you and head home for some Netflix and their bed. If you’re feeling low and want to binge watch some of your favorite romantic comedies, Cancer’s your sign.

That said, Cancer friends always have your back. As one of the most loyal and compassionate signs of the zodiac, they’ll be there to hold your hair or dry your tears any day. This makes total sense though since in astrology, the moon is the planet that represents mothers and our femininity. So of course Cancers are nurturing and devoted to those they love. They’re also known for being incredibly protective and will go to great lengths for their friends and family.

Often labeled as hopeless romantics, Cancers look for love anywhere—the grocery store, waiting in line at Target, even while pumping gas. When in love, they love hard—they’re hardcore clingers. Space is not an option if you’re dating a Cancer, and you can expect to be either little or big spoon all night, every night. Cuddling is a must.

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Here’s a roundup of Cancer memes that showcase their best (and more laughable) traits.

Cancer Memes That Really Get the Water Sign

They want to know you’re deepest, darkest secrets.


But they also expect you to be a mindreader.


Don’t ask them to leave the house.


Because if they do, they’ll just want to go home.


They love to eat.


And eat…


They have a lot to complain about—mostly because they won’t tell their feelings to the person they’re beefing with.


Revenge is a dish best served cold.


They’re into low key kind of nights.


They’re socially awkward AF.


Overprotective to a fault.


And unapologetically sentimental.


They’re stage five clingers.


They can literally predict the future. And you better listen.


They’re the best friends anyone could ask for.


They love their mom.


They also have a deep love for animals.


It takes them forever to forget the past (and their exes).


Their emotions make them either the perfect pick-me-up on a bad day, or just a lot to handle.


All they want in life are stress-free vibes.


They’re super genuine and compassionate to a fault.


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