The Secret to Making Magic Spells Work

By Virginia Mason

On October 15, 2021

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The Secret to Making Magic Spells Work

Lean in close, I want to tell you a secret: magic is play.

And most importantly, play is how magic is uncovered.

Magic is something that just exists. It’s all around us, and every spell and every ritual was created by people simply to play with this part of reality that is sheer magic.

It’s true that certain ingredients (ahem, crystals) do have specific purposes, but these purposes were not determined because someone wrote them down in a book. Rather, each ingredients’ purpose has been discovered again and again as person after person has held the ingredient in their hand and come to know its purpose. And you too can come to know the purpose of any ingredient. All you have to do is start playing with it and getting to know it.
If you want to work with magic, learn to let yourself by playful.

As you do, you may learn that really, you are not alone in creating your spells and working your magic. I’ve been given spells by deceased relatives and angels, and I’ve felt their assistance in making spells work. But connecting to these guides – and to magic – only happens when you’re open to talking to them and listening to them and yes, playing with them.

So when you’re casting a spell or following a ritual, be light and loose. Don’t worry about whether you’re following the instructions precisely as they were given to you. Don’t worry about whether you have the right crystal. Don’t worry about whether you look weird. As long as you’re doing what feels right and true for you – and you’re doing it with an open, feeling heart – then it’ll work!

Let yourself play. Follow whatever feeling and inspiration arises when you’re working a spell and don’t fear messing up.

I recently created an eclipse season ritual that was designed to be done every single day between the first eclipse and the second. But guess what? One of those days, I forgot to the do the ritual. And that was okay! I acknowledged that I forgot – I did it twice the next day to make up for the missing day, but I didn’t beat myself up, and I didn’t worry. My intention remained the same, and I trusted that it would work.

I was also in a different mood every day while doing the ritual. Some days I got on my knees in silence and prayed. Another day I had Rihanna playing and was dancing and singing around my altar. Because honoring where you are and staying true is what makes magic work.
The tighter and more rigid you get about things, the less space there is for magic to flow.

I work magic nearly every day with clients. Sometimes, I’m in the middle of giving Reiki or guiding someone through a calming meditation, and suddenly, I hear sirens in the background or random voices from the street. And that’s okay! This is all part of the work. Magic does not happen in a bubble. Magic happens when you tune into the connection between yourself and everything around you. Nothing is so sacred. Nothing is precious.

Magic is like a tree in the wind. The more rigid the tree is, the more likely it is to shatter and break. But if the tree is flexible and can bend with every gust, then it stands strong and survives. Be the bendy tree.

And this goes even for the most ancient, traditional rituals. Don’t get me wrong, certain rituals have been conducted in the same manner for hundreds and thousands of years. They’ve been imbued with the creative energy of every person who’s ever participated, and as a result, they are powerful magic! But even they aren’t so sacred and precious. Because nothing is.

That said, I wouldn’t try working that magic on your own (especially ones involving substances). Not so much because it’s disrespectful, but because it isn’t yours. And you’re here to work your magic!

So feel free to be inspired by whatever inspires you and pull together whatever ingredients speak to you and just start playing and making magic! Just remember the cardinal rule: do no harm. That means no curses, no cruelty, and no calling on your crushes.

You’re here to live your life, and life has nothing to do with being right and everything to do with enjoying the ride and playing every single day. Magic gets this.

Virginia teaches you how to harness your intuitive powers, choose your most purposeful work, create nourishing boundaries, and attract your ideal partner. She utilizes tools and techniques acquired over years of working with energy, science, astrology, tarot, yoga, meditation, and more! She helps you remember just how free and powerful you really are. Are you ready for you most magical, meaningful life? Connect with Virginia now and discover more!

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