An Intuitive Shares How You Can Be Your Own Psychic

By Virginia Mason

On September 8, 2021

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An Intuitive Shares How You Can Be Your Own Psychic

Virginia Mason is a healer, psychic, and coach who helps clients all over the world tune into their own magic. Here, she explains her work, including what a one heart weekend means—and how you can make the most of it! — editors 

Who are you? How did you land in your current career, and explain what, exactly, you do for clients?
I’m a writer, psychic healer, and lifestyle coach. I teach women to embrace their intuitive powers and live their most magical lives!

Growing up, I regularly saw and experienced magical things. I communed with spirits, witnessed other realms, and had dreams come true. I was taught that I had a very active imagination. I was taught that what I was experiencing wasn’t real. So that’s what I grew to believe, and by the time I was a teenager, I’d become a total atheist. Then, in college, I became very sick.

I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and epilepsy, and my whole body felt like it was breaking down. This sent me on a long self-healing journey.

It started in doctor’s offices and in MRI machines, and it ended in meditation circles and on the Reiki table. Over years of self-study, mentorship, and training, I reunited with my spiritual truths and discovered that I was incredibly psychic. And once I fully accepted myself and my experiences, my body healed, and all of my symptoms disappeared.

Once I was feeling better, I became increasingly aware of how so many aspects of my life didn’t support my true nature and were continuing to harm me. So I left my career in real estate, entered a yoga teacher training and a Reiki healer mentorship, and committed to living a life that was fully aligned with who I was versus who I thought I should be.

And that’s when people just started coming to me for tarot and astrology readings. I loved doing this, so I quickly turned my hobby into a business. And in time, giving readings taught me that so many women are struggling in many of the ways I’ve struggled. So many women have empathic, intuitive gifts, but because they’ve been taught that these gifts don’t exist, they don’t know how to control them, and they’re left feeling frustrated, anxious, confused, exhausted, and yes, often sick.

Meeting all of these incredible women inspired me to work exclusively with clients in private mentorships—mentorships designed to help them fully accept and express themselves.

I use astrology, energy healing, and psychic channeling to help clients remember who they are and what they’re meant to do. Then I give them tools to empower their unique strengths. The tools are customized for each person and include trainings in areas such as self care, energetic boundaries, Reiki, tarot, astrology, crystals, sex magic, mantra magic, psychic channeling, sacred space design, and more. But for me, the magic isn’t really the point. The point is to live a fulfilling life, so I work hard to help them make active changes in their career, their home, their relationships, and their routine – whatever’s necessary to get them living a life aligned with who they truly are.

And yes, their lives do become filled with magic! But the magic is just the perk of being honest. The magic is always there. We just forget that a lot of the time.

We know you as the writer of our weekly love horoscopes. How do you write these? 
I do a lot of research! The planets are always talking to each other, and the conversation is constantly evolving. In astrology, we map this conversation through geometry. So every week, I analyze the angles between planets and the geometric patterns they create. I look at what planets are moving through each sign, and I pay close attention to what’s happening with each sign’s planetary ruler.

Every sign is ruled by one or two planets. For example, Aries is ruled by Mars. So for Aries, each week I look at what’s happening in Aries and what’s happening with Mars and how this relates to everything else that’s happening.

For love specifically, I always pay special attention to Venus—the planet that rules love—and Mars—the planet that rules sex, but truthfully, when it comes to love, all of the planets are important! They all affect us as people, and ultimately, love depends on what’s happening for us as individuals and how that affects our ability to connect with others.

That’s the science side of how I write the horoscopes, and it can get really complicated! But there’s also a more spiritual side to how I write.

Because I’m psychic, I channel a lot of information. I receive this information primarily through visions, direct knowing, and feeling. So every little bit of analysis and every horoscope is ultimately informed by this. I channel what each sign needs to hear, and I often think about the people in my life who have the sign I’m writing about. That helps me connect with each sign’s energy while I’m writing.

When you have a “one heart week” for your sign, is there anything you can do to make the week better? How do you most effectively use your horoscope as a tool to guide you in life?
The first thing you can do is to not try to make it better. When something in our life isn’t shiny and perfect, we’re tempted to want to fix it so we immediately feel better, but being uncomfortable isn’t inherently bad. We all have times when we experience growing pains, especially in love. And if life was at five hearts all the time, how would we learn? Where would the excitement be? Life’s a cycle. Getting comfortable in the cycle and learning to take care of yourself by enjoying the so-called lower points is a practice. So just be with your experience and let it take you where you need to go. In short, trust the process! I also typically give some tips for each sign when they’re going through a rougher patch, so follow those! 

I personally enjoy using my horoscope most at the end of the weekend! I often read it when I’m in a bit of a funk. I have an incredible partner, but like in all relationships, we have moments when we fight or are just moody for whatever reason. During those times, I often read my horoscope and his. Every time I do, I’m like “ha! Of course. I predicted this.” And I feel a huge sense of relief because I can see that a planet’s position is making me feel icky and that the planet will be somewhere else soon. I can see that whatever I’m going through is just temporary. This helps me take myself and my moods less seriously.

I also often recommend reading your horoscope at the start of the weekend. This is a great tool for keeping yourself in check as you’re living your life. It helps you make connections between what you’re experiencing and what’s happening astrologically in the moment, so when something is about to set you off, your horoscope is in your mind and reminding you what’s going on. You can pause and say, “okay well the horoscope did say this.”

How can working with a coach be helpful in tapping into your own intuition? What is a coaching session like?
Trust is the biggest thing that stands between you and your intuition, and coaching helps you conquer the voice that tells you not to trust yourself.

When you’re working with a coach, you’re practicing your intuition in the company of another person. This gives you an outsider’s perspective and someone sitting across from you confirming what’s happening.

My particular style of coaching is highly informed by my own intuition. This helps me see and understand how other people’s intuition works and what’s blocking them from harnessing it.

All of my coaching sessions are one-on-one – either in person or over video call – and they all vary! Mentorships are completely customized, but each one starts with a full energy healing and reading. I do this using my own intuitive approach to Reiki, tarot, and astrology over two sessions. From there, each session is structured to teach you practices that empower your intuition. During these training sessions, we’re in the room together, really going over the work, and learning what your unique practice looks like. The work is intense, transformative, and fun, so there are often a lot of tears and laughter and of course, magic. 🙂

In terms of living a more magical life—what are some small ways to start out? 
There are three things that I recommend to pretty much everybody, and these are great starting places.

1. Meditate
In order to really transform your life and create your world, you first have to be aware of who you are in the world, so you need to know your mind. Your mind is busy creating most of your reality, and meditation helps you understand what this means. If you’re thinking,“I’m awful at meditating!” remember that meditation isn’t about silencing your mind. It’s about watching your mind. Just sit with yourself for five to ten minutes. That’s all it takes to start.

2. Write
The second is to keep an intuition journal. Just start noticing your hunches, your feelings, the things you dream, the voices you hear, etc. Write it all down and observe how the world unfolds around you. This gives you a mirror so you can see your intuition and start to trust it.

3. Invite magic in!
The last thing is to simply invite magic into your life. There are so many ways to do this—going for walks, sitting by water, lighting a candle, burning some sage, meditating. This is about the little things you can do on a daily basis that help you say to the universe that you’re open to talking. From there, the conversation will expand. But first, you have to welcome it. You have to say hi!

Anything else?
Astrology is fascinating! The horoscopes are a great overview of factors influencing you, but they aren’t complete. Your individual astrology is far more complex than anything that can be included in a single horoscope, so if you don’t know you birth chart, have someone read it for you!

This is something I do, and there are lots of other awesome people also doing this, so choose someone you feel comfortable with.

Once you know your astrology, read your the horoscope for your sun, your rising, and any sign you might have a cluster of planets in. For example, my sun and three other planets are in Scorpio, and my rising is in Aquarius, so I often read for Scorpio and Aquarius.

Lastly, I love talking about all things magic! If you ever have questions, you can reach me at [email protected] or DM me on instagram @fleetingconnections. For me, this is all about sharing and growing together.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for being you. The world needs your magic.

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Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company, Fleeting Connections. Follow her @fleetingconnections on IG! 

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