11 Tarot Card Spreads for Guidance

By Katie Robinson

On June 11, 2021

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11 Tarot Card Spreads for Guidance

We’ve come to your rescue with these easy tarot spreads. Whether you’re a tarot beginner or a tarot pro, it’s always helpful to get some tarot spread ideas. Of course, you’ll need a tarot deck first. Once you have a deck, get ready to read!

What Are Tarot Spreads?

For those who don’t know, a tarot spread is a specific layout of cards geared toward answering specific questions. Before shuffling the cards, you determine what questions you’d like answered and configure the placement of the cards. Shuffle, pull, and reveal the answers. It’s that easy!

Hint: If you’re not ready to take on a tarot reading of your own, one great place to start is by getting a live tarot reading from a professional.

Types of Tarot Spreads

Are there different types of tarot spreads? Yes and no. 

Tarot spreads are not meant to be categorized. They can reference different topics and will have different variations of cards, but (besides the Celtic Cross) there aren’t “set” tarot spreads out there. The beauty of them is that they are totally flexible to be anything you need! 

You can make a tarot spread about anything. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. If you’re a little wary about making your first spread, we have some easy ones to start with here. 

Relationship Tarot Spreads

With love tarot spreads, there are a few ways you can go about asking the cards. I tried to pull together some spreads around very popular questions I get from clients. Hopefully these will cover most of the bases! 

love tarot spreads
Courtesy of Pexels; Mikhail Nilov

Twin Flame Tarot Spread

We all have this connection… “the one” we have intensity with. And those relationships can be really confusing—so, here’s a spread to help you figure out why. Oh, and we’ve got you covered if you’re wondering what the difference is between a soulmate vs. twin flame

3-Card Love Tarot Spread

Relationship Analysis Tarot Spread

Ex Relationship Tarot Spread

Daily Tarot Spreads

Courtesy of @tarotbymaisy

These are spreads you can do every day. They never tire. They never lie. In fact, these are great spreads to do if you’re learning the tarot card meanings. Each day will make you practice!

One-Card Tarot Spread

Pull one card to determine what you need to focus on that day.

3-Card Tarot Spread

10-Card Tarot Spread

Pick ten questions about ONE topic.

Career Tarot Spread

If you’re having career troubles, start here. Many clients come to me and ask whether they should quit—so that’s where I started with this one!

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

New Year Tarot Spread

We all want to start the New Year on a good note. Using this spread, you’ll know what to leave behind and what to expect.

Persona 5 Tarot Cards Spread

Don’t have a life crisis? Good for you! Here’s a spread anyone can do that really gets down to the nitty gritty on something you know a lot about: you!

Lead photo courtesy of Pexels; Anna Tarazevich

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