22 Scorpio Memes That Get the Zodiac's Most Sexual Sign

By Stephanie N. Campos

On November 9, 2020

In Astrology, Scorpio

22 Scorpio Memes That Get the Zodiac's Most Sexual Sign

Tired of small talk and looking for deep soul connections? This sign redefines profound. Just matched with a new potential bae online and ready to do some deep Instagram sleuthing? This is who you’re going to call—they’re practically an informal member of the FBI. There is something so mysterious about this zodiac sign, it’s as if you never truly are able to know them in full and reach their depth. They are constantly recreating themselves. Their energy is passionate, sexual, powerful and simply impossible to ignore. Throw that together and who’ve we got? Scorpio!

Scorpio Traits That Make Them Perfect Meme Targets

In the zodiac wheel, Scorpio rules the eighth house: one of the most mysterious areas of our birth charts. This house reigns death, rebirth, transformation, the occult, intimacy, sexual energy, and merging among other areas. With a ruling house that covers such extremes and deep subjects, it’s no wonder Scorpios aren’t interested in the superficial or surface-level connections. This is a sign that requires unending depth to feel fulfilled. Scorpio’s ruling planet in modern-day astrology is Pluto, while its traditional ruling planet is Mars—both of these planets are concerned with power and will. Mars forces us to take action, while Pluto forces us to feel the consequences of our action and reflect intensely. Pluto’s influence enhances Scorpios capacity to explore the unknown and increases its desire for power.

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The symbol of the Scorpio is depicted with that stinger—hovering patiently above its body, ready to act out in revenge the second someone give them reason to. Scorpios are oftentimes stereotyped as revenge-seekers and grudge-holders. What’s really going on here? Scorpios require the highest level of trust to uphold and maintain any type of long-lasting relationship, and once this trust has been violated, there is no repairing the relationship. Cue the stinger. This is a sign that’s determined to protect their privacy and those they love at all costs. Their intensity is closely tied to their passionate nature—they’re not able to do anything half-assed. They love, trust, and feel with the entirety of their being.

And fortunately for the internet, Scorpio’s emotional and dramatic nature makes them super, super memeable. Here’s a roundup of some of the astro-meme world’s best Scorpio memes.

The Best Scorpio Memes Out There

Only coming out after midnight, yo.


All in or nothin’


Casual night in


Manager of the year


You know you’re matched with a Scorpio when…


Insta-stalking your exes in 3, 2, 1


Extreme personalities only


Hide feelings at all costs


Can’t stop, won’t stop


Storing your deepest secrets for later use


About. To. Blow.


Always giving a shit tho, tbh


Cash me in the bathroom


The friend that always asks, “Wait, what’s his last name?”


Possessive & obsessive AF


No surface level allowed


What else could you ask for?


In the eternal words of N*SYNC, “Bye, bye, bye”


Gang’s all here




Here for your secrets, but not about to share any


I believe this is what they call a power move


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