Why Are Scorpios So Intense? An Astrologer Answers Your Burning Scorpio Questions

By Stephanie N. Campos

On October 23, 2020

In Astrology, Scorpio

Why Are Scorpios So Intense? An Astrologer Answers Your Burning Scorpio Questions

Ah, Scorpios—one of the most hated on zodiac signs—are also extremely memeable. Ruled by two of the sexiest planets, Pluto (planet of transformation and death) and Mars (planet of aggression and sex), Scorpios are known for their enigmatic, sexy, and magnetic charm.

And let’s not forget their vengeful and infamous stinger: Scorpios are not a sign to be crossed. Grudges are kind of their thing.

And while they don’t open up easily, they will get you to spill your deepest and darkest secrets in no time flat. Just when you think you’ve gotten to know one, you’ll soon realize you haven’t even scratched the surface. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most burning questions about Scorpios and their surrounding mystery.

Why are Scorpios so . . .mean?

Scorpios aren’t mean—they’re direct. This a sign ruled by Pluto, a planet that governs transformation, our psychology, destruction, death, and rebirth. I mean, whoa, right? That’s a lot. This isn’t a surface level sign—there isn’t much room for the superficial in Scorpios lives. Small talk won’t work with them; they need to dive deep. So, when first meeting a Scorpio, their personality can feel harsh and abrasive. They need a strong foundation of trust to exist in all their relationships. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion: Eventually, you’ll get to their softer core.

Why are Scorpios so . . . jealous?

Let’s get back to Pluto. This planet is also responsible for some of our shadow side behavior: jealousy, manipulation, obsession, and power struggles. Scorpios go all in. There isn’t halfway—their passion is all-consuming. When they love, they love deeply. There is also a tendency for Scorpios to experience possessiveness—their sign is ruled by the seventh house in the zodiac wheel, which governs merging on both a soulful and financial level. There is a ~oneness~ that Scorpio wants to feel with their partners on a deep level. If this connection is threated, you can expect to see the stinger.

Why are Scorpios so . . . intense?


Scorpios possess determination that makes them natural-born leaders. Their desire for authority and power is built into their sign. It’s rare you’ll find a Scorpio who just goes along with the crowd. They’re a fixed sign in the zodiac, which means once they have their mind set on something, it probably isn’t changing. One of Scorpio’s ruling planets is also Mars: the planet of war, anger, sex, aggression and our animalistic nature. This energy fuels their drive and determination. Scorpios are also investigators at heart, who seek deeper meaning and enjoy exploring the psychology of themselves and others around them. In this lifetime, part of their purpose is to work through shadow side behaviors and transform like phoenix.

Why are Scorpios . . . attracted to Libras?

At some point in our lives we all through a phase where we want what we don’t have. Signs that sit next to one another on the zodiac wheel, like Libra and Scorpio, always do end up sharing some traits despite noted differences. What’s interesting about these two signs is that they both desire a real loving connection with a partner. And while Libras are in love with love itself, their flighty nature can make it hard to Scorpios to form long-lasting trust. But Libras loved-obsessed antics sure do draw them in.

Why are Scorpios . . . vengeful?

Trust is key. Once any trust has been violated or disrespected, it’s likely that Scorpio will be walking out of your life forever. Scorpios don’t form light-hearted friendships, they require deep bonds that last the test of time. Once they deem someone worthy, they give that friendship, lover, family member, or whoever it may be all of their love, trust and soul. Betrayals hit them very deeply, and they aren’t dealt with lightly. For Scorpios, a vengeful grudge can last a lifetime.

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Why are Scorpios . . . misunderstood?

This sign is complex! Scorpios aren’t a list of personality traits or what you see on the surface. It’s hard to put them in a box and define them because they are so mysterious. They love to be in control and hold power—and one way they do that is by holding back. It’s rare for a Scorpio to open up completely and bare their soul. Their mystery can last a lifetime. But it can also lead to misunderstanding.

Why are Scorpios . . . scary?

Scorpios can see through lies. They are incredibly psychic and have a deep connection with other planes. Ruled by the eighth house in the zodiac, Scorpios have a natural interest in the occult. This is the house that governs all things witchy and psychic. The veil between worlds is thinned for them. Their intuition can be alarming to others who weren’t expecting it. They’re also not going to sugar-coat anything for you. Deep down, they’re big softies who just want to be loved and form trusting and life-lasting attachments with friends, lovers and family. But first, you have to make it past the small talk.

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