November's New Moon Is Here and It's Going To Be Awesome

By Brittany Binowski

On November 7, 2018

In Astrology

November's New Moon Is Here and It's Going To Be Awesome

Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief.

The Scorpio new moon on November 7, 2018 at 8:02 a.m. PT will be the fresh start you need after an intense period of transformation in your relationships and finances. This new moon will help you to better understand your heart’s truest desires, feel more comfortable in your life, and overcome any difficulties from past trauma or experiences.

As to where the past few months may have been tumultuous, this new moon is here to help you finally get a handle on all the chaos in your life and come back home to yourself in a way that feels more authentic.

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You may be working with other people to create a shared future full of new possibilities. With Venus stationing about to go direct in its home sign of Libra, you should have a better idea of which people are or are not in your life and how you need to work with them in a way that is productive. Conversations could be slightly confusing, and your mind may not be thinking as clearly as usual. However, the mental fog is meant to increase your faith in yourself and others, communicate with more compassion, and trust your instincts.

With the north node finally in the sign of Cancer for the first time in 18 years, nurturing yourself and listening to your intuition, even if it means taking a time out from some of your larger responsibilities or traditions will be key.


The foundation your life is built upon is shifting. It could be literal — as in a move with your home or a change in your family but it could also be metaphorical — as in a deep, emotional transformation. Let it happen, even if it feels like your life is being uprooted. You are actually being upgraded instead. Allow yourself to go out on a limb and try different things. Working with others may be key to help you move forward.

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Open yourself up to new relationships or allow your current relationships to take on different forms. There could be a lot of conversations about a big change you want to make to deepen your connections with others or create a life you truly want. Your job or daily routines may also have to adjust as a result. Try your best to communicate clearly and with more compassion in the process.


You are busy at this new moon. There could be a lot of buzz about your job or a new set of daily routines that can help to increase your social standing, bring more money to you, and help you to feel more confident all around in your abilities. Just don’t give up if it feels like a lot of work is in front of you. Be patient as you work out the details with others.


Are you happy? If not, it is coming soon. This new moon is helping to bring new sources of romance, passion, and love into your life. There will be major emotional transformation at this time, and possible some changes with home, family, and where you live. A new job or set of daily routines is also on the horizon.

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Expect a lot of change at this new moon in your own home or family that may require you to spend some time alone or re-focus more on your personal and private needs. There will be lots of conversations with one or two key people in your life. Communicate openly about what you need to be happier but try not to let your emotions get the best of you.


You are naturally a great communicator and you are going to need those skills this month. There could be a lot of conversations with relationships about your future. Talk the details if you need but don’t be afraid to let your heart have a say either, especially when it comes to a partner or family member. Focus on bringing more stability into your life and work, and using more of your talents.


More money and stability is finally here for you. This new moon will help you to work towards a career or life direction you feel better and more confident about in a steadier kind of way. Enjoy the opportunity to ground yourself, even if it brings a revolution of your own personal identity. Be open to new possibilities at work and don’t be afraid to say what is on your heart.


Happy birthday! It’s a new year. Now, it’s time for a new you. Open yourself up to new relationships, new projects, and new romances — and don’t you dare let anything from the past get you down. Build new structures and foundations in your life that can support the person you are now becoming. And try to ground yourself amidst all the excitement.

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Get ready for a new lease on life, overcoming old situations, and finding your inner peace. This new moon is going to help you change your home or family for the better or step into new situations in these areas that bring you more peace. There may be a lot of conversations about your future, or with friends. Talk about your feelings if you need, but make sure people see your passion too.


Step into a future full of new, different, and fresh possibilities! The sky really is the limit for you at this new moon. You just have to be open about what you are feeling and willing to work with others to accomplish some of your goals and dreams. You should have more clarity now about your career and be able to work with others in a more structured way to achieve those things.


This is a big career moment for you. It’s finally time to feel like you are making progress to put your life in a better place, make more money, use more of your talents and do things on the day-to-day you feel good about. Just try your best to manage your money properly and work slow and steady towards some important goals of yours. No need to rush the process.

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Get excited! There are a lot of opportunities coming that will allow to do many new things that you enjoy. This could bring a new romance into your life, a new passion project or even a new baby! It may require you to make some kind of adjustment to accommodate this exciting event. Make sure you communicate seriously, use discipline and think long-term about where your life is going to ensure the best result.

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