19 Life Hacks for the Modern Boss Witch

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On March 16, 2021

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19 Life Hacks for the Modern Boss Witch

The word “witchcraft” can conjure up images of pointy hats, bubbling cauldrons, and lots of candles. But witchcraft, just like everything else, has evolved and adapted over time, blending almost seamlessly into our modern life.

Why lock yourself into old fashioned, 18th century witchcraft ways? (I mean, you definitely can’t buy eye of newt anymore.) In today’s world, magic can be infused in all parts of your day-to-day life from the kitchen, to your tech devices, to the colors you wear on your body.

Here are some tips and tricks enchant your life with positivity, luck, and good vibes, adapted to the millennial age.

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1) Sprinkle cinnamon in your coffee

When your “brewing” your morning coffee or tea in the morning, add a pinch of cinnamon. Cinnamon is associated with bringing good fortune throughout the day.  It has also been known to increase creativity and success.

2) Or squeeze lime in your drinks

If you are not a coffee or tea drinker, adding a lime into your water can help dispel negative energies around you.

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3) Use amethyst on your wifi router

Slow internet? Place amethyst on top of your wifi router. Amethyst is supposed to give energy and clarity, perfecting for jump-starting your internet connection. It’s also one our tried and true Mercury retrograde remedies for when your wifi dies!

4) Grow your own herbs and eat from it

Tend to your plants, watch them grow, and add them to your meals for a little magical boost. Just make sure you have clear intentions as you cook. Herbs can be an important aspect of witchcraft, but they can be a bit pricey. Instead of shelling out money for just a pocketful of rosemary, consider growing your own. You don’t need a backyard or an outdoor garden to plant things. Considering making a little space on your kitchen windowsill for a few herbs

5) Use herbs for specific intents

Here are some great herbs to start with:

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6) Remember to utilize all the magical apps out there

If you can’t afford divination cares such as Tarot cards (or a professional Tarot reading). There are tons of Tarot apps, astrology apps (including Horoscope.com’s Sun Signs!), and more that can help give you some magical insight. You may even find free Tarot readings online if you’re not into the app culture.

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7) Use the Free Candle app

If you live in a place that doesn’t allow candles (or you’re just nervous about causing a fire) there’s an app for you; Free Candle is my favorite because it’s literally a free online candle, where you can choose the color of the candle and actually blow out. You can also try battery operated candles, they work just as well.

8) Use Pinterest as your vision board

Use Pinterest as a type of vision board to help picture what you wish to manifest in your life.

9) Stir your drinks the ~right~ way

Speaking of drinks, when you’re stirring your drink, think about your intent; are you looking for positivity or to get rid of negativity? Remember that the direction you stir is very important in spells and “potions.” Stirring clockwise invokes (so that cinnamon in your coffee is being doubled). Stirring counter-clockwise will banish (acting as a way to dispel negative or stressful energies).

10) Use citrine to increase productivity

Place citrine next to your laptop to help increase productivity and energy.

11) Write your goals out in green

Write out notes and goals for yourself in green ink to make come true. The color green symbolizes prosperity, money, abundance, and luck. Paint your nails green and everything you touch will turn to money.

12) In fact, paint your nails green too

Trying to make money or start a new business? Paint your nails green, the color of success.

13) Wear purple for presentations

Got a big presentation coming up and you want to sound like the intelligent, power, boss person that you are? Wear purple lipstick, a purple blouse, a purple hair clip—whatever! Purple represents love, psychic abilities, and intelligence.

14) Use emojis in spell work

Create some spells using emojis. Come up with the exact characters and wording you want, then send the spell to yourself via email to cast. Do not open until your spell works.

15) Replace incense with an air humidifier

Can’t burn incense? Take your air humidifier and dab a couple drops of essential oil.

16) Wear and burn the right scents for what you’re trying to attract

For instance, burning vanilla or cinnamon incense or candles, or wearing perfumes with these notes, promote creativity. You might want to start with the scented candle that pairs best with your zodiac sign.


Courtesy of @born_under_saturn_

17) Wear pink on a date

Got a hot date coming up? Dress in pink. Pink represents love, romance, new beginnings, and intimacy; all perfect for attracting romance. For an added bonus, wear a rose quartz necklace.

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18) Practice ‘makeup visualization’

When getting ready in the morning, visualize the makeup you’re putting on as a protective and empowering armor for the world.

19) Create your own jewelry

Can’t afford typically “witchy” jewelry? Create your own by making braided friendship bracelets the colors of traits you wish to invoke. As you’re braiding, meditate on your intentions.

Remember while adding witchcraft into your life can be magical, it’s no substitute for hard work. Witchcraft will only manifest results if you put in the work. Think of it as simply a boost to help add confidence and positive energy into your realm. You never know what you’ll attract with all more good vibes!


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