November 2021 Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus Horoscopes

By Nina Kahn

On November 17, 2021

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November 2021 Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus Horoscopes

Welcome to eclipse season, stargazers! November’s full moon in Taurus is rising on Friday, Nov. 19 at 12:57am PT, and it’ll be even more powerful than your average full moon, thanks to its status as a partial lunar eclipse. As the inaugural lunation of a fresh eclipse cycle on the zodiac’s Taurus-Scorpio axis — one that’ll carry on through 2023 — the revelations, culminations, and resolutions that occur now will be part of a longer-running story in our lives.

Taking place in the earthy sign of Taurus, November’s full moon shines a spotlight on the things we value, asking us to make decisions and course-correct when it comes to the Venusian themes of finance, romance, pleasure, and material possessions. However, these personal changes may prove challenging to navigate, as this eclipse comes in the midst of an already-tumultuous week in the stars — the volatile opposition between Mars (planet of action) and Uranus (planet of chaos) will have peaked just two days earlier. (Not to mention that these planets also drag stern Saturn into their squabble). So, we may still be dealing with edgy and unpredictable tempers because of it.

Expect for our full moon emotions to be amplified to otherworldly volumes, as the luminaries will collectively square off with expansive planet Jupiter, causing everything to feel and appear larger than life. Jupiter’s lucky charm may help soften some of this square’s hard edges, but watch out for a desire to overindulge when it comes to drama, money, or sensual pleasures. A strong lunar connection with Pluto (planet of transformation) also adds to the eclipse’s intensity, heightening our physical and psychic senses alike. Tune into your body and spirit to steady yourself as the eclipse storm settles in.

We’ll have a whopping seven of the major planets in the realm of the fixed signs at the time of this lunation, so our desire for security and stability is major. However, with the shifting tides of eclipse season officially upon us, calling upon the down-to-earth energy of Taurus can help ensure we keep both feet on the ground, no matter how many waves of change come crashing upon our shores.

How the Taurus Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


Some major shifts in the realm of finances and money are shaping up before your eyes now, Aries, so use these choppy waters as an excuse to let go of all the deep-seated baggage you’ve been carrying around when it comes to your worth. Send any scarcity-based sentiments packing and stand tall in the awareness that the universe has got your back.


It’s the annual full moon in your sign, Taurus, so now’s your time to step up and shine — eclipse and all. You may find yourself wading through relationship memories and playing over past conversations in your head, but don’t let yourself dwell on them. Remember that the version of you that exists in other people’s minds is nothing but an illusion, and the “real you” is always on your side. 


After a lengthy stretch of eclipses on your axis of the zodiac, Gemini, today’s lunation might feel like a respite. However, a respite isn’t the same thing as a vacation, so tend to your personal garden by giving yourself plenty of time to rest, recharge, and find solace in solitude. Looking inward for answers instead of trying to keep tabs on the outward chaos will help you find clarity.


You like to keep your friends close, Cancer, but today’s eclipse could shake up the dynamics in your social group and cause shifts within your community at large. But before you let yourself get mixed up in the drama, ask yourself if it’s really worth your time. Speaking up for what’s right is important, but stirring the pot just because it’s tempting may not serve your higher values.


Get ready to feel a massive personal shift in the way you pursue your work goals, Leo. The eclipse in your house of career is blowing up your professional life and enabling you to finally move forward on projects that may have fallen stagnant — even if that means letting them go in order to make space for new things. Clear the clutter so your true talents can take center stage.


Your opinions, interests, and personal beliefs aren’t meant to be fixed, Virgo, and this full moon will serve as the perspective check you’ve been waiting for. The events surrounding this lunation will catalyze some fresh ways of thinking and relating to the world at large, so keep an open mind and embrace your mutable nature as things develop.


This could feel like a tempestuous time when it comes to your investments, Libra — of both the financial and emotional sort. Whether it’s within a joint business venture or an intimate relationship, under-the-skin power dynamics will be coming to a rolling boil, which could bring up some intense feelings. However, trust that the truth will rise to the surface, and you’ll see everyone’s true colors.


Scorpio season is in full force, dear Scorpion, so you’re likely feeling empowered when it comes to acting on your desires and expressing yourself within relationships. Being real and communicating your feelings is a good thing, but this eclipse could bring about revelations that rock the boat and expose the cracks between you and your partners. Stay true to yourself, and decide whether compromising is the best policy or if moving on is the way to go.


It’s a good thing you have a taste for excitement, Sagittarius, because this eclipse in your habitually-oriented sixth house is taking your daily routine and throwing it in a blender. These shake-ups might force you to revamp your schedule and restructure the way you manage your day-to-day responsibilities, but it’ll also give you an opportunity to find a more functional flow.


Step away from everyone else’s expectations for a minute, Capricorn, and focus on yourself — specifically the things that make you feel like the joyful, playful, and creative human that you are. This full moon could light a fire under one of your passion projects or dazzle you with the flirtatious and fun-loving feelings of a budding romance. Either way, embrace the magic.


With the eclipse taking place in your ultra-personal domestic sector, the revelations that unfold now might hit especially close to your heart, Aquarius. Family-related feelings and memories from your childhood could come flooding to the surface now, asking you to make peace with your past and stabilize your emotional foundations. Immerse yourself in the sentimental realness of it all so that you can start to heal and move forward.


Be thankful that you’re a natural when it comes to going with the flow, Pisces, because this eclipse is hitting the communication sector of your chart and throwing a few wrenches in your path. Unexpected news or unplanned emotional conversations could arise now, so practice staying present and speaking your truth — even if it’s hard to find the right words to express all your feelings.

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