New Moon Solar Eclipse 2020 Horoscopes

By Brittany Binowski

On June 19, 2020

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New Moon Solar Eclipse 2020 Horoscopes

Life is about to take a positive turn (finally!) in a very different direction after many recent struggles and hardships that may have persisted for years.

The new moon solar eclipse in Cancer on June 20, 2020 at 11:41 pm PT will help to accelerate this big turn and put all of the missing pieces into place in order to move on into different chapters.

The events that happen during this eclipse will be the final conclusion of a personal story that may have started in November 2018, when the North Node moved into Cancer for the first time since April 2000.

This is the last solar eclipse with the north node in Cancer for another 18 years, and because this is the only total eclipse of the summer, the events that happen now may have long roots in the past, and long echoes into the future. They will also lay the first foundations of what will ultimately come in life over the course of the next few years, and even decades.

With Venus (planet of love) stationing direct in Gemini while Mercury (planet of communication) is going retrograde in Cancer, long-standing things from the past, that you may have been confused about, are now getting resolved. You can move on with more clarity about what really happened and finally begin to heal.

It is important to note, however, that before things get sorted out in more permanent and positive ways, some old situations may come back (if they haven’t already), triggering old feelings or some confusion. Conversations about your emotions and your experiences since these past events will be key to help you maneuver them.

Despite past emotions that may be triggered, there is a lot of support at this time to shake things loose so that we can move on. Don’t give up too soon, before these old chapters from the past have a chance to reach their final conclusions. New chapters truly are right around the corner.

How the New Moon in Cancer Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

solar eclipse in cancer

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This next chapter of your life is all about your home and family, as well as listening to your soul. Situations involving old, emotional matters that have not been resolved, or difficult things with home and family from the past, are now coming up to be healed and overcome. Stop trying to control things. Instead, let your emotions do the talking, Aries.


This next chapter of your life is all about communication, Taurus—talking and thinking about the things that give you meaning, which may include home and family. In order to move on, you may need to let go of some old groups of friends that are bringing you down, or some old goals and dreams that no longer work with you.


The next chapter of your life is all about money—particularly making more of it! It is also about being more confident in life and cultivating more of your unique gifts and talents. You may be saying goodbye to an old career or life direction so that this newer, more confident (and more financially stable) version of yourself can come into existence.


This next chapter of your life is all about you—what you feel, what you want, what you desire, and what gives you meaning in life. Now is the time to let go of all the old beliefs, people, or habits preventing you from doing that. It is also about honing in on all the new things you want to pursue when you get into this different place.


This next chapter of your life is all about you diving deeper into spirituality, resting a lot, and feeling more at peace within yourself. Before that can happen, Leo, you may need to heal some deep-seated subconscious wounds or fears, re-adjust your finances, or finish making some big changes. You may also need to re-adjust the way you think and feel about relationships.


This next chapter of your life is all about socializing with different types of people who really understand you and put you at ease. It is also about reaching towards different goals and dreams that are truer to your heart and soul. Let go of all the old relationships, Virgo. Either that, or let go of the comforting ways of being in a relationship.


This next chapter of your life is all about stepping into a career or life direction that you truly want and enjoy. It is also about increasing your reputation and social standing. Before that can happen, however, you may need to clear up or officially let go of an old job or set of routines that you no longer like or want. You may also need to clear up any lingering health concerns, Libra.


This next chapter of your life is all about traveling more, learning new things, publishing some written projects, and pursuing your passions. Before that happens, Scorpio, you may need to get clarity on what makes you happy in general, as well as what you want with a romantic partner, kids, or passion project before moving onward.


This next chapter of your life is all about change, investing money, partnering with people, and diving deeper into some of the mysteries of life, especially the mysteries of your spirit and soul. You may need to let go of an old home or family situation in order for you to work differently with your finances and do some other things that you feel are closer to your heart. You may also need to transform the way you feel about life, Sagittarius.


This next chapter of your life is all about the other half of your one-on-one relationships—what they feel, what they want, what they desire, and how you can create more meaning in life with them. You may need to change the way you think about relationships in order for this transition to occur, Capricorn. Lots of conversations about yourself and your past may be needed before you can move forward with these relationships.


This next chapter of your life is all about creating a more fulfilling job or daily routine. It is also about improving your health, Aquarius. You may need to let go of an old way of making money—along with an old set of skills and talents—before the new job can more fully come to you. You may also need to learn to be more confident in this different space.


This next chapter of your life is all about having fun, playing with kids, or pursuing some hobbies and passion projects. Before that finally happens, Pisces, you may need to review and re-assess some old things in life that are very close to your identity so that you can finally move on.

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