Astrological New Year 2022: When It Is, Horoscopes, and More

By Ellen Ricks

On March 19, 2022

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Astrological New Year 2022: When It Is, Horoscopes, and More

On March 20, the start of the astrological new year takes place—including Aries season and the Spring equinox. Check out what this seasonal change means for your zodiac sign. 

While the Gregorian calendar says that the new year begins on Jan. 1, astrologers and witches have used March 20 as the astrological new year. Along with the start of Spring, this can be a magical day of new beginnings. 

When Is the Astrological New Year?

The astrological new year occurs on March 20, which is when the sun enters Aries. Aries is the first sign on the astrological wheel, ushering us into a new astrological cycle. 

What It Means: Fresh Starts 

If you’ve been slacking on the new year resolutions you made in January, you’re in luck! You now get a do-over to restart resolutions or come up with new ones. The astrological new year is also the first day of Spring, symbolizing new beginnings. We’re encouraged to plant the seeds of our intentions.

Aries Season 

Aries season begins on March 20 and lasts until April 20 when the sun moves in Taurus. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac wheel and is a cardinal sign, representing action, taking initiative, and beginnings. Fiery Aries encourages us to “ram” our way through life and forge our own paths with courage and passion. So don’t be afraid to go after what you truly desire. 

Spring Equinox

The astrological new year also falls on the Spring equinox, also known as the first day of Spring. The Spring—or vertical—equinox occurs when the sun transits over the earth’s equator, making the hours of daylight and darkness exactly equal. After the equinox, every day becomes a little warmer and longer.

The Spring equinox is also the Wiccan holiday, Ostara, named after the Germanic goddess of Spring. Ostara is a celebration of rebirth, new beginnings, and the return to the lighter side of life.

Astrological New Year Horoscopes 

So what does the Spring equinox mean for you? Check out your horoscope to see what the new season has in store for you. Remember, read with your rising sign


This is your special day, Aries, and you’re more than ready to shine. The sun will be in your sign, encouraging you to take on the world with your natural passion and enthusiasm as you’ll have the confidence to achieve your goals. 


Spring has sprung, Taurus, but you’re hung up on the past as the sun moves into your subconscious zone. Focus on healing your emotional wounds, as you try to leave the past behind you. Go out, and explore nature—it will help ease your temper. 


After a long hibernation season, you’re ready to have some fun when the sun enters your social zone. Gemini, you’ll have the energy and confidence to go out and make new friends, attend social events, and become passionate about humanitarian efforts. 


The new season brings an extra dose of ambition, Cancer, as the sun enters your career zone on the 20th. After slow winter, you’re ready to move forward with your goals. Great time to take the first step with advancing your career: from changing jobs to starting your own business. 


Adventure is waiting for you, Leo! After a dull winter, you’re ready to explore the world when the sun enters your expansion zone on the 20th. Whether you’re taking a trip around the world or going back to school, you’re ready to start the next chapter of your journey. 


Virgo, major changes are coming your way, as the sun enters your transformation zone on the 20th. Spring brings more than changes to the weather it also brings out the changes in you. Now is the time to walk away from what no longer serves you. If you’re not happy with your life, change it! 


Love is in the Spring air over the next four weeks when the sun enters your partnership zone, Libra. This is a great time to start new relationships or re-affirm your love with your partner—just as long you can learn to compromise. 


After a long winter, spring into the new season by making some changes when the sun enters your habit zone. Scorpio, start the astrological new year by making resolutions to break bad habits and start healthy routines. Aries gives you plenty of energy, so use it to improve your life. 


While it might be the start of Spring, things are heating up when the sun enters your pleasure zone, Sagittarius. This is a great time to start new creative hobbies, love affairs, and just have some more fun. Don’t forget to attend cool events like concerts or an outdoor yoga retreat to keep things interesting. 


Capricorn, the new season brings changes to your personal life when the sun moves into your home zone. Whether you’re in the market to buy a house, settle some family issues, or start a family of your own, make sure these domestic changes don’t lead to a family feud. 


The season means new opportunities to share your bold ideas, Aquarius, when the sun enters your communication zone. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be looking at the world through fresh eyes as you come up with innovative ideas. Don’t forget to put these ideas into action, Aquarius! 


Spring is green just like money—something you’re going to be thinking a lot about, Pisces, when the sun enters your value zone. This is a great time to start new side hustles or make great investments, but avoid making impulse purchases (read: hide your credit card now). 


How do you celebrate the Spring equinox? 

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the Spring equinox: setting intentions, assembling a Spring altar, creating a vision board, casting new beginning spells, and planting flowers and herbs in the hopes they will grow like your dreams. 

How long does the Spring equinox last? 

The Spring equinox lasts for one day as the sun leaves the equator line. So make sure you make the equinox count!

When does Aries season end? 

The last day of Aries season is April 19th. Taurus season begins on April 20th. 

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