May 2020 Full Moon Scorpio Horoscopes

By Laura Brown

On May 6, 2020

In Astrology, Horoscope

May 2020 Full Moon Scorpio Horoscopes

The full moon in Scorpio is taking place on Thursday, May 7 at 3:46 am PST. What’s that mean? Put simply: a whole lot of stuff is going down. Scorpio’s energy is all about living from a space of feeling: feeling everything down to its barest particle. (And while many consider Pisces to be one of the more emotional signs, I would argue that Scorpio could give them a run for their money.) So, heads up: Feels are coming to town.

Regarding this particular transit, we’re seeing a deep reflection of our subconscious from a personal (and collective) level. The planetary aspects happening during this time are helping us get back in touch with what’s larger than ourselves. They’re aiming to give us permission to have faith in diving as deep as we can, while still remembering to surface for light.

The energy of Pluto (planet of transformation) in Capricorn, making a connection here to the full moon, is a bit like old, cranky men. These two spend all their time arguing over the most mundane things. But this also makes any seemingly mundane situation easily turn to a screaming match in very public ways. When you take the already intense full moon energy and add it to Pluto in Capricorn, there’s drama on the way.

Here is what your sign can expect from the Scorpio full moon.

How the May 2020 Scorpio Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Well let’s hope you were prepared to go deep and fast, Aries. This full moon is taking place in your eighth house (which Scorpio just happens to rule) and ensures that you’re thick in your feels. All your past deeds, good and bad, the gap between who you present yourself to be and who you really are. All of it is coming up. Lean in and learn as much as you can, all of this will be over soon.

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Ready to get saucy with your special someone? How about getting emotionally deep and pouring out your heart and everything in it to them? I bet I just made you cringe, Taurus, since on average you’re not exactly the most touchy-feely sort of sign. But this is good for you. It teaches you how to tap into that sensitive side.

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It’s time to clean house, Gemini—and by that, I mean your subconscious (the place where Scorpio loves to reside). This full moon is taking you deep into your mind and dredging up some pretty powerful stuff. All of this is an attempt to help you release what you’ve been carrying around. This transit in your house of wellness is teaching that it’s not just your mind or body that makes you healthy, but also your emotions.

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If there’s one thing that Scorpio isn’t afraid of, it’s expressing how they feel about pretty much anything. You’re usually pretty good with this, Cancer—so long as it’s with someone you know. If not, forget about it. Today, the full moon in Scorpio asks that you express yourself fully and without holding back. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your words, maybe you could do so via pen and paper. Get it out one way or another.

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When we think of foundations, we often think of the ground beneath our feet: the carpet we may be standing on. However, rarely do we think of our inner foundations and what that looks like. Well, today with the Scorpio full moon in your fourth house, that’s exactly where you’re headed: the subconscious. This is the inner foundation for just about everything you see around you. So, buckle up, Leo. This is going to be one heck of a ride.

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It’s no secret that when you’re sad, miffed, or feel like your bestie totally hurt your feelings, you can get a little passive-aggressive. You don’t really deal with things head on, Virgo. Right now, however, with Scorpio full moon traveling through your chatty third house, that’s about to change in a big way. When you’ve got something on your mind, it’s coming out in a big way. That’s good for you, as there are some things you need to express directly! Teach yourself that it’s safe to do so.

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With the Scorpio full moon traveling through your second house of worth and value, there is much to be said for tapping into that seductive side that’s wavering its way through every fiber of your being. Let there be a little secret between you and anyone you’ve got your eye on. Play it coy and see where it goes. You’ll thank me later, Libra.

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A full moon, in your sign and in your first house? Could you ask for a better day? Not really. While you may be deep in your feels, you’re most comfortable exploring the unexplored parts of you (and anyone else, for that matter). While you may already know the depths of your own soul, and even that of anyone around you today, why not let a little of that mystery come out? Play coy.

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You’re not one who lives in the dark spaces, Sagittarius. You prefer to stay up where it’s nice, bright, and sunny—where the world is your personal playground. But with the Scorpio full moon traveling through your twelfth house of healing and ending cycles, it’s time for you to look deep within and see what’s no longer working for you. It’s no easy task, but if anyone is up for it, it’s you, sweet pea.

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Schedule a little Zoom date tonight. There’s much to be said and done with this full Scorpio moon illuminating the night sky—so much mystery and seduction. You may find yourself making eyes with someone you weren’t interested in a minute ago, or feeling ready to take bae to bed as soon as they walk through the door. This is the time to stay open-minded. Approach them openly, and you have no clue where things could lead.

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You may have some inner doubts around your career these days, Aquarius. Is it everything you need? You’re ready for some transformation. The Scorpio full moon is giving you just the motivation you need call it quits at work and get your booty into a space where you feel fresh and energized. I’m not telling you to do anything reckless, but if change is on the horizon, make it happen as holistically as it can.

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With a full moon in Scorpio in your ninth house, you’re ready for a massive shift. This could be one that requires you to head back to school or, at the least, get some type of mentorship. It’s time to continue education now that the house of horizons and learning is being lit up during this full moon. You’re not afraid of a little hard work, right? In order to get what you want, put this full moon energy to good use.

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