July's Full Moon Will Be Intense—and These 6 Signs Won't Fare Well

By Mary Bergner

On July 16, 2019

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July's Full Moon Will Be Intense—and These 6 Signs Won't Fare Well

In the heat of summer, it can be hard to get things done. But on July 16, 2019 at 2:38 pm PT, the full Buck moon in hardworking Capricorn arrives with an energy that’ll help you accomplish even the most mundane of tasks. You know that moment—somewhere between clean and utter chaos—that you finally decide to clean the house? This full moon’s energy has that same sudden urge to get sh*t done—particularly on more professional and material levels.

Which Signs Will Have a Hard Time During the Full Moon?

While earth signs and fire signs will appreciate Capricorn’s down-to-business, pragmatic influence, water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) may find more difficulty adhering to this full moon’s discipline.

But there’s more to take into consideration. This full moon will also experience a partial lunar eclipse (a time when the moon passes through a portion of the Earth’s dark shadow), which, due to certain planetary aspects, might heighten our sensitivity and propensity to feel hurt by the actions of others. What do you get when you put a hard ass moon and an emotional eclipse together? Upset water signs being too sensitive, and frustrated air signs trying to run from structure.

Though we may not feel too much of an energy shift as a response, the moon’s practical attitude during this eclipse period of change may encourage us to go beyond what we think we’re capable of.

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Intense Planetary Aspects of Capricorn Full Moon 2019

While Capricorn’s ambitious full moon will help you take a more practical approach to your hopes and dreams, a tense tie between Venus (planet of love) and Saturn (planet of discipline) could muddy those strategic waters. Venus’s nurturing attitude in opposition with Saturn’s militant energy threatens to complicate life with unnecessary drama.

But thankfully, things should smooth over when a more positive shift occurs with the Venus-Neptune trine just two days later (July 18), adding some sensitivity to the moon’s practical and precise lingering energy.

So, with the goal-oriented full moon behind you, how will you get to where you want to be? This moon has a lot of advantages—one of which is its intense ambition. So this month, use the full moon’s self-discipline and persistence to accomplish your greatest goals. And as its energy is in self-starting Capricorn, don’t forget to accept the compliments that come your way after a job well done.

How the Capricorn Full Moon 2019 Will Affect Your Sign


This full moon has an intense effect on your already ambitious Aries attitude. Capricorn’s energy gives you some much-needed guidance and direction, so you should be able to transform your considerable power and force into something incredible. Your competitors won’t know what hit them.


As a hardworking Taurus, you’re already determined to reach your goals, but Capricorn’s full moon energy helps you avoid some stubbornness that might otherwise block you moving forward. This practical, no-nonsense approach to problem-solving makes you more productive by taming the stubbornness that sometimes accompanies your actions.


This Capricorn full moon has a calming effect on you. You’re usually a bit restless, ready to move on to the next thing before the last thing is finished, but right now you don’t feel as rushed as usual. Getting the job done correctly is more important than getting it done quickly.


The moon is your ruler, but you don’t readily identify with this earthy full moon’s practical approach. You can benefit from its ambitious energy, however. Instead of looking at things emotionally, consider them from a more logical perspective. Capricorn’s persistence is with you, so quitting right now shouldn’t be an option.

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An extra dose of ambition comes with this full moon, Leo. You’re already extremely driven when you have the right motivation, but Capricorn’s energy helps you focus beyond what you’re usually capable of, so you can take your accomplishments to the next level.


Your precision and practicality are a great match for this kindred earth sign’s full moon. Planning is your forte, which fits perfectly with Virgo’s level-headed nature. You’re committed to getting the job done as perfectly as possible before moving on to the next task.


It’s no secret that Libras love balance. But you struggle to keep things peaceful against the drive of this full moon. With this goal-setting energy, your tactful ways are sometimes overlooked. But because you’re the sign of balance, you’ll find a way to make it all work. That’s just what you do.


You like this full moon’s dedication and ambition, but you don’t always see eye-to-eye with its methods. You’re motivated by deep emotions, and Capricorn is much more practical at heart. So how can you use this full moon’s energy to your advantage, Scorpio? Putting feelings aside can help you accomplish the task at hand without emotional complications.


Being an independent Sagittarius, you don’t immediately love the limitations and constraints that the full Capricorn moon tries to put on you, but after a while you should come around to its way of thinking. By taking a straightforward, driven approach to tasks, you can get them finished more quickly—and in time!


While the moon is in full in your sign, there’s little you can’t accomplish. You’re driven, focused and determined to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself this month. One word of advice: Don’t let the power go to your head. You need people on your team to help you see projects through to their completion.

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For a sign that wants to be recognized for individuality and unique accomplishments, you’re probably wondering what can you can do to get out of the rigid, methodical full Capricorn moon. As it turns out, a lot. Aquarians are both logical in their approach to problem-solving, and able to leave the emotional element out of anything they deal with, making it that much easier to solve.


The full Capricorn moon is persistent, which is something you need work with. Typically, if someone says no, you accept it and move on. This full moon’s energy, however, prompts you to try again. If you learn one thing from this transit, it should be to not give up. Things change for the better when you persist.

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