Watch Out: July's Lunar Eclipse Will Make Everyone More Sensitive

By Donna Stellhorn

On July 15, 2019

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Watch Out: July's Lunar Eclipse Will Make Everyone More Sensitive

Prep those tear ducts. While the total solar eclipse earlier this month may have meddled with our well thought out plans, this partial lunar eclipse will make you start to question the way you’re being treated by others—to a somewhat neurotic degree. The moon in Capricorn shines on career and home life, and makes a conjunction to Pluto (planet of transformation) which could make you feel as though people aren’t listening or respecting your views.

But thanks to Neptune’s (planet of illusion) trine with the Venus (planet of love)/North Node conjunction, you’ll start to recognize that to receive love and kindness from the world, you must treat yourself with it as well.

The energy of this eclipse is about the details. The small things matter at this time. Avoid criticizing yourself. Look for small wins that will be everywhere in your life and your success will grow. If you do that, over the next few weeks, you’ll be recognized for the good job you do.

When Is the July Lunar Eclipse?

The partial lunar eclipse will occur on July 16, 2019 at 2:38 pm.

How the Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Us All

This particular eclipse focuses on home life. There may be a disagreement that needs sorting out as Venus (planet of desire) opposes Saturn (planet of restriction). But when you get down into the weeds of it, each person simply needs to know that they’re being heard. A deeper, more loving relationship can follow once you both start acknowledging the other.

For that reason, practicing your listening skills will be key—especially since both Mercury (planet of communication) and Mars (planet of passion) are ruled by the sun at this eclipse. This eclipse will pull on your feelings, but stay steady. While there’s an inclination to react, deep down you know things are improving and you’ll feel more content at home soon.

How July’s Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Sign

broken isn't bad moon

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Some adjustments needed at work will actually bring you much more benefit than expected. You may be asked to do some creative work or learn something new (which, as an Aries, is right up your alley). This could even take you out of the office for a while. New contacts and new information could lead to a small windfall later this year.


Something is coming to completion. This is a bit bittersweet because your sentimental Taurus self enjoyed the process but you now can move on to the next stage in your life. Your path is not so clearly defined as before. There are options and you may feel a little unsure about the next step. But once you begin, certainty will follow.


You may develop a sudden interest in investing or becoming debt free, Gemini. There is a possible small windfall which gives you a sense of determination about your finances. You can enlist other family members and start economizing. This will bring you a sense of empowerment and the focus on money actually brings more money.


There’s a good chance you overhear how much you are loved and appreciated, Cancer. This message from the Universe is to remind you how valuable you are to some (and you don’t need to worry about the others). And while you may feel good about the person who said it, it’s more important to love and cherish yourself.


There may be some frustrations involving your work as you feel you don’t have choices in some key situations. You have opportunities to stay at this job or to move on. Put out some feelers and see what doors open for you, Leo. But also keep the lines of communication open at your current job.


There are a million things to do these days, most of them for your children, younger relatives, or beloved pets. And while you thrive when you’re busy, you may want to ask for some help. (Not your favorite, we know, Virgo.) You can get more contentment out of doing a task with another even if it takes a little longer.


There is a lot of activity at home. You may be moving, renovating the house, or starting a big declutter project. Any shifts and changes at home will bring a fresh start and new energy to yourself and your career. Besides, getting your home together somehow always feels like you’re getting your life together, right Libra?


It’s likely you will have contact with neighbors at this time. If you have had troublesome neighbors you have an opportunity to see them pack up and leave. If homes around you are in transition, you would be wise to let the Universe know the type of good neighbors you prefer. (Seeing as Scorpios are very private, not-so-nosy neighbors might be high on the priority list.)


For you Sagittarius, there’s a focus on finances during this period of the eclipse. Double check your math so there’s not an error that costs you money. On the other hand, this is a very good time to take bold action to ask for the sale or to partner with someone for a business venture.


As this is a Capricorn eclipse, you’ll feel a stronger desire for change than usual. You also have more help from the Universe than previously. Take advantage of it. Choose a course of action and boldly go forward. Your destiny is at hand. Make the call or contact and begin.


You need a break, Aquarius. Maybe something’s been interrupting your sleep or you’ve been running on all cylinders. Schedule a weekend off or a quick getaway (or even a “staycation” at home!) and that should help you recharge. It will be good for your body as well as your mental health. In a day or two you’ll feel renewed energy.


Try to be social around this period as this could bring a happy connection to a person who could become a new friend or something more. Even if you’re feeling sluggish, don’t drag your feet about leaving the house, Pisces. Attend meetings or get-togethers. The moon is lining up with the sun to bring you some help through happenstance.

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