How to Make Money Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Shereen Campbell

On November 13, 2018

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How to Make Money Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Money: a topic not many folks love to talk about, but perhaps miss the ball on when attempting to understand. Just as your natal chart provides insight regarding love, career, and kids, it’s also great for providing meaningful insights on how we manage and earn finances.

In fact, your natal chart can reveal some answers to key questions including how you can earn more (and keep more!) money in your life.

Lucky for you, we have you covered. Here’s what your sign should focus on.

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Aries: Stay away from immediate gratification

You love fast money, Aries. It’s not that you don’t want to earn your money, because you do, it’s just that you are naturally impulsive and lose interest quickly.

Stay away from get quick-gain schemes, as those will be extra tempting for you.

When looking for work, try finding a job that keeps you on your toes. The environment must be fast paced where you can use all of your energy in a productive way. Also, with a knack for making quick decisions, a job that admires an act-now-ask-later attitude will work for you.

Finally, since we know you are a natural born risk taker, as long as you don’t go blowing your nest egg, embrace taking financial risk in the stock or crypto market. Remember, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward.

Taurus: Investing

Slow and steady is the name of the game for you, Taurus. When it comes to your money, you are hard working by nature and actually thrive climbing the ladder to success as methodically as you can. Whatever role you’re in, no one could ever question whether you’ve earned it. You appreciate your money coming in a consistent and dependable way.

That’s why investing is a great opportunity for you. Putting in small amounts of money in order to reap greater success is all that you need.

The biggest problem for you, though, will be knowing when to jump. Just remember, as great it is to love consistency, be sure to step out of your comfort zone every now and again. Not only is that where the magic happens, but it also helps you shake off any stagnation.

Gemini: Multiple streams of income

You, Gemini, have a ton of interests; curiosity is your life’s mission. In order to fuel this zest for learning new things, setting up different ways to make money will keep your interests set.

It’s not that you can’t hold down a nine-to-five type of job (because you certainly can), the problem lies in your attention span. Any job that’s too monotonous will never work for you.

Also, Geminis might have a little bit of a thing for gambling. If this is the case for you, try investing in less risky practices every now and again. You might find that you can earn more cash in the market than at a poker table but get the same rush.

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Cancer: Real estate or interior design

For you, it’s not even about the money, Cancer. It’s more about creating security and stability for your family. And you are all about working hard to create the security and stability your family deserves, even if you don’t love the job. But, know that you will really shine if you able to turn your gifts for nurturing and caring into your career. This will bring you triple the amount of pleasure and money.

Moreover, investing in real estate, interior design, or practically anything in the furniture is another way that you can earn some extra income. Risk is not something you really love to embark on, preferring to go a safer and more secure way, so this is why real estate is on the top of the list for ways a Cancer earns money.

Leo: Creative pursuits

Being the bright, shiny star you are is what keeps you raking in the dough, Leo. You are meant to lead, to be taking the reins of a team, production or boardroom. You love to earn money through your creative pursuits and the more true to this you are, the more you will earn.

Be sure not to spend it all trying to keep up with everyone though. Just save for the big things you want and they will mean that much more to you. Also, since you can appreciate a little glitter from time to time, invest in gold and silver, or even fine jewelry. You can always sell it if you need or save it for your grandkids to pass down.

Virgo: Put money into a retirement plan

You are meticulous, practical and generally very grounded about the way you earn and spend money, Virgo. You might find that you prefer to earn your money from sources where you respect their values.

Many Virgos might take lower paying jobs for this reason, desiring to work for a cause they believe in or contributing to their community in some sort of service. This is totally okay! Even if your income isn’t high, your savvy budgeting and saving tactics could have you with a retirement plan that makes you proud. Investing in meaningful causes is incredibly important to you.

Finally, you are fantastic at research and understanding heavily detailed topics, so be sure to use this gift to invest in something a little risky every now and again. You might find that it pays off quite a bit when you step outside of the box every once in a while.

Libra: Fashion, beauty, or law

Partnership is where it’s at for you, Libra. You love being a part of a team, especially when it comes to earning money. Even if you freelance or find yourself working on a lot of solo projects, finding some time to collaborate or ask for feedback on your ideas is paramount for you.

Working in fashion, beauty, law or art are great fits for you. When it comes to spending money, you must beware of money flowing a little too quickly out of your pockets on entertainment. You enjoy treating yourself and others, so be sure to create a budget that accommodates this. It’s even better if you team up with a financial counselor or guide to keep you accountable.

Scorpio: Financial advisor or investor

You are as mysterious about your money as you are with other things in you life, Scorpio. You don’t mind earning your income in untraditional or back of the house ways.

You are great at negotiation as you quickly can see your opponent’s Achilles heel and anticipate their next move. You would make a great investor or financial advisor, having a knack for managing the money or others. Funny enough, even if you don’t love to talk about your own money situation, you don’t mind discussing someone else’s.

Sometimes transparency can be an asset, Scorpio. If you find the right environment for this, you might find some personal insights about money that will help you earn much more of it. And if you make a mistake, we know you have some cash hidden away in a safe place. You’re not only prepared for the worst but you’re amazing at transforming a bad situation into something you can use for your advantage.

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Sagittarius: Freelancing and traveling

Freedom is your goal, Sag! You want to earn your income through exploration in a way that doesn’t tie you to any one situation or circumstance for long. You would do well working for a company that allows for frequent travel or even tuition reimbursement. You need to explore and take risks so you can learn, even when it comes to your money. Freelancing while traveling would be great for you. You tend to have a easy come, easy go attitude towards money, not fully attached to it. This can be a good and bad thing. Setbacks won’t cripple you, as you will find another way to earn cash, but it can make you less likely to keep a nest egg. Try to set aside a just in case fund, so that you can spend more time exploring and less time pivoting.

Capricorn: CEO or corporate leader

Werk, werk, werk. You are a strong advocate of hard work and climbing the corporate ladder. You are also a born leader, and do not fear taking charge. You have no issues asking for what you are worth, and walking away when you don’t get it. Plus, you are highly ambitious so making a good income tends not to be much an issue for Capricorns.

Where you might run into problems though is how you spend it. Try to avoid purchases that are meant to show status when you can’t afford them. Of course looking the part is highly important, but how important is it if you are putting yourself into debt to do it? Lastly, when it comes to investing, don’t be scared to step out of the box every now and again and away from the conservative or low risk strategies. You know money, you got this, so take a risk every now and again. Remember, high risk equals high reward.

Aquarius: Join a startup

Rules have never really been your thing, Aquarius. And money is no exception to this philosophy. You want to earn your income anywhere that you can disrupt and push for change and evolution. Startups or companies with strong missions are where folks will find you, that’s if you haven’t already created your own company.

You want to change the world, and your career must reflect that. When it comes to spending money, you might find yourself purchasing the latest technology or more innovative gadgets. Just don’t stop there though, make sure you are investing in companies that break glass ceilings and push society further as well.

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Pisces: Anything with art or spirituality

Earning your income through art, spirituality or music would make you incredibly happy, Pisces. You really appreciate the veil between this world and the next, escaping as often as you can. Being able to do so at work is incredibly important for you.

You also have quite the eye or ear for this type of work. You might not be moved so much with how much you earn, as it more about how the quality of the work you are doing and how it contributes to society. This approach is quite fine, as moving with your passions will always tend to make it easier to attract an income.

However, as a Pisces you also have a tendency to throw on your rose colored glasses when it comes to money. No one is telling you take them off, because sometimes this very tendency can make you fearless about earning what you deserve. But, at least put some safeguards in place so you don’t have to worry about it or at the very least have a back up plan. Keep a bit of savings, and if you don’t trust yourself with the cash in the bank, then perhaps buy some art that will appreciate and you can sell if needed.

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