Happy Taurus Season! Here’s What to Expect This Month

Happy Taurus Season! Here’s What to Expect This Month

On April 20, Taurus season begins. Ruled by Venus, and characterized by a season of fertility and abundance, Taurus is symbolized by the sacred bull found in many cultures around the world. In Egyptian mythology, Taurus is closely connected to the god Apis, who took the form of the bull and was believed to be an oracle or intermediary between the earthly realm and that of the divine. Bulls were also thought to be courageous and fertile, and therefore were used as a symbol of the king.In Egypt the sacred animals were also sacrificed as a part of the ritual worship of Hathor, the goddess of joy and fertility, to represent the bull’s death and rebirth. If a calf had a specific set of markings — including a white moon shape on its right flank and a scarab mark beneath its tongue — the newborn would be identified as an Apis calf. The animal would be brought to the temple and observed carefully, as their movements were believed to be the communication of prophecies. The sacred cow’s breath was thought to cure disease and spectators could be blessed with strength from its presence alone. People would come and view the animal through a window in the temple. On special holidays, the animal would be led through the city streets adorned with ornaments and flowers.


Thinking of how an animal usually used to nourish human’s bodies by providing meat and milk can be a communicator of divine messages provides a good metaphor for Taurus season. During this rainy time we are asked to strike a balance between our lowly desires and our higher aspirations. You can feel this energy when you’re sitting at your office desk on a beautiful spring day, yearning to be outside with the sunshine and the birds. In that moment, do you choose to nourish your physical body by getting up, going for a walk, and feeling the sun on your face? Do you stay hunkered down, crouching over your laptop, pretending to work? Do you find a balance between running away, and feeding your physical self with the nourishment you need?

Working to extremes is stifling, and yet how much time you spend working is how worth becomes determined when out of balance with tending to the physical self. We are conditioned to believe that even taking a break from work is a bad thing; that it signifies our laziness or lack of productivity. We are also conditioned to believe that the more we labor, the more we will be valued. This creates an artificial emotional tie the the labor we perform to keep ourselves fed and a roof over our head.


Taurus season urges you to stay grounded so that you can keep showing up for the future you have planned for yourself. It’s your right to get outside and do what feels good in your body. It’s okay to take a walk in the park or to duck out early. Mental health days are necessary, even for children in school. We are all still children and you don’t owe anyone anything, not even your boss. During Taurus season, allow the feelings of guilt over taking care of yourself dissolve.

There’s a deep connection between the way we show up on the material realm and the instructions we are receiving from the heavens. Answering the call of a higher order still requires material support on the ground. Spirituality means nothing if our bodies aren’t fed, nourished, and able to thrive. The question that Taurus begs every sign to investigate is: does the earth support your dreams?


Answering this question honestly requires a person to take good, careful stock of both head and heart. The fiery rush of Aries season might have inspired many changes, but now Taurus grounds us again in the physical realm. If, for example, Aries season inspired you to quit your job of many years to pursue your creative passions, Taurus season will now root you in the matters of the day to day. How do you keep yourself fed and your health insurance covered while you’re in full pursuit of your ambitions? Aries wanted everything to happen all at once, and wasn’t too hung up on negative consequences. Taurus takes a more cautious approach, seeking to nourish the heart and keep it pumping by keeping all four hooves firmly planted in the field.


This Taurus season, remember the bull’s kingly symbolism to navigate its highs and lows. A good monarch ensures that the resources exist for him to take good care of his realm. He neither takes too much from the coffers nor skimps on the resources that keep his people happy. A bad king will get rich off of depriving his people, leading to unsustainability and collapse. This is a good time to pay attention to the ways in which you are nurturing yourself and the people close to you. Be generous with those who will reciprocate, and give less to those who want to profit off of your back. Being overly generous with your money, time, or emotional energy will leave your coffers empty when you need to collect. And, ultimately, keeping yourself happy is going to make things better for everyone around you. See to your own feeding and watering; make a gift of anything you have in excess.— by C. Luce Christensen


C. Luce Christensen is an Aquarius, writer, and professional Tarot card reader.


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