A New Way To Look at Miracles …and How You Can Have One In Your Own Life

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On January 25, 2018

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A New Way To Look at Miracles …and How You Can Have One In Your Own Life

A miracle may seem like something out of our reach; imbued onto us by someone or something else. But that’s a narrow definition, limiting our potential to create miracles. After all, a miracle isn’t something like a lottery win or a dream job that happens to us.

The more you study miracles, the more you realize the ability to perform miracles exist within us, and miracles are designed to be bestowed on another person. Every single one of us arrived to give acts of healing to one another. We are alive so that we can work miracles, expressions of love that supply a lack in another person’s life.

But in our society, instead of healing acts, many people perpetuate harm on others in order to elevate themselves above society. Their power status is only a matter of perception. Subconsciously, they feel the flimsy line of their reality and spend their lives in fear of losing their privileged position. They disparage tarot, astrology, divination, and other means of accessing the spirit world because they feel subconsciously these healing arts would clean away the falseness of their inhabited reality.

But there those of us who can’t help but examine our own emotional interiors. Those of us who, recognizing our feelings as powerful, spend our lives trying to figure out what strange fish swim in the clouded waters of our hearts. It’s only when we choose to recognize the ways in which our perceptions have been polluted through repeated wounding that we can begin the work we were brought here to do.

And now, especially during Aquarius season, many soft-hearted individuals are recognizing their wounds and, in the process of binding them, are trying to live as healers. They feel called to help other people, but they lose their way when they do not realize that the help they think they are giving to others is an attempt to heal themselves. Because their intentions are clouded, they perpetuate more self-wounding when their gifts go unrecognized. They overextend their gift giving and become resentful.

This is why so many people act out of kindness only to end up believing they have been purposefully taken advantage of. It’s also why so many friendships end over matters of money. We feel that our resources have been taken from us. We are disappointed that our act of so-called charity did not supply the feeling that we lack. When this happens, it’s because the would-be healer has skipped a crucial step in enacting miracles. You do not give out of interest of supplying a lack in yourself, but in the other. Miracles happen freely, without expectation of return. Many of us have heard this principle before, but still, the resentment seeps into our act of giving because we stay bound to our projections and devaluation of self.

Healing is not about bringing miracles into your own life, but into the life of others. Before you can heal, you have to believe this to your bones. Like any good magic trick, instilling a belief requires a shift in the audience’s perception. In this case, the audience is yourself.

Where does resentment come from? The source is the past projected on the present and future. You feel this every time you look around a room and find every object cluttered with old associations. Some of these associations are your own, and some don’t even belong to you. These associations are assigned by your ego as it attempts to construct a meaning for your life. But these associations are actually meaningless, and get in the way of you realizing your true purpose: enacting miracles.

If the items were given to you out of others’ self-interest, you feel the wounds of other people’s pasts. For example, maybe your mother felt neglected in her own childhood and lavished you with gifts. This gift giving was not to supply items you lacked, but an attempt to supply the lack of love her inner child still felt. But in the process of attempting to heal herself through you, she became resentful because she didn’t feel better. You feel this resentment, however subconsciously, and associate with all the gifts she has given you.

Before you can become an acting miracle worker, you need to start undoing the wounds that have been handed down to you. So much of what you carry is not our own. So much of your pain has been imposed on you by a society that devalues your spirit and soul.

Through daily meditation, you can begin to heal your spirit and stop projecting the wounds of the past on the present. Start this process of cleansing in your own room. Look around every object and think about how it does not mean anything. Do this exercise two times a day for three days and apply it to every material object in your sight.

After you have applied this exercise to your room and the physical objects in your life successfully, begin applying it to your thoughts. Throughout your day, observe the emotions that arise in you. How many times do you feel anger or sadness because of something that is not there? How much of your energy is spent obsessing over an area of lack or woundedness in your life? How many times does focusing on lack keep you from seeing what you possess in abundance?

On how many occasions do you become preoccupied with the past? How many times do you react negatively to someone because they remind you of a past act that wounded you?

When you start to realize that most of your decisions are made because of projections, you see how your thoughts have influence over your reality. You see how that these past projections aren’t real. The past is imaginary, so it doesn’t exist.

If everything you know comes from the past and the past isn’t real, then you know that you know nothing. The unknown is the realm of the divine.

With no past to inform your present, each new encounter with the unknown other can be experienced as a manifestation of the divine, delivering important messages and signs to you from the spirit realm.

Recognizing the spirit that surrounds you is the first portal to open on your way to moving from wounded healer to miracle worker.

I recommend the book A Course In Miracles if you are interested in learning more about how to undo your perceptions, bring healing acts into your present, and open up the future through them.
— by C. Luce Christensen 

C. Luce Christensen is an Aquarius, writer, and professional Tarot card reader. 

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