A New Moon in Scorpio Spell: Go to the Dark Side to Manifest the Light

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On November 16, 2017

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A New Moon in Scorpio Spell: Go to the Dark Side to Manifest the Light

A new moon is a prime time to turn over a new leaf, mourn what you have lost, set intentions for the future, and sit with the discomfort, quiet, and confusion that the dark season may bring. Remember, in order to appreciate the light, you have to become acquainted with the dark. Intense and passionate Scorpio energy can help you learn to find (not fear) this shadow side of yourself. Here, a spell to perform for the new moon in Scorpio on Saturday, written by Horoscope.com’s newest contributor, Cosmo Luce Christensen. You can perform this new moon ritual on the night of the new moon, or in the evenings surrounding it. 

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You enter the world unharmed, believing in its inherent goodness. It is only through experiencing loss, suffering, and grief that you learn that this isn’t true. So much of this world is beautiful, but even beauty can make you ache. Moving through the world will inevitably bring you pain. When you walk a great distance, you have to form blisters on your feet first. It’s only through incurring a bit of pain that you can form the callouses you need to protect your soft feet.
The new moon is always a time to cleanse and plant seeds of intentions, and with the new moon falling in Scorpio this month it is a particularly powerful time to ask the spirit realm for protection. Scorpio understands the importance of the pain you feel with your losses. Scorpio teaches us not to fear death, but to see it as the necessary fertilizer for new growth. Death is often the catalyst for new creative energy. Grief makes us wise. Scorpio has a special relationship with the underworld goddesses like Persephone and Au Set: women who go on underworld journeys, fearlessly cross over into the spirit realm, defy fate, and become wise through their losses. This ritual honors them and asks them to aide in your protection.
The night goddesses often take the form of long-necked migrating water birds, like the geese that wing across the November skies. Like Persephone, who spends the winter in the underworld, their lives are about departures. Even though they return each year, they never come back the same. When Persephone was kidnapped by Hades to the underworld, he stole away her innocence. Demeter, her mother, grieved but this loss was necessary for the cycle of the seasons to be complete.
Au Set, the goddess of Egypt or Lady of Ten Thousand Names, also learned this lesson of loss. She overcame earth to bring her lover Osiris back to life after he had been split into pieces by the god of chaos, Set. Over the course of three nights, lasting from November 12 to the 14, the Egyptians would commemorate how she wandered the earth in search of him, eventually reclaiming his pieces and embalming them so he could rise again. Even though he returned, Osiris did not come back whole. In the same way, lovers leave us and we grieve their departure. We know we can find love again, and be happy once more, but the feeling will never be exactly the same.
When you use the new moon to embody Scorpio’s regenerative energy, affinity for the dark, and knowledge of deep grief, you can become the kind of stern, benevolent presence who can enter a house of mourning and bring it ease. We honor the night goddesses during the new moon because they protect us, extend our years, aid us with communing with the spirit realm, and accompany us when we descend into the underworld or through the long nights of winter—whichever comes first.
Materials Required:
Shallow dish with water
Flower petals
Small mirror
Sliced root vegetables or pomegranate seeds
Obsidian obelisk or crystal (optional) 

Choose a smooth surface, such as the top of a bookcase or a nightstand, to assemble your altar. You might want to place a piece of tile or stone on top of the surface to designate your ritual space.

As you assemble your materials on the altar, think about the darkness. What does darkness summon for you? What dark times have you experienced in the last year, and how did you cope with them?

Slice the vegetables or pieces of pomegranate and assemble the pieces on the altar, near the dish of water. The water represents Au Set’s tears: her weeping, as she searched for Osiris, caused the Nile River to flood. The river fertilized the land, allowing the cultivation of crops, represented by the root vegetables. If you use pomegranate then you are also communing with Persephone.

If you are moved to write about your grief, losses, and coping mechanisms, take five minutes to do so. When you have finished, turn out all of the lights and sit for a moment in the darkness before lighting the candle. There should be just enough light in the room for you to read by.

If you do have an obsidian crystal or obelisk in your possession, hold it to your heart chakra as you recite the following incantation: 

“Thank you night goddess, for
teaching me about heaven.
Thank you night goddess, for
telling me about the pain of the earth.
Thank you night goddess, for
warning me of the winds that blow over the desert.
Thank you night goddess, for
flooding the rivers in spring.
Thank you night goddess, for
letting the sweet sun shine.
Thank you night goddess, for
letting the moon rest at your feet.
Thank you night goddess, for
helping me live and grow strong.
Thank you night goddess, for
giving me breath to give thanks.”

Blow out the candle and sit for a moment in darkness. As you do so, reflect upon your fears. What fears do you want the night goddess to help you overcome throughout this moon cycle? If you can’t come up with anything, think of what or who you fear losing most. Ask the night goddess to protect that thing or person.

When you are finished with speaking to the night goddess, you may turn on the lights again and eat the root vegetables or pomegranate you prepared for her altar. As you do so, thank the night goddess again for drying your tears. Keep the altar assembled for one month for your spell to fully manifest.

Article written by Cosmo Luce Christensen

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