The December New Moon Wants You To Take the Biggest Risks of the Year

By Brittany Binowski

On December 6, 2018

In Astrology

The December New Moon Wants You To Take the Biggest Risks of the Year

The new moon in Sagittarius takes place on December 6, 2018 at 11:19 p.m. PT and is encouraging you to branch out, travel, learn new things and take a few big risks — some that may have been in the making for years. You may be in the process of deciding at this new moon which new things to do and which direction you really want your life to go in. You may also be trying to determine who exactly is going to go along this journey with you. Now is the time to make the choices you have been sitting on the fence about and weighing out in your mind for months — and to begin to live those choices.

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There may be many conversations at this new moon about how you can change the foundation of your life to accommodate this new journey and create something in your life that is more personally and emotionally meaningful. Many of you may be moving home as a result.

An inner transformation may also take place at this new moon to prepare you for the major recalibration of your life that will come when Saturn conjuncts Pluto at the very end of 2019. At that time, you will be tearing down old structures in your life that you once relied on for support, in favor of a new structures that resonate with you more.

You may be apprehensive at this new moon that doing something new or different will be scary or uncomfortable. Some things from the past, or remnants from an old way of doing things, may also be weighing on you. The goal is to trust in the process, have faith that everything will work out, and find creative solutions to anything that may be bothering you. The future looks bright, as long as you choose to take a chance in order to step into it.


You know that new thing you have been thinking about doing? Moving, traveling or taking up dance classes? Do not wait any longer. Do it now! It could feel daunting but it is high time. If it is what you really want, consider making the changes within your home and family in order to make it happen.


There are so many things in life you want — deeper relationships, more money and things to feel more closely connected to. And guess what? You can actually achieve all of those things. You just might have to change your friend group or see your future differently as a result. Have the conversations you need with the people you are closest to so you can achieve it all.

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It is time to welcome in some new relationships with people (or at least some new relationship chapters with people currently in your life) but there may be some confusion about where exactly those relationships are going. Work on yourself in the meantime by organizing your life and making money before the rest falls into place.


Time to re-set your job and adopt a new set of daily routines, including ones that may be better for your health. And while you may be unsure of just how well you can adapt to these new circumstances, if you focus on your happiness and do what you love, the rest should fall into place.


Welcome new chapters with a romance, passion project or child into your life. However, these new changes may not come without its own set of challenges. Don’t be afraid to re-arrange your home or family life in order to ease the transition. It may also require a major emotional adjustment on your part in order to get used to it. Talk about your feelings so you can process what is happening.


You may be moving, traveling or breathing fresh new energy into your emotional life. This could be a challenge for some of your relationships to wrap their head around. Are you staying or going? And what do you want to build in your life? Communicate your goals for the future more clearly should help.


There may be lots of conversations about a new job, health situation or daily routine at this new moon. You might be a little unsure about whether or not you should do this new thing and how. Have faith that you will be okay, regardless of the result, and try to focus instead on what will increase your career or reputation the most.

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It is time to step into a new or better financial situation, using more of the talents you feel are uniquely yours. You might be unsure, however, if this situation will really make you happy. Trust that it will and make the effort to move beyond your comfort zone by doing something new or traveling somewhere you’ve never been before.


Happy birthday! It is time for a fresh new you. However, your new identity may confuse your family a little bit, or dissolve the foundations in life you once held so dear. Don’t worry! Instead, focus on building a life on a fresh new foundation and in a fresh new place. Allow yourself to change and bask in the ability to get a new look at old situations.


You may be doing a lot of talking at this new moon about the past. And if it is not about the past, it may be about some subconscious patterns of yours or some private matters you hold close to your heart. Don’t be afraid to speak about those things, even if it is difficult. The other people in your life can help you get a clearer vision of your future.

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You may be associating with new or different groups of people at this new moon or stepping into some new vision of your future. This is very exciting but do you have the money to support this picture and are you using your true talents? Focus instead on having a job or set of daily routines that can give you the life you want — the rest will come later.


Your life and career are now going in a new and different direction but you may be unsure about whether or not this new direction really is for you. Believe that it is, and make more time and space for you to do the things you love and enjoy. Try your best to adapt accordingly to the life you now have or are working towards.

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