December 2021 Full Moon in Gemini Horoscopes

By Nina Kahn

On December 17, 2021

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December 2021 Full Moon in Gemini Horoscopes

We’re ushering in the winter season and bidding 2021 adieu with a gorgeous full moon on Saturday, December 18 at 8:36pm PT. It’s here to light up the skies during one of the darkest nights of the year. This lunation may be laced with a celebratory holiday sparkle, but it has a serious side, too. This solstice-adjacent lunar moment brings an emotional opportunity to heal our pain, express our feelings, and embrace our growth.

Taking place in the talkative and energetic sign of Gemini, December’s full moon ignites our desire to better understand our own feelings and communicate these personal discoveries with others. Sagittarius season has us thinking big and searching for answers in faraway places, but this lunation inspires us to pay attention to our surroundings and create meaningful connections with what’s already around us. Sometimes we have to work with what we’ve got to get to what we want, and this full moon is a perfect reminder.

The sun and moon connect with the two benefic planets — romantic Venus and jovial Jupiter — and send out a loose T-square to dreamy Neptune, bringing added luck and extra-spiritual energy to this cosmic climax. However, logistical Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, will be locked in a square with the wounded healer, Chiron, at the time of the full moon, suggesting that there’s something deep and tender that we must mentally overcome to let go and grow. By changing our perspective on the past and expressing our more painful feelings, we may be able to start healing and finding peace. And at this time of year, that’s certainly something to celebrate.


The line between forging connections and stirring up fights is finer than it seems right now, Aries — and under this lunation, you’ll have to walk that tightrope. You’re learning to deal with the close-to-home consequences of your actions, so try not to get so caught up in the big picture that you neglect to realize when you’re hurting someone you care about. Talk through your feelings and be patient as others try to understand them.


This full moon is bringing something to light in the realm of your finances, Taurus. Whether that’s a holiday bonus or a need to better budget your cash flow, you’ll be able to assess your resources with more clarity now. The holidays can be an expensive time of year, but this lunar check-up in the money sector of your chart gives you a chance to switch gears and get comfortable with where you’re at.


Every single lunation that’s taken place in your sign over the past year and a half has been an eclipse, Gemini. This kind of cosmic intensity could cause a full-blown identity crisis. That said, this full moon will deliver a freeing moment of climax, culmination, and celebration. Embrace your growth and focus on the ways that you’ve evolved since the summer of 2020. What fresh qualities do you have to offer the world?


Your unconscious feelings and habits are being lit up under this full moon, Cancer, so it’s an important time to lean into your intuition. While you may not be able to make logical sense of the psychic understanding you’re picking up on, trust that you can lean into these intangible feelings and rely on them to guide you where you need to go.


With the full moon in the most socially-forward sector of your chart, Leo, it’s a fabulous time to play Secret Santa with your colleagues or take the lead when it comes to planning a holiday gathering with old friends who are home for the holidays. Fostering your interpersonal connections feels more important than ever, and your warmth is the magic ingredient necessary for keeping these relationships real.


You’re about to be the shining star of your office holiday party and the apple of your supervisors’ eye, Virgo, so put your best foot forward. You’re wrapping up the year on a high note when it comes to career accomplishments, so it’s a great time to bring any milestone projects to close, spruce up your professional presence online, or ask for well-deserved end-of-year raise.


Get ready to party like it’s almost 2022, Libra, because this full moon brings a gorgeous opportunity to pursue some new interests and break out of your usual routine. Whether you’re signing up for spring semester classes, starting a book club for the new year, or planning some 2022 travel dates, it’s a great time to jump into your goals head-first and challenge yourself to see some new sights. 


The holidays can be heavy, and it’s easy to get caught up in your dark, wintry feels, Scorpio — especially with this full moon hitting such a sensitive spot in your chart. With cosmic weather like this, setting boundaries and finding ways to process your feelings is going to be more important than ever. Share your secrets instead of keeping them buried deep inside, and speak your fears out loud instead of pretending they don’t exist.


It’s time to lay everything out on the table when it comes to love, Sagittarius. This full moon is asking you to check in on your relationships and make sure you’re giving — and getting — what you need to really thrive in a balanced partnership. With Venus about to station retrograde, this is also a great time to think about your values and focus on what you need for a long-term commitment.


Think of this full moon as your pre-New-Years purge, Capricorn. Clean out your junk drawers, cleanse your social media feel, delete old calendar entries, and shake the clutter out of your routine to make room for fresh endeavors. Get organized and pull your act together now so you can sail into your sun sign season feeling like the star that you are.


With the full moon lighting up the most romantic and creative corner of your chart, Aquarius, it’s a lucky time to flirt your way into a holiday fling and have some fun. Be forward about your feelings for a crush, make a mixtape of love songs, or linger under the mistletoe, waiting for some magic to happen. Perhaps the passion that comes now could prove to be longer-lasting.


Connecting with family is always important during the holiday season, but under this full moon, you may feel even more called to extend an olive branch. You’re clearing the air of family drama and letting go of anything that’s standing in the way of building more grounded connections. Have conversations with family to express your feelings and be open to hearing other people’s truth.

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