Colton Underwood Should Pick Tayshia, Says an Astrologer

By Maressa Brown

On March 7, 2019

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Colton Underwood Should Pick Tayshia, Says an Astrologer

Before the 23rd season of ABC’s The Bachelor even began in January, reality show viewers were already buzzing about who Aquarian Colton Underwood might end up with on his very own season of the can’t-stop-won’t-stop franchise. Now, over the past three months, audiences have watched the 26-year-old former NFL player and virgin (boy, that’s gotten old, hasn’t it?) consider 30 women to be his lady for life. With the series finale right around the corner, Colton is down to just two contenders for the final rose: phlebotomist Tayshia Adams (a communicative Virgo) and Southern-belle-turned-social-media-maven Hannah Godwin (a fellow personable Aquarius). This after the football player’s favorite, speech pathologist Cassie Randolph (who was born under slow-paced Taurus), sent herself home during the fantasy suites episode on Monday, March 4.

Cassie’s dramatic exit left the world buzzing with questions: Will she return? Who will Colton pick now that he’s confessed his love for Cassie? Will he pick anyone?

Though everyone has their theories on whose finger may (or may not) be sporting a Neil Lane diamond courtesy of the “Virgin Bachelor,” it might be helpful to look to the planets for more insight when it comes to love matches. Whether or not he’ll follow through with a final rose, who suits Colton best astrologically? Here, you’ll find an analysis of Colton’s compatibility with his final bachelorettes, based on their sun and love signs (Mars and Venus).

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Colton Underwood’s Astrological Profile

Photo courtesy of ABC

Born: January 26, 1992

Sun: Aquarius

Venus: Capricorn

Mars: Capricorn

Born on January 26, 1992, the football player’s sun is fixed air sign Aquarius, which makes him—at least outwardly—a social, friendly man of the people. It’s no wonder he is a team player (literally) and found himself a fan favorite among Bachelor Nation. Aquarius is ruled by the 11th house, which deals with networking, friendships, teamwork, group activities, and destiny. Quite often, this means those born under the sign of the water bearer are seen as just plain likeable and can easily make friends and get along with people from all walks of life.

But while Aquarians are known as quirky and unconventional (if being a former-NFL-playing-virgin at 26 years old isn’t unconventional, I don’t know what is), the Colorado native is far more traditional than your average water bearer, thanks to his love planets Mars (which rules sex) and Venus (which oversees romance) placement in Capricorn.  This cardinal earth sign is ruled by taskmaster Saturn, and those who are born under its influence are often conservative rule-followers who hold their elders and traditions in high regard. That explains why Colton comes off like he just stepped out of a time machine from the 50s.

That said, he definitely wants to be with a woman who puts a lot of stock in hard, diligent work, may even be a bit old-school, and takes marriage and lovemaking as seriously as he does.

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Tayshia Adams’ Astrological Profile

Photo courtesy of ABC

Born: September 13, 1990

Sun: Virgo

Venus: Virgo

Mars: Virgo

The heartfelt phlebotomist from Orange County was born under earth sign Virgo—a sign ruled by Mercury (overseeing communication). So  it stands to reason that Tayshia has been so vocal with Colton about her feelings, her romantic past (the 28-year-old was previously married), and what she’s looking for now and moving forward. Virgos have a way of analyzing and reflecting on their emotional wounds—of which they may have many, as they’re quite sensitive—and coming out even stronger and with a greater sense of self-awareness.

With both her natal Mars and Venus in Virgo, as well, Tayshia is detail-oriented, thoughtful, and likely somewhat perfectionistic when it comes to matters of the heart and interactions between the sheets. That said, it’s not surprising that she and Colton spent their night in the fantasy suite talking. Communication is action for mercurial Virgos.

Compatibility with Colton: It seems Tayshia has faced various challenges throughout her love life, but her ability to rebound and keep fighting for love in a grounded, pragmatic, and, yes, Virgoan way is something that attracts Capricorn-heavy Colton to her. And as pragmatic people, they’re both interested in doing the work and having the tough conversations that are necessary to keeping a relationship healthy and happy day in and out. The trouble is that, given how practical, down-to-earth, and hard-working they both are individually, there’s a tendency to intellectualize, talk, and plan versus allow themselves to get swept away. The danger here is that they may relate to one another in a more platonic than romantic way. Ultimately, their chemistry isn’t necessarily of the burning hot variety. But it could be stable, consistent, and low-key romantic.

Hannah Godwin’s Astrological Profile

Photo courtesy of ABC

Born: February 4, 1995

Sun: Aquarius

Venus: Leo

Mars: Sagittarius

Hannah Godwin is a model who hails from Birmingham, Alabama. Like Colton, her sun is in sociable Aquarius, which explains why she found her groove working in marketing. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and revolution, Hannah’s comfortable bringing people together and getting her message across with technology, working as both the photographer and model for her social media business. She’s also a friendly person who, like Colton, has a natural ability to connect with a wide variety of people across social groups.  

But judging from the fiery placements of her love planets—Mars in mutable Sagittarius and Venus in fixed Leo—Hannah isn’t all business by far. Given her Mars in Sag, the 23-year-old craves excitement, spontaneity, and adventure. With Mars in Capricorn, Colton feels like he has to put in hard work to achieve everything in life, while Hannah feels naturally lucky, thanks to Sag’s ruling planet Jupiter, the planet of abundance. She is all about coming up with big picture ideas but likely isn’t the biggest fan of putting her nose to the grindstone to finish everything she starts. And with her Venus in Leo, Hannah craves the spotlight, adulation, and romance that’s on a regal, epic Hollywood level.  

Compatibility with Colton: Externally, Hannah and Colton may feel like they’re on the same page and have similar world views, given that both were born with their sun in Aquarius. They’re both friendly, outgoing, and masters of managing their social calendars and reputations, and they might be able to put on a believable show, presenting a united front as a like-minded, affectionate pair. But given Hannah’s love planets’ placement in dynamic, free-spirited, sexy fire signs, and Colton’s in far more staid, tradition-loving Capricorn, innate chemistry and compatibility likely wouldn’t run very deep with these two.

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But What About Cassie Randolph?

Photo courtesy of ABC

If you watched Monday’s episode, you know that Cassie fulfilled Colton’s worst nightmare when she willingly left the show—even after he professed his love for her. Will she make a comeback in the finale? We won’t know until next week (?), but we can speculate on whether this would have been a good match to begin with. With her sun and Mercury in fellow earth sign Taurus, the two were able to easily form an intellectual bond. But Cassie’s Venus and Mars are in Aries and Leo, respectively. Just like Hannah, the speech pathologist’s fiery, adventurous nature in the bedroom and in love would clash with Colton’s pragmatic, conservative style. Sure, he may have initially been drawn to that fire, but it’s a flame that would quickly die out.

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The Bottom-Line: Who Should Get the Final Rose?

Given their natal sun, Venus, and Mars combos, it looks like Colton has a far more harmonious, natural chemistry with Tayshia than Hannah. Their earthy energies are in sync, and if they put their minds to it, they could build a sweet, steady, heartfelt relationship fueled by their shared love of perseverance and old-school romance. But there’s a wild card in the mix, and that’s Cassie, whom Colton seemed to have his heart set on. In the long run, though, if these two never end up together it may be a good thing. Their connection might have heated up quickly, but in the long-haul, Colton would do well to explore the down-to-earth connection he has with Tayshia—unless he wants to get burned.

Photo courtesy of @tayshiaaa

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