Decode Relationship Secrets With Numerology


On July 26, 2018

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Decode Relationship Secrets With Numerology

Hey baby, what’s your number? No, I don’t mean your phone number! I mean what are your numerology numbers? Numerology is the belief that each of the nine single-digit numbers each has their own personality and unique traits. Similar to Zodiac signs, your numerology can give a great insight to not only your basic personality traits but also your wants, needs, desires, and major challenges you’ll be facing down the road.

Reveal secrets about your romantic past, present, and future…

The placement of the certain number in your “blueprint” has different meaning, but the most important number you have is your life path number. Your Life Path number holds all the native traits you were born with, what skills you have, and what sort of challenges you’ll have as you go down life’s journey and what lessons you’ll have to learn. This is a powerful number, but luckily it’s an easy one to learn. Simply add up all the numbers of your full date of birth.

For example, say you were born on August 23, 1994. That’s 8/23/1994

Add of each digit like so: 8+2+3+1+9+9+4=36


You would have a 9 Life Path. (Or, to make it really easy, use our handy Life-Path number calculator).

Life Path numbers can tell a lot about someone’s core personality, so it only makes sense that you would find out your partners, or potential partners life path number, to see just what you’re getting into (and slightly less creepy than Facebook stalking). Just like your own life path number, add your partner’s birthday to a single digit. Here’s the  calculator if you need it to figure out their life path number.

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Since numbers have different personalities, they also have different ways of connecting and interacting. If you feel like you and your partner are constantly butting heads, or they’re a little too distant, your life path numbers may have something to do with it. After you discover both yours and your partner’s life path number, scroll down and see how you connect with your partner, and what can you do to strengthen your relationship.

If You’re a 1 and You’re Partner is a…

1:  Good and Bad

2: Compatible but Boring

3: Compatible but Needy

4: Challenging and Uptight

5: Natural but Need for Independence

6: Power Struggle

7: Smart Pairing but Boring

8: Highly Volatile

9: Deep Love with Too Much Intensity

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If You’re a 2 and You’re Partner is a…

2: Sensitive Love

3: Love and Laughter

4: Marriage Material

5: Opposites Attract

6: Commitment to Family

7: Challenging to Self

8: Family First

9: Save Each Other

If You’re a 3 and You’re Partner is a…

3: Natural Chemistry

4: Planned and Passionate

5: Party People

6: Naturally Creative

7: Opposites Attract

8: Independent and Work

9: Naturally Loving and Communicative

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If You’re a 4 and You’re Partner is a…

4: Long Term Relationship

5: Miscommunication Mayhem

6: Home and Secure

7: Stable and Secure

8: Similar Goals and Dreams

9: Challenging World Views

If You’re a 5 and You’re Partner is a…

5: Intense and Passionate

6: Opposites Attract

7: Jet-Set and Dramatic

8: Dynamic but Troublesome

9: Power Couple

If You’re a 6 and You’re Partner is a…

6: Quintessential Cuteness

7: Effort To Make This Work

8: PDA All the Way

9: Intuitive Relationship

If You’re a 7 and You’re Partner is a…

7: Strong Mental Connection

8: Physical From the Start

9: Toxic Pairing

If You’re a 8 and You’re Partner is a…

8: Seeks Respect

9: Different Strokes

If You’re a 9 and You’re Partner is a…

9: Old Soul Coupling

If you read this thinking “Omg my relationship is over!” or “That’s nothing like my relationship!” take a breath, you have five other numbers in your blueprint. Do research to discover both your numbers and your partners and I’m sure you’ll have a better understanding and connect because it’s all in the numbers. —Ellen Ricks

Ellen Ricks is a writer and fashion blogger who loves leopard print. Follow her on Instagram.  

Photo:  Atikh Bana on Unsplash

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