Aries Celebrity Stars


On June 7, 2016

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Aries Celebrity Stars

When you think of Aries, think of the color red! Many Aries natives have warm highlights in their hair. Aries is of the Fire Element. These natives blaze through life with a bright flame! Aries has an enormous amount of energy. This Cardinal Quality sign loves to be first. They adore being their own bosses! The Zodiac symbol of Aries is the Ram, and they will butt their heads against any obstacle. Aries faces each new day with enthusiasm. Aries is ruled by dynamic Mars. These natives possess very ardent emotions.

Emma Watson (April 15, 1990)
Emma Watson doesn’t want to be forever known as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies! She boldly cut her hair into a severely criticized pixie cut in 2010. Emma wanted to achieve a dramatic new image. Emma certainly has the look of the Ram. She boasts a pert face, upturned nose, bold gaze, and wide forehead. Aries natives know their own minds at an early age. Emma wanted to be an actress from age 6. She attended the Stagecoach Theater Arts School in Oxford, England. In 1999, one of Emma’s teachers suggested her for the role of Hermione. The casting agents for the Potter movies were taken with Emma’s self-assurance. Hermione embodies “girl power.” Emma is an extremely rich young lady thanks to her fame. She’s also very smart! Aries natives want to explore all their talents. Emma earned a B.A. in art and literature from Brown University.

Lady Gaga (March 28, 1986)
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta knows how to get attention! Aries is ruled by dynamic Mars. It’s been reported she took the stage name of Lady Gaga from a Queen song, “Radio Ga Ga.” It’s also been reported that the name came from her record company! Aries is of the Cardinal Quality. Aries natives have a lot of ambition. Lady Gaga wanted to be a singer and songwriter from early childhood. In 2003, Lady Gaga dropped out of school to perform in small clubs in New York City. She signed with Streamline Records in 2007. Her debut album, The Fame, was a huge success in 2008, as was The Fame Monster in 2009. She was named one of Time magazine’s most influential people in 2010. Lady Gaga is known for her extreme fashion. Who else but a fearless Aries would wear a dress made of meat? Aries natives are very outspoken. Lady Gaga has frequently stood up for gay rights, and says she knows she has a large gay fan base. Aries are very loyal!

Mariah Carey (March 27, 1969)
Mariah Carey isn’t a quitter! Aries natives never give up. Mariah has had hard times, but she’s bounced back from every setback. Mariah was trained to sing by her mom, a vocal coach. Mariah’s career was initially guided by famed music producer Tommy Mottola, who quickly put Mariah on the fast-track. In 1990 she had four hit singles, including “Vision of Love.” Mariah made music history in 1995. “Fantasy,” a song from her Daydream album, debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. Mariah was the first female singer to accomplish that feat. Tommy and Mariah married in 1993, and divorced in 1998. Mariah claimed Tommy wanted to control every aspect of her life. Aries natives don’t enjoy being told what to do. Mariah had a well-publicized bout with mental illness in 2001. She went to a treatment facility and had a full recovery. Aries is of the Cardinal Quality. These natives never stay discouraged for long. Now a devoted momma, Mariah and ex-husband Nick Cannon had twins in 2011.

Steven Tyler (March 26, 1948)
Steven Tyler is known as the Demon of Screamin’! He is the lead singer and songwriter of rock group Aerosmith, which he helped form in 1970. Aries is of the Fire Element. Steven wears brightly colored clothes during his stage performances and dances with abandon. Aries natives aren’t shy. Rams love to strut their stuff. Steven abused drugs and alcohol for many years. He finally got sober. Aries natives can accomplish the most difficult goals. Steven has been married twice and has had numerous romantic liaisons. Aries natives are ardent lovers. They go after the object of their affection with their whole mind, body, and soul. However, once the conquest is made, the Ram can lose interest quickly. Steven is the father of actress Liv Tyler, via his liaison with model Bebe Buell. He also has three children from his two marriages. Aries natives never stop growing. They move with the times. He also served on the panel of judges of the hit TV show American Idol.

Eric Clapton (March 30, 1945)
This guitar virtuoso was born in Ripley, a small town in Surrey, England. Eric had a difficult childhood, documented in his autobiography, Clapton. Eric believed his grandparents were his mom and dad. His mother, Patricia, had an affair with a Canadian airman during World War II, and passed off Eric as her younger brother. The Ram thrives on honesty. Eric started playing the guitar at age 15, and his talent quickly became evident. By age 18, Eric was playing small gigs in London. Aries is of the Cardinal Quality – very ambitious. Eric found fame in music groups including Cream and Derek and the Dominos before going solo. Aries natives possess ardent emotions. Eric’s impassioned lament to unrequited love, “Layla,” (written for Pattie Boyd, then the wife of famous Beatle George Harrison), is a classic (he later ended up marrying her, and they divorced). Today Eric is married to Melia McEnery, with whom he has three daughters. Eric also has a daughter, Ruth, born in 1985. His young son Conor died tragically in 1991.

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