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The Best Toys for a Taurus Child

Puzzles, electronics, and books. Taurus kids love to figure out the world, and tech toys are great for helping them suss out how things work. Books can tap into a baby Bull's emotions, giving them words and concepts for feelings that may be hard to describe.

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The Best Activities for a Taurus Child

Friendly and easygoing, Taurus kids love get-togethers with others, whether it's on the playground or a playdate at someone's house. Taurus kids also love art from an early age, and a museum visit is fun because Taureans are drawn to the vibrant colors and artwork.

Books Every Taurus Child Must Read

Brave, fearless, and loyal, Taurus kids love stories about overcoming adversity, making the most of what you've got, and forging intense friendships. Taurus kids are much more interested in daily life than fantasy—who needs dragons when you've got kids like you to read about?

Sophie and Friends by Dawn Sirett. This is a simple story about a giraffe and her cadre of animal pals.

No, No, Yes, Yes by Leslie Patricelli. Taurus kids, who see the world in black and white, will love this simple board book, written from a toddler's perspective, about what is and isn't allowed in daily life.

The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. While these books are loved by all signs, Taurus kids will latch onto the stories' friendship angle more than the magic elements.

The Best Names for a Taurus Child

Careful, disciplined, and able to do anything they set their mind to, Taureans are known for their persistence, loyalty, and groundedness. Your tiny Taurus is going to be stubborn from day one, so don't be surprised if he or she chooses a nickname and holds onto it well into adulthood. Just think carefully about all possible nicknames associated with name you choose!

Names for Taurus Boys: Loyal Taurus loves hearing stories about family members, and naming him after a beloved relative will inspire him to live up to the legacy. More broadly, traditional names like Oscar, Otis, George, or Abel are timeless choices that will honor the past and also your child's noble nature.

Names for Taurus Girls: Like their Taurus brothers, Taurus girls feel a connection to the past, so choosing monikers that honor relatives or using family last names as modern first names will be a good fit for this sign. Names like Mabel, Beatrice, and Margaret work well for tiny Taurus, who will always seem wiser than her age.

How to Parent the Taurus Child

Persistent and hardworking from infancy, a Taurus child will try the same trick over and over until they master it. They don't want help from a parent, and they can be sensitive to criticism. When they hear laughter over their first stumbling steps, they might assume parents are making fun of them, not cheering them on. Bulls have a mind of their own, and parents would do better to follow their lead than try forcing them on a path they aren't interested in. Wildly interested in the natural world, a Taurus child loves being outside, and looking for bugs in the garden can be an all-day activity. A Taurus child also loves beauty and creativity. Painting, singing, and dancing are all favorite activities, and they'll be mesmerized by any performance or museum outing. Taurus kids love treats, and may overindulge on ice cream—balancing them with healthy foods ensures that your little Bull will become a great eater as they get older.

Here are a few more tips for parenting a Taurus child:

Move at their pace. The stubborn baby Bull has their own ideas about how, when, and where they like to do things—and it's usually slowly. Instead of always imposing a busy, parent-led schedule, give your young Taurus some time and space to make a few of their own decisions.

Give them responsibility. These children take pride in helping out with chores and other mature activities. Encourage this trait by taking their small tasks very seriously.

Hold them close. When they're very young, you'll want to lavish Bulls with lots of hugs, kisses, and physical touch. They need to feel comforted and reassured in a physical way.

All About the Taurus Teenager

A Taurus teen is happy to follow the rules—provided those rules make sense. Taking the time to explain the why behind your reasoning will ensure that your Taurus teen won't rebel. Or better yet, trust their judgment and ask them about what rules and parameters they should follow. Chances are, they may be even stricter with themselves than you've been! Well-liked and social, a Taurus teen often has a strong group of friends that they may have known since infancy. A Taurus won't go with the flow or be subject to peer pressure—they're good at thinking for themselves. That said, a Taurus teen's sense of loyalty could lead them to staying in a bad situation or taking the fall for someone else's misbehavior. Talking about how it's okay to let go of a toxic friendship can be a valuable lesson. A Taurus takes pride in their schoolwork, but they may become easily frustrated. If your Taurus teen is staying up until five AM to finish every single math problem, let them know it's sometimes okay to scale back for the sake of sleep and sanity.

A Taurus teen likes:

Routine: Knowing when things will happen and engaging in the same rituals year after year provides stability.

Independence: Watch them do things and only step in to help if asked.

Trust: They trust you, and they expect you to trust them. Grilling them or going through their things will cause them to hold a grudge.

A Taurus teen dislikes:

Forced socialization: They like making friends on their own terms, and being set up with a friend is awkward.

Change: Don't surprise a Taurus teen with a bedroom makeover. Let them do the planning.

Drama: Friend gossip can cause them anxiety. They prefer it when all their friends get along.

The Taurus Parent

Stable, secure, and loving, a Taurus parent provides a great home base that their children know they can always come back to. A Taurus parent trusts in all their offspring's gifts and abilities. They're hands-off, not because they don't care, but because they know just how good it feels to do something all by oneself. Taurus parents are cuddly and know the power of a restorative hangout on the couch. While a Taurus parent won't push their kids, they're disappointed if a kid doesn't live up to his or her potential. A Taurus parent may not say, "I love you" often, but that's only because it's implied and obvious to them just how much they love their offspring. A Taurus parent pays attention, and notices small details about each of their children, celebrating their unique personalities and making sure that each one feels special, no matter how crazy and busy life may get.

How a Taurus Can Be a Great Parent to Any Kid in the Zodiac

How does Taurus' personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring's? Here's how!

Taurus Parent, Aries Child

A high-energy Aries can be tough for a Taurus parent to tame—best not to try. Taureans love watching their fearless Aries push themselves to (or past) the limit, and snuggles can anchor Aries like nothing else.

Taurus Parent, Taurus Child

Two bulls can lock horns! Taurus parents know what their Taurus child is going through, but they may be frustrated by this karmic payback of how stubborn a Taurus kid can be. A Taurus parent knows that being stuck in their ways can hold them back and may try to push a Taurus kid out of their comfort zone, creating a "do what I say, not what I do" dynamic.

Taurus Parent, Gemini Child

Mercurial Gemini can test the limits of stable Taurus. While sensitive to emotions, Taurus may not understand why their Gemini child is quite so sensitive. Avoid attempts to "toughen up" a baby Gemini, and give plenty of kisses and cuddles to bridge the communication gap.

Taurus Parent, Cancer Child

A Taurus parent is often mystified by their Cancer child's depths of emotion. But these earth and water signs share mutual respect and love each other's company. And Taurus parents may learn a bit about opening up emotionally from their Cancer little one.

Taurus Parent, Leo Child

A little Lion makes a Taurus parent happy—and exasperated. While Taurus is proud to see the innate confidence that their little Lion brings to the world, sometimes a Taurus parent wishes that the kid would be a little less intense. But the pair works well, and a Leo loves the stability (and ability to tamp down drama) that having a Taurus in charge will bring to the family.

Taurus Parent, Virgo Child

A solid combination, this pair of earth signs anchors each other and has a lot in common. What may be missing is motivation, so it's up to the Taurus parent to push their little Virgo out of his or her comfort zone, whether it's trying new foods, playing with new friends, or tying a new activity.

Taurus Parent, Libra Child

Both drawn to pleasure, Taurus parents and Libra little ones love exploring the beauty in the world, and have similar taste in art, music, and performing arts. You may be mystified by your little Libra's insistence on hiding their true feelings to keep people happy. Teaching them to speak up when things bother them is key.

Taurus Parent, Scorpio Child

Intense Scorpio can be an initial challenge for laid back Taurus—it's a good thing that Bulls thrive on challenge. A little Scorpio is the opposite of Taurus in many ways, but acknowledging and not judging personality differences is key to a great match. Where Scorpio inspires Taurus to live boldly, Taurus can teach Scorpio to calm down.

Taurus Parent, Sagittarius Child

Fiery Sagittarius feels grounded and safe with a Taurus parent, who can encourage this little Archer to explore the reaches of his or her passions. Both honest (sometimes to a fault), these signs will connect on integrity, and Taurus parents will never have to worry about their Sagittarius offspring lying to them.

Taurus Parent, Capricorn Child

Grounded and practical, these two homebody signs love family and traditions. A little Capricorn looks up to a Taurus parent, and a Taurus parent can help a Capricorn kid learn to unwind, have fun, and live the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle that Taurus has worked hard to create.

Taurus Parent, Aquarius Child

Social and fun, this parent-child sign pair is apt to have plenty of play dates on the calendar, and both love having a full home of people. An Aquarius kid may be a little more soul-searching than their Taurus parent, and while a Taurus parent can help ground them, Aquarius can remind Taurus that there's more to life than logic.

Taurus Parent, Pisces Child

With both signs drawn to art and music, this pair can be an amazing parent-child match. Pisces can help Taurus tune into their emotional side, and Taurus can help Pisces move on without getting mired down by feelings.