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The Best Toys for a Leo Child

Stuffed animals. Tiny Leo loves reigning over a crowd of loveys, and loves imaginative play, where he or she controls all the details and decides what happens next.

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Get Love Insights for FREE - celebrate the month of love and connect with a Keen Advisor now!

The Best Activities for a Leo Child

Dramatic Leo excels in acting classes. Enrolling young Leos in a Parent & Me movement class can help them get in touch with their bodies, and they'll love using their bodies as an instrument to tell stories.

Books Every Leo Child Must Read

Leo kids love books about destiny—specifically, how to make your own destiny. It's important for Leo children to know that, even though they're small, they have a voice that can and should be heard.

Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krause Rosenthal. The story of a Unicorn who dreams about little boys and girls, this picture book will appeal to Leo's love of fantasy and remind him or her that the world is bigger than it seems.

Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back by Shel Silverstein. In this children's classic, Leos will love to see their Lion archetype stand up for himself.

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. This historical classic, which takes place in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, is an ideal choice for Leo teens, who will always speak up in the face of danger and adversity.

The Best Names for a Leo Child

Brave, fearless, and unafraid of the spotlight, Leo loves attention and thrives on being a leader. A name that alludes to your little Lion's take-charge, no-holds-barred personality will suit him or her well.

Names for Leo Boys: The lion is the king of the jungle, so looking to royalty for inspiration makes sense for naming this sign. Kingston is an obvious choice, although you can look to historic trailblazers such Barack (Obama), Nelson (Mandela), Pablo (Picasso), and Paul (McCartney).

Names for Leo Girls: Your little Leo demands attention from day one. Naming her after a woman in history whom you admire for breaking boundaries can be a great fit. Think Amelia (Earhart), Coco (Chanel), or Zelda (Fitzgerald). Or look up for inspiration: Stella, Luna, Ciel, or other sky-centric names are a great fit for your little star.

How to Parent the Leo Child

Passionate, idealistic, and prone to temper tantrums, the role of little Leos' parents is to help this child get in touch with their emotions and learn to use them as a tool for connecting with others, with themselves, and with their passions. Seeing a temper tantrum as an early way for Leo to experiment with the power of his or her voice goes a long way in avoiding frustration.

As Leos grows older, they may get impatient with the disconnect between how they want the world (and the people in it) to be and how the world actually works. Leo's parents need to help their child overcome this frustration without putting a damper on the little Lion's idealistic spirit. They should understand that their Leo craves the spotlight and should learn how to embrace the power of high visibility to his or her advantage.

The parents of a Leo are sure to notice their child's artistic gifts and might wonder if he or she should pursue professional performing at an early age. It's an individual decision, of course, but the best option is always checking in with young Lions to make sure that their heart is in it.

Leo children may not care about the grades they earn in school, so it's key for parents to have a big-picture conversation about how good grades can help them in life. Talking about goals and being flexible enough to revisit and reset them can be critical in motivating a reluctant Lion.

Here are more tips for parenting a Leo child:

Pour on the praise. All Lions crave attention and affirmation, and little Leos are no exception. Lion cubs need to know that their parents think the world of them, so be there for every soccer game and school play—and make sure to cheer loudly.

Support their natural inner leader. Since Leo children are born hardwired for leadership, focus on encouraging traits like kindness, fairness, and honesty. From a young age, they should see the importance of becoming benevolent leaders instead of little bullies.

Prepare their runway. If you want peace, let your young Leo dress him- or herself. You'll notice early on that Leo children have strong ideas about how they want to look, so stand aside and prepare to be amazed by what this kid comes up with.

All About the Leo Teenager

As Leos hit their teens, expect the situation to get a bit rocky. First things first: Leos are incredibly loyal, and family means everything to them. Still, because family is their bedrock, they're going to test boundaries. And (annoyingly!) they're likely to do it with logic and rhetoric. You may have a hard time explaining "why" a rule is in place, so don't get caught in back-and-forth discussions—just lay down the law if it's important to you.

While Leos will experiment, they're unlikely to be swayed by peer pressure. Your Lion is usually that teen who's friends with of kids from widely different groups, and while Leos may belong to (or lead) a clique, they won't be mean to those outside of it. Leo is respected by peers, and may be interested in a student leadership position.

Leo embraces family and may turn down social events with their peers in favor of hanging out at home. While Leos love to socialize, they also need plenty of time to recharge. A Saturday spent in bed isn't lazy, no matter what it looks like. To perform at peak capacity, Leos need sleep (and relish sleeping in). Let them!

A Leo teen likes:

Hanging out with family: Let them babysit! You can also recruit them for family chores and projects.

Being responsible for their own schedule: So what if they want to sleep all Saturday They know how to juggle their time.

Acting older: A Leo teen may hang out at the local college campus, because Leos love trying on adulthood for size.

A Leo teen dislikes:

Doing things against their will: An unhappy Leo will make things unhappy for everyone, so choose your battles about what they "have to" do and what they "must" attend.

Having someone else shop for them: Give them a budget and cash, and let them buy what they like.

Early mornings: You may have to prod them out of bed on a school day, or come up with a reward system—like use of the family car—that will motivate them.

The Leo Parent

Brave, intelligent, and fiercely protective of family, Leo parents think of their family as their "pack" and will do anything to make sure that the pack is protected and happy. A Leo parent wants to be the best, appreciates being praised for parenting skills, and sometimes does things because they "look" right instead of being the best fit for the family. Leo parents need to remember the adage about putting on their own oxygen mask first: When they're happy, so is their family.

Leo parents are loud (sometimes to the embarrassment of their kids at back-to-school time), opinionated, and fiercely in love with their offspring. Mommy or Daddy Lions sometimes have a hard time appreciating how their child is different from them, and they may get exasperated when their child handles a situation differently than they might. A shy child can be a mystery to a Leo. Why can't this one voice opinions the way Mom or Dad does On the flip side, Leo parents are in tune with their own emotions, and that understanding, appreciation, and discussion of emotions may be their most important gift to their offspring. Teaching that no emotion is "bad" or "off limits" will raise in-tune, sensitive children who aren't afraid of talking to their parents.

How a Leo Can Be a Great Parent to Any Kid in the Zodiac

How does a Leo's personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring's Here's how!

Leo Parent, Aries Child

Natural leaders, Lions and Rams will occasionally butt heads. Luckily, both signs' commitment to honesty and talking things out can overcome any hurdle.

Leo Parent, Taurus Child

Leo parents sometimes get exasperated by their baby Bulls, especially by that stubborn Taurean insistence on doing things their way. But these two physical signs love to cuddle and have plenty of love between them.

Leo Parent, Gemini Child

A Leo parent is sometimes mystified by their Gemini's mutable emotions. Leo often sees things in black and white, so they can learn a lot by observing how their baby Gemini defines and navigates all the shades of gray.

Leo Parent, Cancer Child

Leo parents have an almost psychic connection with their Cancer children. Passionate Leos can help draw sensitive Cancers out of their shell and help them voice their thoughts.

Leo Parent, Leo Child

Passionate and intense, Leo parents and children drive each other crazy, and are also each other's best advocates. Both are unused to sharing the spotlight; together, they learn to take turns and listen to alternative opinions.

Leo Parent, Virgo Child

Leo parents sometimes worry that their Virgo kid is a bit too cautious. But the more they observe their little Virgo, the more fascinated they'll be with Virgo's step-by-step plan about pretty much everything. Leo can help Virgo learn to love a few moments in the spotlight.

Leo Parent, Libra Child

Little Libra loves their Leo parent's certainty. This model of surety in all things can make Libras brave enough to voice their emotions without worrying what other people think. Both signs are adventurous, and Libra kids adore their Leo parents—and the feeling is mutual!

Leo Parent, Scorpio Child

Passionate and intense, Leo and Scorpio understand each other's emotional rollercoasters, and they have a very tight connection. This includes driving each other crazy—but isn't that what parent-child relationships are all about

Leo Parent, Sagittarius Child

Playful and fun, these two fire signs make a great parent-child combo. Whether it's reading stories in funny voices, playing dress up, or eating breakfast for dinner, Leo parents love finding the whimsical aspects of childhood—just like their Sag kids.

Leo Parent, Capricorn Child

Leo loves Capricorn's dedication, but just wishes the little Goat could try to have just a bit more fun. A Leo parent is always up for showing Capricorn a good time, while a Capricorn kid can remind Leo that slow and steady sometimes wins the race.

Leo Parent, Aquarius Child

Social and creative, Leo parents and Aquarius kids love parties and play dates. Lion moms and dads may have to adjust to their tiny Aquarian's independent streak. But it doesn't mean they don't love you, Leo!

Leo Parent, Pisces Child

Both emotional signs, Leo and Pisces can sometimes have issues with understanding each other. However, both value creativity and imagination, and they may find that they communicate best when talking about plays, poems, and movies that they've both enjoyed.