Gemini Career, Money & Success Traits

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Career, Money & Success

Gemini's Career Mantra: "I make my own reality."

Gemini's greatest career strength: Communication. Inspired by Mercury the messenger, Gemini is an amazing communicator who knows innately how to present ideas for approval. Whether it's standing in front of a meeting, delivering a killer deck, or writing an amazing article, Gemini is a master wordsmith who can either find success in an individualized field (such as writing) or as part of a larger team.

Gemini's greatest career challenge: Finishing things. Gemini love the rush of starting a project, but those detail-oriented "gotta be done" tasks in the middle? Not so much. Gemini prefer to do what they excel at, and they might slow down or sink into frustration if a task or assignment includes steps that aren't in their wheelhouse. Learning how to organize their schedule, work on a deadline, and pay attention to detail will give the Twins a must-have skill set for anyone who wants to hire them.

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Gemini's Work Style

Gemini love diving into a project and don't mind working late hours—if the project interests them. If it doesn't, they can have a tough time finding the motivation to hit deadlines. Social Gemini see their workplace as another venue for meeting new friends and connections, and they truly love coffee break chatter that others may find tedious. Gemini adore collaboration and often become close friends with their coworkers. But Gemini don't love rigid, rule-oriented jobs, and they abhor the feeling of a manger breathing down their neck. They expect and enjoy autonomy in their assignments, as well as their coworkers' trust that they'll get it done. Gemini also love working when the mood strikes them—they'll happily wake up at midnight to finish an assignment if it means freeing up the afternoon to pursue another passion. While the Twins excel at conceptualizing all kinds of projects, opportunities, and plans, they might not be such rock stars at breaking their vision down into clear steps and a realistic timeline. Working with a fiery Aries or a meticulous Taurus can help ensure that Gemini will get the job done.

Gemini's Dream Careers

With a brilliant mind, friendly vibe, and stellar out-of-the-box creativity, Gemini is in demand on the job front. This sign has no trouble getting hired but needs an inspiring team and increasingly complex duties to stay engaged. Gemini do best when they control their career destiny. Here are some jobs in which the Twins might thrive:

Executive: Keen observation and efficient follow through in the service of corporate higher-ups and industry giants will make the gods of business smile upon Gemini. Respect for authority and hard work keep them signed up for projects that require managerial savvy, grounded progress, and completion. The C-suite bigwigs know that they can depend on the Twins. And there's no question that Gemini will earn that bountiful bonus once the deal closes.

Author: Gifted wordsmiths, Gemini excel at imagining, conceptualizing, and putting words down in writing. The only thing holding them back is that low threshold for boredom, so in order to finish a book, Gemini need plenty of people who will hold them accountable to deadlines.

Actor: Gemini's powerful imagination already makes them pretty good at sliding into different personas in their everyday lives. And because their personalities and emotional lives are so expansive, Gemini can easily draw from their own experiences and pretend to be someone else.

Teacher: Gemini love sharing their passions with anyone who will listen, and their ability to put themselves in others' shoes makes them a natural fit for the student-teacher relationship. Since Gemini love establishing relationships with other people, they'll love a job that allows them to be surrounded by others all day.

Designer: Naturally artistic, Gemini have a flair for illustrating, drawing, and creating. This makes them ideal designers, especially in environments that demand collaboration, such as marketing, advertising, or working on a magazine or website.

Gemini and Money

Gemini aren't especially attached to material goods; they're much more attached to personal validation. Because of this, Twins may jump on volunteer and low paying opportunities that carry some sort of prestige. Gemini have a deep sense of their personal value and what they bring to the table, but it may not make a difference to them if that value is matched monetarily. They also love showing off sometimes, and are more likely to spend money while they have it rather than saving for a rainy day. So it's essential for Gemini to learn prudence and make sure that they can rein in their spending impulse.

If You Work for a Gemini Boss

Gemini are smart, driven, and also politically savvy in the office. They may play employees off each other and keep an ear to the grapevine of office gossip. While Gemini bosses love to socialize with their team, be careful about getting too friendly. A Gemini can't help sharing secrets, so make sure that anything you dish is something you're comfortable with the whole office knowing.

Stay engaged. A Gemini boss has a work-hard, play-hard mentality. Skip too many office happy hours hosted by your Gemini boss and your in-office reputation will tank, as they won't see you as a team player.

Take risks. Gemini adore out-of-the-box thinking. Avoid starting too many sentences with, "I know this is a crazy idea, but …" To Gemini, nothing is crazy. Bold moves will be rewarded.

Be curious. Gemini are fascinated by the world around them and love making connections between disciplines. Follow the news every day, and make small talk about current events or quirky articles. Having a wide breadth of knowledge is respected.

Keep a paper trail. Mutable Gemini may continually change their minds—which can be tough to navigate. Work around this trait by keeping copious notes to document that you performed the assigned task exactly as they recommended. They may still want you to do it again, but at least your back is covered.

Be friendly. A Gemini boss wants to know you as a whole person, so share a bit about the passions that drive you when you're outside the office. It can only make you stand out as an individual.

What Success Means to a Gemini

A Gemini isn't impressed by material goods. Their idea of a good life is a cadre of people who will speak highly of them as a good person. They love people, and don't divide their circle into work colleagues and friends. To Gemini, a good job challenges them intellectually while surrounding them with smart, fun people. Compensation is secondary. A Gemini who has to work primarily alone is likely to be unhappy in the long run, especially if he or she lacks other social outlets.

Awakening the Inner Gemini Hummingbird

Flitting, energetic, and always up for anything, one of Gemini's spirit animals is the bird. Tapping into the energy and spirit of these small but mighty creatures can enhance the wonderful traits that Gemini already have within them. To connect with that part of yourself:

Make plans. Innately sociable, Gemini are just as happy to hang out with someone they've known for years as they are getting to know a brand new acquaintance.

Multitask. Most signs balk at doing more than one thing at a time, but for Gemini, it's an art. The busier their schedule, the better—so add on a few to-dos and get busy.

Flirt. It doesn't matter whether you're turning on the charm for a partner, crush, or even the elderly cashier at the supermarket. Exchanging bon mots is key for boosting the Gemini personality.

Learn something new. Whether reading up on something that piques their curiosity or doing an Internet deep dive on a topic, broadening their horizons can be incredibly uplifting for Gemini.

Experience art. Whether a Gemini visits a museum, picks up an elaborate coffee-table book, or just spends two minutes absorbing a classic painting online, connecting with visual art will send his or her spirit soaring.