Libra Couples Horoscope

The moon is our emotional guide, and during the full moon in your balanced sign in mid-April, your partnerships come under full scrutiny. What feels out of balance, and what is unfair in your relationship? Under this lunation, finding balance is essential to your well-being because both your and your partner’s desires are equally important. Compromise will be the key to coming out of this moon phase as a healthy, loving couple.

Venus enters traditional Taurus, the other sign she rules, at the end of May, sharpening your senses (and increasing sensuality) but also raising the potential for jealousy and possessiveness. This more conservative love dynamic can make you both feel more secure or drive you apart based on a difference of values. Money is also a major issue during this transit, and not seeing eye to eye on your joint finances can open a major rift between you. Mutual shopping trips should be spent focusing on quality, long-lasting items that will increase in value.

Asteroid Eros indicates desires and turn-ons, and as it spends time in your balanced sign between the beginning of October and the start of November, there is an emphasis on sexual equality. Figuring out what you both need and exploring mutual desires will enrich your love life and intensify your intimate experiences. Flirt. Give each other compliments. Use your charm to sexually connect with your partner. And enjoy the give-and-take that comes with this mutually satisfying transit.