Libra Singles Horoscope

Riding out the ups and downs of love is worth it this year.

Love is exciting and impulsive when Venus enters fiery Aries at the start of February and being spontaneous can lead to some hot encounters. Your eyes aren’t on the long-term now, but you aren’t against it if you meet the right person. Decisions are uncharacteristically made without overthinking them, Libra, which can lead to regret later. You’re more competitive now than usual, so don’t pursue someone for the wrong reasons. Venus’ square to Pluto at the end of the month can make you more insecure than normal, and jealousy can rise to the surface. Manipulative behavior is not attractive!

These insecurities can rise again in mid-July, as the sun in sensitive Cancer forms an opposition with sometimes cold Pluto. Low self-esteem could lead to self-destructive behavior and a depressing lull in your dating life. Don’t let yourself be manipulated or to settle for someone who doesn’t deserve you, Libra.

A new moon in your relationship-focused sign in mid-October provides optimism for your love life as new opportunities to meet new people show up seemingly out of nowhere. A romantic relationship could form between you and a coworker now, or you might start to feel sparks with someone you’ve only considered a platonic friend in the past. You’re an equal opportunity dater during this new moon, so you probably won’t rule anyone out based on superficial traits or lowkey flaws.