Taurus Couples Horoscope

Get out of your comfortable groove and be willing to make some changes in 2019.

When Venus spends time in responsible Capricorn in the beginning of February things get very serious very quickly. If you need to have a focused discussion about the future, an outstanding romantic issue, etc., this is a good time to do it. This is very logical energy, Taurus, but it isn't emotionless. You can have a serious talk without it seeming like a lecture.

The four-month long Jupiter retrograde cycle mentioned above (starting in early April) will also affect your relationship as it gives you time to reflect on its status and potential future moves. If there are bad romantic habits you need to curb, past actions you need to confront or apologies that need to be made, your relationship will come out of this retrograde cycle renewed and ready to start fresh. The potential for transformation is huge.

Your ruler Venus enters your sign in mid-May, which should be a comfortable, secure pairing. So, while that natural duo might make you feel extremely content in your current relationship, Mars moves into moody Cancer around the same time, lessening the effectiveness of Venus's gentle energy. The lessons of these transits? Be patient. Don't be so stubborn. Look to the future instead of trying to get what you want right now this very second. Good things come to those who wait.