Scorpio Couples Horoscope

All couples have their romantic ups and downs, but no sign works as hard as you do to keep a relationship going. Once you believe you've found your soul mate, nothing can tear you apart.

When Venus leaves your sign for casual Sagittarius in early January, your relationship loses some of the intensity that you're used to, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The Archer is a fire sign, so you'll still have profound moments, but overall, things get less clingy and a lot more spontaneous. You might miss the emotional depth, but the adventurous Sagittarian energy helps you create some great memories together.

Your moodiness frustrates your partner when Mars enters emotional Cancer in mid-May, but right now your plans and dreams are very much linked to your feelings. This can be a touchy time, especially if you have a practical, logical partner who thrives on pointing out the "reality" of every situation. They mean well, but your disappointment is impossible to hide when they won't play along and support you and your "what ifs."

All should be forgiven by early September, however, just in time for the sexy Venus-Pluto (in retrograde) trine. It's exciting when you realize how deeply in love you are with your partner and how seriously immersed you are in each other's life. You're so totally wrapped up in each other (sometimes in a very literal sense) that anyone who tries to come between the two of you basically has zero chance of success.